How To Grow Your Email Subscription List?

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It is so common for bloggers to get so busy in the process of formulating quality content for their blogging site that they tend to forget about various other factors responsible for a successful blog. We agree that planning content is of utmost priority but neglecting various other factors is not a good idea. One of these important factors needed to be looked at is “growing blog subscribers”.

Think of your loyal followers who keep coming onto your blog time and again for great content, people who visit your blogs regularly, or even people who consistently read and share your content.

These are the loyal members of your blog readership and need to be given extra care. However, many bloggers tend to undermine the importance of a good subscriber base. In fact, the more subscribers you get, the wider becomes your blog awareness leading to a successful blog.

So, if you are one of those bloggers who don’t focus much on growing their subscriber list then this article is meant for you.

Here, in this article, we are going to give you some smart ways to expand your email subscription list and take your blog to the next level.

Are you ready?

Great, let’s begin!





If your goal is to increase your subscriber list then the first step you need to do is, optimize your trending/top posts for subscriptions. This is not an elaborate process and will give you a large boost in email subscriptions that will only increase with time.


Because your top posts are the ones that receive the highest views and engagement rather than your other average posts making them a viable source to generate subscriptions. Look at your site analytics and figure out your trending or top posts and then include CTAs in all of them. You can start by adding a smart calls-to-action, Slide-in CTA PopUp, floating bars, and many more.

While adding a CTA button make sure its shape is well-defined, has a clear message, and has a good color palette to make it catchy.



Another important technique of increasing email subscribers might sound obvious but holds a lot of importance It is attracting the right kind of visitors through your content. If your content is not good enough to resolve your readers’ queries, you are going to have a tough time generating subscribers.

For this, you need to curate quality content to answer your readers’ queries properly. Figure out topics your audience is looking for and plan your content accordingly. You can do this by carrying out market research on various platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Google Autosuggest, or even through keyword research tools like Semrush. Additionally, you can ask your readers for topic suggestions to keep your content in line with your readers’ needs.

If you give your readers the content they are looking for, they will be more likely to subscribe to your blogs.



how to grow your email subscription list

Even if your content is of great quality chances are people are going to bounce off from your site. Statistically speaking, between 70 and 96 percent of your website visitors will never return once they leave after that initial browsing session. 

Therefore, it s important to give your readers some incentive to get them to subscribe to your blogs. One way of doing this is by offering something that adds value to your readers by subscribing. for example, if your blog post is about 10 unique ways of writing a blog, then you can ask your readers to join your email subscription list and get a free PDF containing a case study of a real-life example of a brand that used these strategies and scaled the business to 10 times.

You can also offer heavy discounts, free ebooks, and many other great things to attract readers to subscribe to your blogs.



 You need to place your CTA buttons strategically to attract more subscribers. There is something called SMART CTAs which are meant to be shown to the right visitors at the right time and at the right places. In short, smart CTAs are shown differently to different people. For Example, for your first-time visitors, this can be shown as a CTA to download an ebook or start a free demo, while for loyal followers this can be a thank you for staying in touch.

While putting smart CTAs to your web pages make sure they are as clear as they can be! Do not make your visitors go through an elaborate process of filling out a long form, just ask for their name and email address instead. Doing this will increase your chances of getting more people to enroll. While you may place your smart CTAs at various places, we recommend you to place them on your home page, blog pages, and about us pages imperatively.

Let us discuss this in brief below.


        • HOME PAGE

      The home page is probably the first page your visitors land on. If you want to increase your email subscribers then pacing a subscription CTA here is an ideal option. If gaining your subscribers is your main goal then place your CTA somewhere that is prominent. Consider making the CTA as wide as the width of your homepage for the visitors to notice more. However, if gaining subscribers isn’t your top priority then you can stick this CTA at the bottom of your homepage. This way the CTA is not that prominent but still makes an appearance on the homepage.

        • BLOG PAGE

      As your visitors are already reading out your blogs which means they are probably interested in your content. Therefore, giving them CTAS here is a great idea to gain subscribers. Create email subscription forms and position them within each of your blog posts.

        • ABOUT PAGE

      If a visitor has landed on your About Page most likely he is interested in your business and wants to know about your business more. Therefore, placing a clear CTA here is a great option to increase your subscription list.



Many bloggers do not design their forms as per the mobile since they feel that many users do not complete forms on mobile devices. As per a report, 92.1% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone.

If you are one of those who are designing your forms only per the desktop users and completely ignoring the mobile visitors, then most definitely you are missing out on something HUGE. You need to keep your mobile visitors in mind while designing your landing page forms. Therefore, put some extra effort into making all your forms responsive and keeping your mobile users in mind.

Here are 3 tips to help you in the process:

  • Limit the number of input fields
  • Keep Google’s popup penalty for mobiles in mind 
  • Make it as clear as possible



 Another tip you need to keep in mind while showing your subscription to CTAs is to not be pushy with your visitors. There are certain CTAS that tend to be overly pushy and instead of converting people, make them glunch and leave the website.

Some examples include:

    • Having too much text and making your CTA look cluttered
    • Not having a clear message. Having no buttons to click and just displaying texts and images is one example. Look at the picture below


  • Using cringe-worthy messages like: “Yes, I want to save money” and “No, I’m Rich” is a big no-no.
  • Using a font color that mixes with the image or the background color and hence is not visible much


Figure out what works for you. Do not make your visitors feel guilty about not subscribing to your emails.



If you are tapping new visitors then you need to clearly explain to them the value that gets added after subscribing. In other words, explain to them what they will get after subscribing. Tell them what services they can avail of, let’s say if you have a marketing blog then you can explain to your visitors they can avail of certain facilities like “lead generation”, “email marketing services”, “SEO Planning”, etc after being a subscriber. This way visitors have a clear idea of what they will get post their subscription.


PRO TIP: Make subscribing look beneficial by clearly demonstrating the perks of a subscriber.



An indirect way of increasing your subscribers is by generating more traffic to your website. The more visitors you get, the more becomes your website traffic increasing your chances of getting subscribers.

What better than SEO to boost your website traffic, right?

You need to strategically place keywords in your blogs to optimize them. Additionally, you can use various other on-page and off-page SEO tactics like link building, optimizing page images, enhancing page speed, focusing on user experience, writing easy-to-understand posts, and many more. Do not ignore the importance of SEO to increase your subscribers.


Another indirect way of increasing your subscribers is adding shareable icons and functionalities to your blogs.

This is a smart way of letting your readers do some work for you! Experiment with different icon shapes and sizes, and see what works best for you. Various sharing functionalities like “Click to Tweet” can also be incorporated to enhance your blog’s reachability.

The more people your blogs will reach, the more will be chances of growing your subscription list. The idea is to make sharing as easy as possible to reach as many people as you can.


PRO TIP: Do not add the sharing icons at the end of your posts since they are not available to people who do not finish your article.




Social media is a group of millions of people from different backgrounds making it a lucrative channel to increase your subscription list. Did you know that you can use Facebook ads to increase your subscribers? For this, you simply need to link your ad to the subscription landing page that you have created. Therefore, right after clicking on the ad, users will be redirected to the landing page that you have created and can download your lead magnets (e-books, pdf, videos, etc) by entering their email ids.

 Another way of enhancing your subscription list is by collaborating with social media influencers. As the name suggests social media influencers are people with a huge following and can easily persuade people to take up a particular action. Why not ask influencers to talk about you and link your landing page which needs users to submit their email ids. This way you get to increase your email subscribers significantly.

Additionally, you can create paid promotions on Twitter which allows you to show your tweets to people who are not following you. This way you can widen your reach and attract more prospects. 

See what works best for you and do it a little more!



Another lucrative way to increase your email subscribers is by running attractive giveaways on your website or various social media handles.

It is undeniable that people love free things and knowing about your giveaway will surely attract the right users to share your posts on social media t away! People will surely not mind giving out their email addresses for a free gift.

RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create some attractive giveaways to grow your traffic. You can create smart giveaways by incentivizing people to share your posts on social media and put in their email addresses as well. This will grow your subscription list and build community from blogging.



Imagine you are offering free pdfs and an online course. Out of these two, what do you think will add more value to your readers? While both of these are meant to add value to your readers’ life but online courses win here.

Ask for your readers’ email id to join your online course and grow your email list significantly! This way you get to add quality people to your subscription list who are genuinely interested in your content.

We understand that creating an online course is not a piece of cake! It requires a lot of time and resources. You may also require professionals to help you with it but the efforts are going to be worth it.



As we have mentioned earlier, adding CTAs to your blogs, home page, and About Us page is a great option to attract more subscribers. However, adding subscription CTAs in other content resources like ebooks, pdfs, webinars, guides, and many more is also of great importance. If people have already opted for your downloadable content and think it is of some value then there are high chances that they will subscribe to your emails. This way you can increase quality subscribers with lesser effort. Try it and you will be happy to see the results!



If your readers are hesitant to offer their emails, you need to send them to push notifications to get them signed up. This might trigger some spam as well but not to worry. Spams are really not an issue since users need to approve the notifications and can unsubscribe at any given point in time. Make sure you do not give your readers annoying notification sounds, flashing bars, or any kind of intrusive pop-ups. You can even consider allowing your readers to sign up to your email list through a single subscribe button rather than filling out an extensive form.



Another lucrative tip to grow your email list is by collaborating with other successful bloggers or startups. Look for people who can add value to the blogs that you write and collaborate with them. For example, if you are a blogger who writes about work from home, you can collaborate with a brand that provides HR solutions. This way you can share each other’s expertise to enhance the results. If done correctly this should at least give you double the results.



To take your blogging journey to the next level, it is imperative to focus on growing your email subscription list. A quality subscription list is as important as quality content. Therefore, in this article, we have shared our TOP 15 tips to grow your subscribers easily. 

We hope you loved these tips as much as we loved writing these for you. Let us know your most loved tip in the comment section and share this post with your family and friends. We are writing fresh content daily so stay tuned for some more exciting posts. See you!

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