How To Make Money From Webinars (Top 20 Tips)

by Shahil Shah

When COVID happened, it became impossible to have meetings or give presentations in person due to various restrictions posed by the Government. As a result, webinars became immensely popular amongst people. 

In fact, webinars became one of the most powerful tools to increase brand recognition and targeted marketing to attract more prospects.

Statistically speaking, Based on statistical data, B2B webinars have a lead generation rate of 73% among all attendees. Conversely, B2C webinars have a lead generation rate ranging between 20% to 40%, as per the survey.

After witnessing such steady growth in the webinar industry, many people decided to start their own webinar businesses. Additionally, many people are looking for ways to monetize their webinars and take them to the next level. Are you one of these?

If yes, then we have a piece of great news for you! In this blog, we are going to discuss various easy tips to make money through webinars and boost the return on investment for your events. 

Are you excited? Let’s dive in!


20 Ways To Monetize Your Webinars ( Easy And Effective)

1. Offer Paid Webinars

This is the most obvious way of minting money through webinars. If you want to earn money, simply ask for a submission fee. People will spend hundreds of dollars hearing from verified experts about a particular subject.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, you should certainly offer tickets for your webinar broadcasts. This is especially true if you have a panel of knowledgeable experts and relevant information to be shared with your audience.

Select an appropriate Webinar Platform. This is important because the right webinar platform will make the process of selling tickets significantly simple for you.

Also, you must set a ticket price and incorporate a payment gateway into your event form. After this is done, you can then concentrate on webinar preparation while leaving the financial matters to technology. 

Also, when webinars are free people generally doubt their viability (human nature), this is why making webinars paid is a great idea. Lastly, when people are going to buy tickets they are more likely to remember your event date and join as well. This is because they have ‘spent’ their money.


2. Begin The Pitch, No Later than 30-45 Minutes!

How to make money from webinar

Have you noticed that the number of attendance starts to significantly decline after 45 minutes? Yes, it’s true! 

This is why, in order to respect everyone’s time, you should begin your pitch 30 to 45 minutes into the webinar. If you do this then when you begin your pitch, you will have the greatest number of people remaining on live with you. 


3. Be Very Picky With The Visuals You Use

Visuals are as important as the textual content of your webinars. As we live in a visually oriented society, the pictures, graphics, and general branding of your webinars become really important.

Using visuals is a wonderful approach to engaging with your audience, aiding in their retention of your message, and enhancing the impact of your presentation. 

That’s why we constantly advise purchasing a webinar platform that enables consumers to insert distinctive branding components and eye-catching images. Utilizing a tool that enables this can unquestionably help in boosting product sales for your business. 


4. Pay-to-present

Pay-to-present webinars are an excellent method to monetize your webinar and divide the workload on your team. Here, a third party wishes to inform your audience about the webinar’s content. 

This helps in presenting the third party to your audience as an authoritative voice on the subject. Additionally, it’s advantageous for you because you may generate the desired revenue stream while using fewer resources to plan and produce the webinar. While you could still be required to supply the presentation’s script and PowerPoint slides, you won’t be required to track down, prepare for, or pay outside speakers to deliver your webinar’s material. 

We strongly advise setting up a trial run with the presenting company to ensure everything runs smoothly on the final day.


5. Trigger Urgency During The Webinar

Urgency and scarcity can be advantageous in any webinar. Why should my guests purchase my product(s) NOW and not LATER? 

Do you just have a certain amount of merchandise to sell? Will your products just be on the market for a short while? Are you offering a special bargain that guests can take advantage of if they purchase it before a certain day?

Sell some limited edition products, or an offer that lasts for a few times, or maybe something else. These are all effective strategies for triggering urgency and scarcity of your webinars while increasing revenues. Make sure your audience understands that they will lose out if they don’t take action right now! Add a number or a timer to indicate how long they still have to place their order, or both, to indicate how many items are still available.


6. Fulfill Your Promises

Imagine clicking on an article with the title “5 Ways to monetize your blogs” and finding out that it is about the best eateries in London.

How does that feel? Pretty much betrayed! Right?

This is how exactly your audience will feel when you will break your promises and do not give them what you mentioned in the description.

Keep in mind that attendees have joined your webinar because of the deliverables you have promised them. So, not providing these is a great miss!

For instance, if you’re trying to sell a blogging course, your webinar should be entirely centered around that course only, nothing else!


7. Try To Build a Bond With Your Audience

When was the last time a salesperson pressed their goods into your face before you had even said hello? Never, right? 

This is why, if you don’t try to build a personal connection with your audience, you might come off as an intrusive person.

Do not be too salesy. Always remember that the entire purpose of conducting a webinar is to assist your audience BEFORE you even consider taking their hard-earned money. 

Therefore, make sure your audience feels as though you are speaking to them directly. 

Try to include personal details about yourself in your webinar as another element and make your webinar interactive

Help them get to know you, and make an effort to identify your target audience. You can do this by hosting a quick Q&A and engaging the audience in a genuine dialogue that enables them to engage in more discourse than is possible when reading bullets from a slide.


8. Be Punctual

Time is money, as they say, and we second this!

In a life so busy, time is crucial to everybody! Therefore, if your webinar is scheduled to run an hour, make sure it is finished in that time frame only. Do not stretch it beyond that as people might not be interested in it thereafter.

Likewise, adhere to the schedule you already stated. For instance, if the webinar is scheduled to begin at 10 AM, you better join 5 minutes prior to this. In addition to making a good impression , this makes them feel as though their time is valued. 

If you don’t keep to your timelines, you could lose as many as 52% of potential clients even before the webinar begins, which could cost you money. Ouch! So yes, time is indeed money.


9. Keep Your Pricing Sensibly

The cost of a webinar is not as easy as XYZ. This is because you must consider so many things before deciding on optimum pricing. You might ask yourself the following questions to get an idea: 


Who is your target market?

You wouldn’t charge a gathering of college kids the same amount as a group of business moguls. Not only because of their earning potential but also because of the level of value you will provide them.

The general guideline is that the more wealthy your audience is, the more expensive your webinar should be. 


What do you write about?

Even while large corporations might have money to spend, you should still be honest about the worth of your material. Do preliminary market research. See whether there is anything that distinguishes you from your rivals by researching what they are doing. 

Before you start thinking about pricing, respond to some questions like: Do you provide difficult-to-find specialist knowledge? Do you educate using a unique perspective or approach? Why can you provide information to your audience that they couldn’t get on Google themselves? 

The general guideline is that you can charge more if your content is more specialized, genuine, and uncommon.


Who are you?

Sometimes, the focus is on a person rather than the subject matter. There are tonnes of skilled webinar creators out there who might not be the world’s foremost authorities, but they charm audiences with their distinctive personalities. 

The rule here is that you can charge more for a webinar if you have expertise that is proven or well-established.


What webinar software have you employed?

The webinar software itself is an additional crucial factor to take into account Do users need to pay to attend your webinars? Do you have a cap on how many people can attend a webinar?

The price and cost of your platform can be influenced by a wide range of variables. Because your audience will not be willing to pay a high price for a webinar on a platform that stresses them out, it is crucial to think about how user-friendly your platform is. 


10. Host Guest Speaker Events

Many companies spend a lot of money to hire an expert to explain to their audience what they have to offer and how to expand a market with a product.

Many people mistakenly believe that being asked to speak at such an event is only an opportunity to make them appear more fascinating and their content more engaging to other audiences.

However, the good news is that you may also earn money while doing it. In other words, you may become a paid online instructor and make money.


11. Look For A Reliable Webinar Platform That Meets Your Business Needs

To run a successful webinar, you must choose a reliable webinar platform. Start by taking into account crucial elements like the goals of your webinar and your budget. After this, consider a few more factors while choosing a platform:


Top 5 Factors To Choose a Webinar Platform


Because you or your audience can’t use the platform, you don’t want your webinars to be a failure. Because of this, purchasing software with several complex features that are difficult for users to comprehend is pointless.


Match Your Budget

If you don’t have a specified spending limit, you might overspend. Additionally, you risk spending money on features you do not require. You can begin by becoming accustomed to the free software and then, if necessary, upgrade your package.



Getting the ideal degree of personalization for an informative and interesting webinar is a great method to improve the perception of your brand. However, you must make sure that your brand is recognizable and memorable to your audience in order to do this.

Number Of Presentators

Not necessarily all webinars have the same number of presentators. For instance, your webinar might simply have one primary presenter. On the other side, you might wish to adopt a panel style or have multiple guest speakers. You need to find your balance.


Useful Analytics

You need to know how effective your webinars are, just like you do with all other useful marketing tactics. Because of this, analytics is a crucial element to consider when selecting a webinar platform. 

Asses various factors before you finalize a webinar platform and then take a step forward. If your basics are not strong, you can not expect a great result!



12. Host a Webinar For Sales

Although some of your leads are almost ready to make a purchase, traditional internet selling may not be as effective with some customers since they have grown accustomed to your CTAs, slogans, and emails.

Consequently, why not host a webinar for them? Look through your CRM to identify a group of clients who are considering your offer and are interested. They have seen your advertisements, go to your website, and provided their email addresses. To allay their concerns and assist them in deciding whether or not to buy, conduct a live webinar for them.


13. Consider Day and Time You Host Your Webinar

To make your webinar a huge success and earn maximum profits, there has to be proper planning while scheduling your webinar. If you are wondering what is the best day and time to host a webinar, then let’s start with Monday. Monday is absolutely not the best day to host. This is because everyone is at work and trying to catch up with their tasks. 

According to reports, surprisingly, the optimal timing for conducting webinars is either prior to or post the typical lunch hour of most people. Time slots between 10-11 A.M. or 1-2 P.M. are optimum, as they enable broader coverage across different time zones and can potentially attract a higher number of attendees.

However, it is advisable to avoid scheduling webinars at 12 P.M. when many individuals take their lunch breaks.


14. Follow Up with Your Attendees

You never know, some of your participants may buy one of your services after a few months or even a few years of their attending a webinar. It is 100% possible!

To make sure you are covered up! Send an email to all your attendees urging them to sign up for your upcoming webinar and reminding them that your product is still available after the webinar.


15. Create a Powerful Landing Page

To make your webinar a great success, you must have more people signed up for it. Agreed? Yes.

This is why you should focus on building an effective landing page to attract more signups. 

Below are some statistics that might help you build a powerful landing page:

  • Companies with 31 to 40 landing pages get seven times more leads than those with one to five landing pages.
  • Click-through landing pages perform best for most industries, but 62.6% of landing pages use forms.
  • 58% of successful landing pages include clickable graphics.
  • 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company.
  • one-second delay in load time can decrease conversions by 7%.
  • 37% of the top landing pages include testimonials


So make sure you design a landing page that has the power to convert readers. All the best! 


16. Make an Irresistible Offer 

The offer you make at the end of a webinar is the trickiest part. Wondering, why? This is because this can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

Yes, this means your entire webinar marketing and development efforts could be for naught if you make an irrelevant offer. Therefore, always consider the purchasers’ perspective when creating an offer. Give the people what they require, not what you believe they should have.
Personalize the offer as much as you can, and explain to the audience how it will help or benefit them. In order to keep them coming back to you for more, make sure it also generates a new issue that only you can resolve, smart right?


17.  Unique Content 

Your webinar content should reflect your knowledge and experience.  You can not simply recycle content from a blog with a similar audience, no! You must find ways in which you can set yourself apart from others. Find your winning qualities, it can be the problem you are solving, the uniqueness of your products, your webinar delivery style, or maybe something else.

For this, you need not go out of the box. Rather work smartly! You can deliver the simplest of the simple content in a unique way! How? Just make it more fun, interesting, short, and memorable.


18. Record Your Webinar and Sell It!

You can easily record your webinar and later sell it at a video store where it will be sold as a pay-per-view or a subscription service. This will enable you to earn money from it twice (during and after the webinar). Additionally, this will help create a library of content that displays your breadth of knowledge. You can also upload it as a playlist or a series on your YouTube channel and earn money through YouTube as well.

In addition to this, the same content can be transformed into a variety of other formats. For example, the script for your webinar can be recorded again to make audio-books or you can even convert the video into a DVD or a digital download.


19.  Free Content (Especially For Beginners) 

If you are new to the industry and trying to gain a reputation or build brand awareness then the best way is to start with a free webinar.

Free content is a great way to engage the viewers, demonstrate your subject matter expertise, and build brand awareness. In fact, free webinars also help you direct visitors to a paid webinar.  This is because if viewers like your delivery they are more likely to pay for the next time.  However, while preparing your script, make sure your content is addressing issues that your audience is experiencing. The more issues you can resolve, the better it is!


20. Pay-per-Recording View

If you have a webinar platform that enables you to record the sessions then we have a piece of great news for you! You can earn from each view that you get on your recordings.

There won’t be enough time for everyone to see your webinar. Instead of taking it personally, try to make use of the automated webinars that let you charge per view.

Edit the recording of your most recent profitable webinar, post it on a webinar platform or a video-sharing website like Vimeo, and take advantage of a consistent cash stream with no more work.



Webinars are a great method to make money off of your expertise and increase earnings for you or the business you work for. By following our top 20 tried and tested tips to monetize webinars (provided above) you can definitely accomplish your goals.

To refresh your memory here is a summary for you:

  1.  Offer Paid Webinars
  2.  Begin The Pitch, No Later than 30-45 Minutes!
  3.  Be Very Picky With The Visuals You Use
  4.  Pay-to-present
  5.  Trigger Urgency During The Webinar
  6.  Fulfill Your Promises
  7.  Try To Build a Bond With Your Audience
  8.  Be Punctual
  9. Keep Your Pricing Sensibly
  10. Host Guest Speaker Events
  11. Look For A Reliable Webinar Platform That Meets Your Business Needs
  12. Host a Webinar For Sales
  13. Consider Day and Time You Host Your Webinar
  14. Follow Up with Your Attendees
  15. Create a Powerful Landing Page
  16.  Make an Irresistible Offer
  17.  Unique Content
  18.  Record Your Webinar and sell it
  19. Free Content (Especially For Beginners)
  20.  Pay-per Recording Views

So, do not waste any time and get started! Follow our tips and let us know your favorite tip discussed so far. For more exciting content, do follow our website! See you.

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