40 Tips To Promote Your Webinar Effectively

by Shahil Shah
Webinar Effectively

Are you a webinar business owner? 

Have you planned a webinar and want the world to know about it? 

Do you wish to promote your webinar?

If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘Yes’ then don’t you worry! We got your back.

We will provide you with some amazing tips to promote your webinar effectively. This will ensure that none of your efforts that went into planning, creating, and organizing the webinar is wasted.

So, are you excited? Stick with us till the end to start promoting your webinar like a pro-read on! 




1. Create A Powerful Landing Page

landing page for webinar

Webinars are now one of the most important aspects of marketing due to their rising user demand. 

However, it is essential to design a strong landing page if you want to use this tool to its fullest extent or even use it to bring in revenue. In fact, landing pages can assist you with most of the tedious work involved in preparing for a webinar. 

Your webinar landing page’s objective is to increase signups, boost your brand awareness, spread knowledge, or produce leads for your online event. Additionally, a webinar is a wonderful tool is to let your customers get to know you, your company, and your goods. It’s also a method for updating your leads list and summarizing where your customers are in your ever-evolving sales funnel. 

So, if you haven’t considered spending time in making your webinar landing pages ‘powerful’, you have missed out on various opportunities to convert people and make revenue through your webinars.

According to a study, the majority of landing pages have conversion rates of 10% despite the fact that the average conversion rate for landing pages is 26%. This is why businesses are not able to use landing pages as a sustainable strategy.

Therefore, you must develop a clear strategy while drafting your webinar’s landing page. Once you have a landing page in place, the rest of the work becomes easy!


2. Introduce Exit-intent Popups

If used in the correct way, an exit-intent popup can stop visitors from leaving your website. An exit intent popup monitors a visitor’s mouse movements and displays a popup window once the cursor leaves the upper page boundary. This causes leaving visitors to stop for a second to read the content. Therefore, this way you can provide a second chance for the visitors to convert.

However, we recommend you do not spam your visitor with the same. Keeping the frequency minimal is the key!


Pro Tip 1: Make sure the pop-up appears on pertinent pages or articles where it would make sense for a visitor to move on to the next step in their journey.


Pro Tip 2: Additionally, to avoid message repetition and potential frustration, be sure to hide it from attendees who have already registered for your webinar.


If your blog is on WordPress you can select from a pool of Popup plugins available online to get started. 


3. Create a Video

The use of video has increased over the past few years, and this trend is likely to continue. So, why not use videos to promote your webinars?

We recommend you make a 1-2 minute video outlining the details of your webinar and the topics you intend to address. This will enhance your webinar’s interactivity, give your visitors a clear idea of what to anticipate and leave them wanting for more.

If you have several speakers, you can make an effort to have them all participate. You can also use this video on your social media handles for a quick and easy promotion.


4. Draft an Interesting, Relevant, and an Informative Script

An excellent webinar should also be amusing. Otherwise, participants may as well view your webinar as 40 minutes of email catch-up.

In the end, the script of a webinar is what distinguishes them from other content delivery formats. A great webinar is fun and conversational. In fact, it is a great way to express yourself fully to your audience.

If you think it is very difficult to create a script then do not worry! the key to creating a great script is by keeping your end goal in mind and being “natural”.  And not to forget, you should also keep your audience in mind. In the end, the goal of your webinar is to establish relationships with your audience and gain their trust.


5. Write an Article Or a Blog

You can write blogs before and after your webinar to promote it. Before the webinar, a straightforward post containing the webinar’s description could be effective, but try to be inventive as well. To help visitors understand what they would gain from attending the webinar, you can create a FAQ section with your experts.

After the webinar is over you can transcribe it and share it along with the recorded video. This will not only help people who missed it view the webinar but also attract new joiners the next time.


6. Give an Incentive To Join

Why should people join your webinar? Try to think of different ways you can attract people to sign up for your webinar. You can do a lot of things to incentivize people. Some of these include giving people free access to your paid content, giving free tickets to special events, offering a free 1:1 consultation with your experts, or maybe some freebies.

You can also provide some special discounts or host a giveaway asking attendees to support your webinar and then announce gifts for the winners.

This tactic never fails. Don’t agree with us? You can try it yourself and thank us later!


7. Choose a Strategic Day and Time

You can not host your webinar whenever you want to, no! There has to be proper planning while scheduling your webinar. If you are wondering what is the best day and time to host a webinar, then let’s start with Monday. Monday is absolutely not the best day to host. This is because everyone is at work and trying to catch up with their tasks.

According to reports, it might surprise you, but the best time of the day to conduct your webinar is either before or after people’s lunch hour. You can choose between 10 to 11 A.M. or 1 to 2 P.M. These hours are the best if you want to cover multiple time zones and gain more attendees. Just make sure to avoid 12 P.M., which is when people are having their lunch.


8. Social Media

With millions of users active on various social media platforms, social media is a lucrative tool for promotion. This is especially true if you have a significant following of a loyal audience. You might get a lot of traction by sharing short and catchy posts that include a link to the landing page for your webinar. 

Try posting on your own page, your company’s page, and various other relevant group pages if you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform.

Paid social ads, on the other hand, are an excellent approach to raising exposure if you’re not quite there yet. It’s best to conduct your homework and discover where your target audience spends the most time.  You can add various webinar plugins to make sharing a seamless process.These plugins will also help you track analytics on reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

You can also employ re-targeting ads to advertise to people who registered for your webinars in the past but didn’t attend. Wondering how? It’s easy! You can re-target email lists or website visitors with the use of the robust re-targeting options offered by AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

PRO TIP: Combine, a strong landing page, social media integration, and webinar etiquette to create a successful and impactful webinar.

9. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are people with a massive fan following so tapping them is a great idea to promote your webinars. You may offer your webinar more credibility and benefit your audience by collaborating with an industry influencer. Additionally, you can benefit from their massive following and promote your brand as well as a webinar.

However, while collaborating, make sure to make it simple for your partners to advertise the webinar. And by “simple,” we mean that they ought to be able to simply cut, copy and paste.

To help you with this, here are some marketing materials you should give them as soon as you start to collaborate:

  • Professional pictures or videos
  • Link for registration
  • Captions for Social Posts


10. Thank You e-mail Is a Must

Once someone registers for your webinar, communication with them shouldn’t end. A post-registration thank you page is actually one of your webinar marketing arsenal’s strongest weapons. 

In addition to being kind, sending a thank-you email to your guests provides you the chance to confirm their registration (so they know their form submission succeeded). 

Some users might delete it, whereas, some folks will keep the email as a recurring reminder of your webinar in their inbox. 

While some individuals will use this email to add it to their calendars. Asking attendees to immediately add your event to their calendars (Add to calendar option) will help you decrease missed attendance. 

You can also add sharing functionality in your email to allow users further spread awareness.


11. Utilize Your Email Signature

This one is very simple. You should include a link to the webinar landing page in your email signature to promote.

This is a terrific approach to let individuals know about the webinar who aren’t in your usual database. You can even ask your team or other speakers to do the same to amplify this effect.


12. Leverage The Power Of Your Website

One of the most often visited pages on your website is probably the home page. So why wouldn’t you use the space on your site to advertise upcoming webinars? 

In fact, drawing your website visitors to your webinar landing page is a great idea to promote your webinars. It’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to others that your entire firm supports the webinar and recognizes its worth for website visitors. Don’t hide behind your webinars; make them public and let people know that your business supports the cause. 

If you can not promote your webinar then why would others? Think about it.


13. Networking

If you have networks then it is time you utilize it. Ask your friends and employees to promote your webinars. Engage them in your strategy for promoting webinars!

This should be done especially if the people on their social networks fit your target market. Share your promotional materials within all the common groups and ask them to repost to gain more traction. 

In fact, when promoting your webinar on social media, your employees are actually one of your best resources. According to LinkedIn, employees have 10 times more followers than a business does. So, making your employees share your promotional posts on their social handles can be a lucrative way.


14. Work On Your Registration Form

An ideal registration page is one that compels viewers to sign up immediately. So, if you want your page to be one of those then follow these tips mentioned below: 

  • Do Not Make It Lengthy: Reducing the number of fields on a form is often preferable. Ensure that just the form fields required for registration are present and nothing extra is there. The easier the better!
  • Include a Video – Do you know? A landing page’s conversion rate can rise by as much as 80% when a video is present. Therefore, including a video is indeed a great idea! 
  • Make Advantage Clear – Explain to your audience the reasons they should sign up and what they would gain/learn by going. Just keep in mind not to overdo this as people do not like to read promotional jargon.
  • Include CTAS: A clear CTA is very important to increase conversion and sales. For your CTA button, you should use a color that is contrasting to capture user attention.


15. Use The Power Of Personalization

Everybody likes to feel valued, we are sure you also do! This is why we advise you to create customized messaging for your frequent joiners (if not all) to make them feel special.

People who receive personalized invitations are made to feel that the event is being held just for them and their interests. Recipients believe that you value them enough to plan a webinar around what matters to them most. 

Prospects will value individualized attention, and your sales staff will value visibility into your campaigns and marketing assistance as well.


16. Trigger Urgency In Viewers

We know that your webinar is yet to happen, however, your promotional activities have begun. Considering this, it is a great idea to start a countdown for your webinar on your homepage or any other relevant web page (even social media).

This will not only grab user attention but also trigger a sense of urgency in them.

People are more likely to act fast when they have a sense of urgency. Not just a marketing tactic this is true in human psychology as well. This will also work as a reminder to all those who have already signed up.

Additionally, by allowing your audience to add events to their calendars, you can guarantee that they actually attend. People can easily put up their own reminders and simply add the event to their own calendars.


17. Employ Retargeting Ads

According to research, Only 2% of website visitors convert on their first visit. Therefore, it doesn’t always indicate a lack of interest if someone doesn’t sign up for your webinar.

This is why retargeting advertisements enable you to efficiently reach relevant audiences that have interacted with your content in the past. Through retargeting ads, you can easily give customized ads to different people based on their interests.

So, start by classifying every member of your audience into distinct stages according to their likelihood of converting 

Confused, how? If a new visitor arrives at the landing page for your webinar, offer links to your blog posts to persuade them further about the subject of discussion in the webinar. Capture their emails and provide them with tonnes of free value-added products, like a webinar, a case study, or an eBook.


18.  Press Release 

A press release is an announcement you prepare to contain pertinent information for dissemination to newspapers, magazines, television stations, and other media outlets. It s, sometimes known as a media release or news release.

You can start sending out a press release to distribute it to a wider audience or local media.  This is a great way to promote your webinar and also get free publicity for your business and your brand too.


19.  Use Hello Bars 

You should never undermine the power of your website! Your website is the hub of your internet presence. This is why adding hello bars (also known as notification bars), unmissable pop-ups, and banners to your website is indeed a great idea.  Wondering why? This is because these bars will help to route people from your homepage to your landing page.

Additionally, these also help in informing your audience about your impending event (webinar).  However, while adding these make sure you have placed them on the important pages and that the main navigation contains a link to the landing page.

Pro Tip: You can use AttentionMonkey.com to create these bars which do not demand any coding language


20.  Use Your Blog Sidebar 

As there will be many readers on your blog site, reading your blogs. The best way to utilize this is by putting ads in your blog sidebar. This can either be a graphical ad or a text-based one,  depending on your choice. Additionally, to have variety, you can even use an ad rotator to display several webinar-related ads after one another.


21. Set a Goal For Attendees 

If you have a goal in mind then achieving the target becomes more easily, isn’t it? Setting a goal will motivate you to achieve it and enable you to assess your progress. For instance, when you are aware that you need to reach roughly 11,000 participants to break the Guinness World Record for webinar attendees, then assessing its progress becomes easy.

Putting world records aside, there are a lot of reasons to create goals. Theoretically, you aren’t hosting a webinar just for fun. You want it to help with lead generation and brand recognition. Consider your marketing objectives in light of this, and then decide how you want this webinar to help you achieve them.

Pro Tip: Always keep in mind that just because someone signs up for your webinar doesn’t guarantee they’ll show up.

22. Send Reminder Emails

Send these to your webinar participants two weeks in advance and one week beforehand. Reminder emails re-establish the value you built with them on your registration landing page in addition to serving as a reminder to attendees about the webinar’s date and time. Many of the people that registered for your webinar might not only have forgotten that they did so, but they might also have forgotten the reason they enrolled in the first place.
Include pertinent blog articles, old ebooks, or webinars that address related subjects. Consider framing this as content that has recently been updated by your team and about which they may learn more in the webinar. Mention the hashtag for the webinar and encourage people to tweet you with any inquiries.


23.  Send Final Reminder Emails 

People are bound to forget things, that’s human! This is why we need technology to help us remind our important tasks. One of which is reminder calls or emails. Email reminders sent the day before and the day of the webinar, in particular, allow participants just enough time to fit the webinar into their schedules while preventing them from forgetting about it. After all, it’s just a day away (or less!). Like any event, hosting a webinar involves a tonne of planning and preparation.

Marketing automation can help you to make sure you don’t overlook this crucial component of promotion. The “Center on date attribute” in HubSpot’s Workflows tool can be used to create a drip sequence leading up to the webinar day. You can do this to schedule all of your emails at once and forget about it once and for all.


24. Do Not Forget About Your Speakers

You will undoubtedly advertise your webinar, but what about the speakers? You know, these can be people that have access to an entirely different audience than you do? Are they using their social media profiles, email lists, and personal contacts to ensure they have a huge audience? If they aren’t, they most definitely should be.


25. Affiliate Program

Affiliates merely look for a product they are interested in, promote it, and receive a cut of the revenue from each transaction. Likewise, the idea is to utilize affiliates to promote the free webinar at the front end. While they may use their affiliate links to get credit for any sales at the backend.


26. Place CTA in Your Blogs

If you have written a blog talking about your webinar or even about a  webinar-related subject then why not use those blog posts as promotional material?

Maintain some internal connections to the webinar page, and consider including a call to action (CTA) at the end of each piece. In case readers don’t read all the way through, you can also try incorporating the CTA within the body of your content to draw them in from the start. If you don’t agree with us, you better try it and thank us for all the leads 🙂


27. Test Advertising On Online Forum Sites

There are so many forums available online like Reddit Or Quora.  To be precise, you can get an ad space for relatively cheaper on Reddit.  However, do not get carried away! Be sure to choose targeted sub-Reddit on which to place your ad.


28.  Lead Magnet 

You can highlight the webinar on your website with a thoughtful lead magnet on your homepage,   According to Digital Marketer, a lead magnet is “an enticing incentive delivering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in return for their contact information”.

Consider adding a lead magnet to your website. However, you need to make sure the offer is succinct, targeted, and worthwhile.  This is because lead magnets that are lengthy and complicated will probably not convert properly.

Normally, a lead magnet is supposed to provide the value within about 5 minutes of the contact filling out the form. If at all possible, we suggest pairing the webinar with something the contact can get immediately, like a one-page “tips & tricks” document or something else they can use right away while they wait for the webinar day.


29.  Participate in Various Groups and Communities

Several online communities and forums are relevant to your niche. The organizations listed below can be the ideal channel for promoting your webinar:

  • Open Slack channels
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Discordant groups
  • Forums on Reddit
  • Spaces on Quora

For instance, go to Facebook and search for the groups in your niche and begin promoting your webinar there. This is lucrative as you can find a group of like-minded people that too very easily.
You can then apply to join the groups that have a big and active membership. As soon as you join the group, start participating in discussions and bringing up your webinar whenever it is pertinent.

But be careful not to overdo it because doing so will lead to you being reported as a spammer. This may even lead you to get banned from the group. Your priority should really be on enhancing the group discussions. By allowing participants to contribute to the design of your webinar, you may further boost engagement.


30.  Facebook Live or Podcasts 

Try using Facebook Live, another live streaming platform, or a podcast to provide sneak peeks or post-event wrap-ups. A two-minute lecture on the subject is a terrific approach to piquing interest in those who might not be prepared to devote an entire hour.


31.  Host Internal Contests 

To take the promotion of your webinars to the next level, you can host various internal contests. The sky is the limit! One example of hosting an internal competition is giving the employee who registers the most participants some cash.  Alternatively, consider another option that is just as thrilling. Nothing beats a little friendly rivalry between teammates.


32.  Try Some Dedicated Websites

Dedicated websites: Dedicated websites are particularly effective for a subject that is essential to your company and for which you want to continue producing content. A non-branded website can be an excellent source of leads and registrations for webinars even if it will require time to invest in both an instructional website and your own website.


33. Youtube 

Youtube deserves special mention when talking about promotion strategies. Wondering, why? This is because of the massive audience watching YouTube diligently.  Statistically speaking, over 2.5 billion people access YouTube once a month., huge, isn’t it?

So do not wait!  Make a promotional video in advance for your webinar and upload it on your Youtube channel. Upload the first 10 minutes after the event so that visitors can learn more about the webinar before signing up and watching the entire recording.


34.  Guerilla Marketing 

Guerrilla marketing is a cutting-edge strategy for promoting your event and boosting attendance. It uses novel and engaging marketing and advertising strategies to build brand awareness. A poorly run campaign could irritate or even frighten your audience because there is no room for error. However, guerrilla marketing can be a low-cost strategy that stands out when done well.

To help you with this, here are some popular Guerilla Marketing ideas:

  • Social Media
  • Flash Mobs
  • Bloggers
  • Loyalty Program
  • Activity Vending Machines
  • Giveaways
  • Online Newsletters
  • Launching Event-related Products
  • Sponsored Local Events

Experiment with different strategies to see what works the best for you and do that a little more!


35. Know Your Audience 

Having a clear understanding of the audience for your webinar will help you create a precisely focused strategy. Prepare a webinar by researching your audience.

If you’ve been monitoring your website stats with Google Analytics, you may easily find the demographic information about your audience there. Its reports are very constrained, so you’d be better off getting in touch with your sales staff to gain a more complete understanding of your buyer persona.

From the audience analysis results, you will learn your average customer’s age, gender, position, the issue your brand helps them solve, and various other important metrics. Your webinar marketing plan will be significantly impacted by gaining this knowledge.


36. LinkedIn Events 

After the landing page has been completed, you will have all the data necessary to establish a LinkedIn Event. The creation of a LinkedIn event is essential for three reasons:

  • Simple invitation process: By setting up a LinkedIn event, you may send direct invitations to your connections for the event. They are informed that they have been invited to an event. So, if you’ve established a connection with your potential clients, you’ve given them another way to learn about your webinar.


  • Simple registration: You can design an event registration form. It will automatically fill up users’ information from their LinkedIn profiles, making registration simple. Additionally, you can now export that data into your marketing database for use in upcoming marketing initiatives.


  • Visibility: After you opt for LinkedIn events, your event gets listed in LinkedIn’s network tab’s events section. People who are interested in your subject can look up your event or discover it naturally.

As this tactic is free of cost, you may try it for your future webinars.


37. Repurpose/ Reuse The Webinar Once Over 

Did you know? The webinar recording can still be used and promoted after it has ended. Yes, that’s true! The webinar’s preparation and presentation never go in vain. 

Once the webinar is over, think about various ways in which you can use it, some of these can be as follows:

  • An informative source within your blog
  • To access webinar archives on demand
  • Adapt into a downloadable manual and many more

Would you like to connect attendees to a video website that has the transcript, recorded webinar, and downloadable handouts? Would you like to direct people who missed the live webinar to this page? If so, incorporate the video into a blog or reuse the subject for your upcoming podcast or video series.

You can host recorded webcasts on Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube. Wistia and Vimeo Pro provide sophisticated capabilities for gathering leads and managing the appearance of the video embedded on your website.

We advise our clients to include webinars in their strategy for digital marketing. It’s a fantastic approach to interacting with potential customers and your clientele. You’ll benefit from a strong webinar promotion campaign if you stick with it.

38.  Include information About Webinars in Your Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails are the emails that your app or a third-party provider automatically sends when handling crucial business operations like billing and invoices, password resets, etc.

There’s no denying that some of your business depends on transactional emails if you’re looking at webinar promotion strategies. Therefore, you must use these if you haven’t already!

Pro Tip: Make sure the content is relevant and well-targeted. This  should be your top priority, just as it always is with texting and emailing.


39. Motivate  Your Sales and/or Support Staff

Clients and leads are constantly being contacted by your support and sales teams. When a user asks about a certain topic, your webinar may be a wonderful place to provide extra background information and clarifications. It can occasionally aid a prospective buyer in making a choice. Therefore, encouraging your teams to promote it when the opportunity arises can significantly increase registrations.


40. Always Take The Feedback

When holding recurring webinars, it’s important to regularly review the content. A fantastic place to start is by gathering feedback from actual webinar participants. You can either do this immediately after the webinar with a poll or in a single follow-up email after it has ended.

For a higher response rate, you can even consider rewarding the feedback. Someone way of doing this is by rewarding the attendees who complete the post-webinar survey with an Amazon gift card.


When it comes to webinar promotion, it’s crucial to adopt a comprehensive strategy that considers many marketing strategies and enables you to target a wide set of audience.

This is why we have spoiled you with multiple choices above, in this blog post. Let us know which strategy helped you the most, and comment if we have missed any!  Do you want to read more about webinars? Webinar softwares, Wordpress webinar plugins,  some must-know-webinar ettiquettes, making money from webinars, or is it something else? Let us know in the comment section below and we shall be happy to serve you. As we update our content pool daily, visit us for more exciting content. See You!

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