How To Start A Youtube Vlog ( Channel )

by Shahil Shah

With almost 467 million individuals active on the well-known social video site as of April 2022, India had by far the highest YouTube audience.

Following with almost 247 million YouTube visitors was the United States. With 139 million individuals watching YouTube material, Indonesia finished in third.

Therefore, there is nothing better than it if you have decided to become a YouTube vlogger! One of the best mediums for connecting with the audience is YouTube. More than a billion hours are spent each day on YouTube by users! Is it not Huge?

Fortunately, we have put up a step-by-step tutorial for you to help you get started. Are you prepared to start? Move along!



 Before we tell you easy steps to launch your YouTube channel Let us first understand: “What are Vlogs?”

 DEFINITION: The term Vlog consists of video + Blog wherein people share information in a video form.

Particularly, a YouTube Vlog is a channel where content creators post videos consistently about a particular niche.

 A YouTube channel may seem a piece of cake but in reality, it demands consistent effort to make it a big hit. Not everybody becomes a YouTube star in 2 days! However, if you have a path in mind it can become easy.

 Therefore we are going to share with you a few steps to start your YouTube Channel easily:



 You can create a YouTube channel by following these simple steps:

  • Sign in to YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • A Drop-down will appear. Select the gear icon or ‘YouTube settings.
  • Now click on ‘Create A New Channel’
  • Then choose “use a business or other name”
  • Fill in your brand name and click “create”.
  • Congratulations! you have successfully created your channel.



After you have set up your YouTube channel it is time you find an aim for your Youtube Channel. In other words, you need to find a niche for your YouTube channel.

There are so many niches that you can pick, some of which are given below:

  • Cooking
  • Art and Crafts
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Daily Vlogs
  • Fitness
  • Health and nutrition
  •  Mental Wellness
  • Yoga
  • Motivational Channel
  • Photography
  • Beauty
  • Motherhood
  • Parenting
  • Interior Designing
  • Children Content
  • Lifehack and DIYS
  • Product reviews
  • Technology
  • Tuition Vlogs
  • Car Vlogs
  • Entertainment
  • Automobiles and many more

 When you upload videos of different categories, chances are your audience will get confused. To project yourself as an expert in a particular domain you need to select one niche and post content consistently.

 While choosing an appropriate niche, keep a few things in mind:

  • Your target audience
  • Ask yourself “if you are really passionate about it?”
  • Do market research to see if people are demanding content in the niche you have picked. You can do this research on the YouTube search console, Google Autosuggest, Facebook, and other social media channels for free.
  • Choose a niche that has a future scope. Be sure you will not run out of content in the long term.
  • Do a competitor analysis and see if other vloggers are doing well or not.

 While there are so many things to keep in mind while picking a niche for your channel, the most important is to “BE PASSIONATE” about whatever you are choosing.

We strongly believe “Passion can move mountains”. So, if you are passionate enough, go ahead!

You can switch niches during your Vlogging journey but this will create unnecessary problems and confusion amongst your audience.



A good channel name is as essential as developing a good script for your videos.

It may look easy but choosing an appropriate channel name can be as difficult as choosing your newborn’s name.

 Here are a few characteristics of a good name:

  • Sweet and simple
  • Conveys your niche clearly
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Easy to memorize
  • Catchy
  • Follow YouTube Community Guidelines (click to know more)
  • Easy to remember
  • Not more than 20 characters
  • Contains your name if you are popular

 Do you want more inspiration? Click to know 230 Catchy and Creative Youtube Channel Name ideas.

You can even make use of various YouTube Channel Names generators available online. Do not have an idea?

Here is a list of a few software you would want to know about:


 Go ahead, brainstorm an attractive YouTube channel name, and get started!




If you are planning to launch a professional YouTube channel that will give you a major part of your earnings or is your main source of income. Then investing in a professional setup is a must.

You may need the following things depending on your Vlogging Type:


You must deliver high-quality videos to your vlog audience for a great user experience. Nobody is going to watch videos with poor quality unless you are a star already.

 Click to know the best professional vlogging cameras for your channel.



To give your audience a professional look and feel choose a clean and aesthetic setup. You want your audience to focus on you and not on your background so make sure it is not overpowering.

 For different niches, the background can be different. For example, if you are launching an Art and Craft vlog you would want to put various DIYS in the background. While for a fashion vlog you might want to put a Cloth stand.

 Regardless of whatever niche you have chosen, you can even put your channel’s name in your background which will not only look good but also do subtle branding.



Now since you are in a business that will demand videos to be posted quite frequently, you will need a professional to do this.

If you are an expert at editing videos, good for you! else hire a professional editor.

Videos are the essence of your channel, do not compromise on this. Edit videos in seconds for free. Click here.


Imagine watching a video full of background noises or a car honking. How will you feel? Bad, surely!

To give your users a seamless user experience invest in a good-quality microphone.

And, did you know? There are different types of microphones for different types of videos. Click to see more.

 If your budget is not allowing you to go for high-end products. Don’t worry! Start with the basics and upgrade gradually.


A channel without good branding is just like a film without a script, pointless!

According to reports, an average attention span of a person is about 8 seconds. This means you need to glue your visitors to your channel the moment they see it!n This is where good branding comes into play. You need to add these things to your channel ASAP:



 A logo represents your brand in a picture! So you don’t want to compromise on this!

While designing your channel’s logo keep a few things in mind:

  • Your Target Audience
  • The niche that you have chosen
  • Your brand values and aesthetics
  • Colour schemes for branding (Click to know more) 



A channel banner is nothing but a large image that is located on the top of your channel.

 While developing a channel banner keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not compromise on quality. Use high-quality graphics.
  • Keep it simple and clean.
  • Put your social media handles and subscribe buttons in it (CTAS)
  • Use Colour schemes for branding 

 Click to see the 10 coolest channel Banners.

After you have done your channel branding you are all set to create your content.



After your channel’s basics are set up. It is time you move on to your content.

As they say ”Content is King”. You need to focus a lot on delivering your vlog audience premium quality content.

 Remember people will land either to seek solutions to their problems, get inspired, or get entertained on your channel. Depending on the niche you choose. So do not disappoint them! Keep a few things in mind while creating content:


Over 60% of viewers watch business-related videos all the way to the end if they’re less than 60 seconds, but only 26% will finish a video if it’s more than 20 minutes long. However, for different niches and target audiences, this may differ.

Find the video length that works best for you. Experiment with different duration of videos and then track the data. See where people left it and edit your content strategy accordingly.



Do not just jump to the topic at the very beginning of your video. Warm up your audience in the first 30 seconds to glue them. You can do this by showing your audience the best moments or highlights of your video and then coming on to the main topic.

This will make your audience excited about what’s coming their way!



Follow search engine optimization techniques but do not overdo them. Since this can make your video sound mechanical and not human.

 Always remember: Create content for humans and not machines

 You can search topics on various keyword-researching tools or the YouTube Search bar to see what is trending and what is not.

 We recommend you add the extension of VividIQ to your browser to keep track of the hashtags and keywords used by other content creators.



Ask your audience for CTAS at the end of your video. That is tell them to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Sometimes if you want something you need to ask for it!



Focus on maintaining a connection with your audience. One of many ways is by announcing the name of the first few people who comment on your video. This way you will indirectly give them an incentive to comment as well. Smart, isn’t it?



To make videos as per your audience’s choice you can ask them to comment on topics they would like to watch. Give your audience what they want and not what you want to talk about!



Prepare a script for the entire week or maybe two weeks and then start posting your videos. This will keep you prepared ahead of your posting date.

Follow these techniques to prepare your content and you will be shocked to see the results.



If you want to remain in the eyes of your audience and YouTube then make sure to be active on the platform.



” YouTube Shorts” are a great way of creating an informational short video (up to 60 seconds) for your audience.

Did you know that in San Francisco, YouTube – a music and video streaming platform owned by Google – has verified that over 1.5 billion logged-in users watch Shorts every month? This feat was achieved in under two years since its inception. 

Post YouTube shorts daily if you can or at least thrice a week to attract visitors to your channel.



You need to post vlogs more than once a week to increase engagement and stick to the days you pick.

Analyze your analytics and see popular days to post your vlogs and be CONSISTENT. Consistency is like meeting your friend, the more you do, the closer you get.

 Additionally, by posting consistently you will remain in the eyes of your audience and seek regular feedbacks which will enhance the quality of your videos. And, not to forget! the more you post, the better you will get at it.

 Lastly, the YouTube algorithm looks at the number of videos you post with the frequency you do it at. Hence if you post consistently then YouTube will promote you.  Be active on YouTube and this will increase your reach to manifolds. Don’t believe us? Do it yourself and see the results!


Using Forbes estimated pay rate of $5 per 1,000 views, a YouTube video with 1,000,000 views can make upward of $5,000, which makes being a YouTube vlogger a pretty lucrative job! 

You can earn on YouTube in various different ways, some of which are: 


Youtube Partner Program or YPP lets you earn money through Ads, channel membership, super chat, and YouTube Premium subscribers watching your content.

However, to activate this feature, you must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements. Click to know more



You can earn money by going live on your YouTube channel through your audience.

 Viewers can purchase super chat or animated super stickers which will pin their comments to a higher position. The greater the amount of stickers, the higher the position of the comment will be! Click to know the minimum eligibility criteria to enable this feature. 



 If you are into product offerings (ebooks, books, niche-related products) then this revenue stream is for you! You can connect your shop with YouTube to promote them and make sales.

 However, there is again a minimum eligibility criterion to enable this. Click to know.



This will enable you to earn fixed monthly revenue through your loyal following. You can offer the participants member-only-exclusive content, custom badges, and emojis.  Click to know more.



Tip: Pick a premium brand, not only do they offer good money but great products or services for your audience to use.



YouTube shorts fund is a Dollar 100 million Fund that will be given throughout 2021 and 2022. Each month you can earn a bonus ranging from Dollar 10 to Dollar 10,000 based on your location and the number of views on your shorts.

 Click to see the minimum eligibility criteria.


 Tip: Pick premium affiliates since your reputation will depend on the products and services you promote and hence on the affiliate you are working with.

 Let us know if you would like to know more revenue options and we will be more than happy to fulfill your wish.



Blogging with video or Vlogging looks very promising and exciting as a mainstream career. You can earn as per reports, according to recent statistics from internet giant YouTube, more than 65% of U.S-based internet users view online videos, and they each spend no less than 6 hours per month doing so.

 By following simple steps you can start your YouTube journey easily:

  1. Create your YouTube channel.
  2.  Find the aim of your Vlogging or pick a niche.
  3.  Find a catchy name for your YouTube Channel.
  4. Invest in a professional setup (Lighting, shoot area, video editing software, microphone, and camera).
  5. Invest time and money(if required) in Branding for your channel.
  6.   Plan the content for your video.
  7.  Be socially active on YouTube and other platforms you are available.
  8.  Start earning money through various revenue streams provided by YouTube.

 Comment down your favorite tip. Let us know what motivates you to become a vlogger and what are your goals.  Also, share with us some topics that you would want us to write for you. From starting a music blog to fashion, we have so many blogs written for you. So, if you haven’t explored our content pool, it is time you should! See you. 

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