How To Create Video For Blog

by Shahil Shah

Sometimes, you may want to create your own videos rather than taking existing videos from YouTube. This will add a touch of personalization to your vlogs(video+ blogs). People will be able to relate more with you since human brains are made for visual representation.

 However it’s simple to get started, some may find it difficult to execute.

 If you are one of those, don’t worry! we are here to help you.

 Here is an easy guide for you to create great videos for your blog audience:



Whether it is for Google or humans. The most important thing is CONTENT. Even if the quality of your video is not great. There’s a possibility that your audience may keep coming back to you.

 Ever wondered why?

 The simple answer is that content is the king. You need to find your purpose. It totally depends on you If you want to create a professional or a personal video. Find your niche and then prepare a script according to your target audience. Pen it down.

 For different audiences, the flavor of your script will be different. For instance, while addressing kids you may want to have a playful tone. Whereas, for CXOs you may want to have a serious and formal tone.

 While choosing a topic be careful that you are choosing a subject you are passionate about. Or, at least have some knowledge about it. Since to keep your audience hooked you need to make sense of the video.


Just like pictures you can not put up videos directly on your website. This is because the videos are large files and eat up a lot of storage space. Resulting in glitches and poor buffering issues. However, choosing a good hosting site resolves all these issues.

Hosting websites retain your video files and help people find your blog content. But with so many options out there, it might get confusing for you to choose your best fit. Therefore we have listed out a few platforms you would like to try.


Top 10 Video Hosting Platforms for 2022

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Brightcove
  • Vidyard
  • SproutVideo
  • Dailymotion
  • JW Player
  • Kaltura
  • Panopto


 Just like the script of your blog, you need to spend some time in choosing a good blog title. Your readers watch or skip the video depending on how catchy your video title is.

 Wondering how to name your video?

  With these 5 tips in mind, you can never go wrong with your video subject:


Make sure the video title and its script are in sync with each other. It should be able to convey to your readers what they can expect in the video. If your title and video content are not in sync people will bounce off, affecting your engagement.



Do keyword research. Include the main keywords at the start of your title. Make sure your keyword is easy to target in the starting and later you can handle difficult ones too. Keywords help Google discover and rank your video.

You can also see what keywords your competitors are using to have an idea about your consumers. Below are some tools that might help you choose a perfect keyword:

  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword planner



According to Scott Nelson, founder of MoneyNerd, adding brackets to YouTube video titles can greatly enhance click-through rates. To maximize effectiveness, it’s crucial to ensure that the title aligns with the accompanying thumbnail image and features key buzzwords. Interestingly, utilizing odd numbers in the title has shown to be more effective than even numbers in boosting click-through rates. Additionally, addressing the audience with imperative commands or using ‘you’ has proven to yield impressive results.



While using clickbait might drive traffic to you initially. But, in the long term, it damages your engagement.


People after some time will get used to your titles and stop believing them.

John Frigo of Best Price Nutrition says,Here’s the thing with Youtube titles. A good title in my opinion describes what the video is about, it doesn’t mislead and it’s not clickbait.” 



No need to beat around the bush! keep your titles under 60 characters. A great title is short and crisp. If you are using YouTube then the character limit is up to 100 characters. However, a good upper limit is 60 characters.

 Short and sweet video titles are more memorable than lengthy ones. So, choose your titles wisely. All the best!



In a world that’s constantly changing with time. It’s very important to serve fresh content to your consumers. You have to be mindful of the relevancy of your content concerning the time changing so rapidly. Nobody wants to read redundant, outdated content. I bet, not even you!


  If your content will always be up-to-date, it will build a sense of trust with your audience. Whenever they would want to watch trustworthy content, they would land on your vlogs (video +blogs). So, go ahead. Keep making creative, trustworthy, fresh content as often as you can. But, remember don’t spam your audience!



If you think people will randomly land on your blog, it will never be going to happen. To gain an audience for your blog you need to let the world know it exists! Hence you need to promote it.

 You can start promoting your blog by contacting other websites. Ask them to link your blogs and you never know they might as well request you to link their blogs too! This will ensure you both have backlinks to each other’s sites.

Share videos on various social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote it. Videos give you choice, you can either share the blog content for promotion, just the video, or even both of them. anything works just fine! you need to find your best fit.

 Visual representation is always more engaging than sharing the entire content for promotion. It not only is more eye-catchy but also gives you more chances of engagement.

 So, what are you waiting for? go ahead, create video and promote your vlogs! (video + blog) 

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