How to Create a Wix Website From Scratch

by Shahil Shah

Why Wix Website?

Wix is one of the best website builder platforms, to create a website. More than 100 million people across the globe use the Wix website builder, to build their websites. This platform has more than 45000 new sign-ups every day.

Now, you have no doubt about the popularity of Wix. It is launched in 2006 and has proved itself as the best website builder platform. Can you imagine – How it becomes possible?

It is possible since Wix has made web design very easy, quick, and just like fun for everyone.

Are you planning to build your website?

Let’s try Wix Website Builder.

In this post, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to use Wix, and how easy it is to create a website using Wix. So, if you want to create a Wix website that will have an impact on every visitor, it is totally doable. It is very easy to use Wix website builder as it comes with a drag-and-drop website editor.

Wix website builder is flexible and easy to use with its

  • drag-and-drop feature,
  • easily customizable media, and
  • accessibility to hundreds of apps you get.

Another important reason for the popularity of Wix is its affordability. It has saved businesses thousands of dollars on web designers. And, everyone likes the thing they have created using Wix.

Wix has an AI-powered engine that will help you do many things. You can pick a template, match your site design logo colors, and upload pictures from social media accounts. When I used it for the first time, I was surprised because it did more creative work than I expected.

And, it is not just our thinking. It is based on the testing results of various people who used Wix to make their websites.

It comes out on the top in our user research and testing as the best website builder, with the best performance in each category mentioned below:

  • Ease of use
  • Design flexibility
  • Features
  • Value for money
  • Help and support
  • Customer score

Table of contents

  • Why Wix Website?
  • How to Create a Wix Website
  • Different Ways to Create Wix Website
  • How to Use Wix Editor
  • How to Use Wix ADI
  • Know the Wix Dashboard
  • How to Use Wix FAQ
  • Conclusion


How to Create a Wix Website

You can create a Wix website very easily using its drag-and-drop feature. You can also customize your site according to your needs.


Different Ways to Create Wix Website

You can create a Wix website in two different ways:

  • Using Wix Editor
  • Using Wix ADI

Both the above-mentioned ways are beginner-friendly.

You have heard about Wix Editor which is the standard way to create a website. You can start making a website by choosing a template from over 500 templates. After choosing the theme, you can drag and drop different text and image elements to customize your website.

Wix editor comes up with an extensive menu option that is the best feature of the editor. The Wix editor menu is easily navigable and provides a ton of options for customizing your website.

So, you can create a beautiful website in just a couple of hours using Wix editor. It is ideal for users such as

  • Bloggers
  • Online stores
  • Small businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Photographers

The second Wix option for creating a website is using the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). It is based on artificial intelligence, and it creates stunning websites automatically on your response to some questions. In this way, you can build a Wix website with little involvement on your part.

Now the question is that how does Wix ADI work?

You have to provide some basic information, such as your contact information, business type, and online presence, and it does the rest for you. You can even make small design changes, as per your need, once the site is generated.

 So, on the basis of its ease of use and impressive design speeds, Wix ADI is suitable for:

  • Users who are less tech-savvy
  • Bloggers who have no free time
  • Business owners who are busy

With Wix ADI, you’ll get a website in a few minutes. It’s amazing but you get less flexibility and there are many restrictions. You can’t seamlessly drag and drop texts, images, apps, and videos like the Wix Editor.

But you can build a beautiful website in a simple way, using either of the tools. You can create a fully-functional, personalized site without much technical knowledge, using either Wix Editor or Wix ADI.

We’ll discuss the step-by-step methods to create a website using both methods.


How to Use Wix ADI

Wix ADI has made website designing very easy as it had never been before. You have to answer just some questions and you will get a website based on the answers to the questions you gave. There is no other easier way to create a website than using Wix ADI.

Wix ADI is for those users

  • who are less tech-savvy, or
  • who do not have the time to make a website from the scratch.

So if you are busy and other business activities, you can create a Wix website using Wix ADI, in the following easy steps:

  • Get started
  • Types of Website Selection
  • Add Business Features
  • Fill in Your Contact details
  • Choose Your Website Design
  • Select a Theme
  • Mobile Optimization and SEO
  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Publish Your Website


Step 1: Get Started

  • First of all, sign in to your Wix account. 
  • Click on the ‘+ Create New Site’ button, and then
  • ‘Start with Wix ADI’.


Step 2: Types of Website Selection

Now, you are asked about the type of website you want to create. There are many options, such as consulting firms, marketing agencies, coaching professionals, and many more.


Step 3: Add Business Features

Now, you have to choose those features that you might need. You have to select the relevant boxes and click on the ‘Next’ button on the bottom right of the page. If need not have to worry if you changed your mind, or even your business model because you can edit Wix ADI at any time.


Step 4: Fill in Your Contact Details

Now, Wix ADI will ask you to fill in your contact details on your website. You should fill in as much information as you can because it allows the Wix ADI to create detailed navigation menus, headers, footers, and contact pages with ease.

For the customization of your site, you should provide accurate answers because Wix ADI uses these answers.

Moreover, you must fill the contact detail page for high-quality navigation menus, headers, and contact pages.


Step 5: Choose a Website Design

Now, it’s your turn to choose your site design from the designs provided by Wix ADI. Although the designs are pre-built, yet you can still have some input if you want. The ADI gives you the option to change text combinations and images so that you will get a sleek and unique site.

Now, the Wix ADI knows your need.  And, it will take you through the design process. When you click on “Start,” some color schemes are presented to you. Select the color scheme that you want. If you want to change color schemes, later on, you can also make changes very easily. In this way, you will get a brand new suggested homepage within minutes.


Step 6: Select a Theme

Are you happy with the homepage of your website?

You can personalization of your site further by changing fonts, adding media, changing background, and adding various functions with the help of the Wix ADI assistant. Wix ADI is fast and it gives you some amount of creative control. However, the Wix ADI assistant is more restrictive than the Wix Editor.

If you are not happy with your website and want more control, you can switch to Wix Editor Mode easily. It is hard to reverse the process, so you need to save your last ADI version, to restore it.


Step 7: Mobile optimization and Search Engine Optimization

It is very easy to implement search engine optimization and mobile optimization with Wix ADI.

You can easily edit these functions by clicking on the page in the left-hand toolbar and selecting “Page SEO.”

Mobile optimization of the website using Wix ADI requires no effort. By clicking on the desktop icon on the top menu page and selecting “Mobile”, you will switch to mobile mode. You don’t have to make any changes to optimize your site as Wix ADI automatically optimizes your site for mobile. If you want to do any changes, you can do it.


Step 8: Choosing a Domain Name

Now, you have created your site using Wix ADI. Click on the “Publish” button in the upper right corner of the screen, and you will get the following page.

If you want to use a personalized domain name in the regular format of, you have to go for the paid plan. In the free plan, you’ll have to use a domain with the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite.


Step 9: Publish Your Website

Now your site is ready to be published. Click on ‘Preview’, present at the top of the ADI screen to have a final check.  Now, click on ‘Publish’ at the top, and your site will be live.

If you want to make changes to your website, it can be done anytime using Wix ADI. Just sign in and go into your dashboard, click on “My Sites”, then “Edit” on your ADI website.


How to Use Wix Editor

You can create a website using Wix Editor. You need to go through the following steps:

  1. 1. Sign up
  2. Template Selection
  3. Updating Text and Images
  4. Background Personalization
  5. Pages Addition
  6. Apps Addition
  7. Setting up a Blog
  8. Social Media Sharing
  9. Online Store addition
  10. Optimization for Search Engines
  11. Mobile Optimization
  12. Choosing a domain name
  13. Publishing of Website


Step 1: Sign Up

If after a comparison of the top website builders, you reached the conclusion that Wix is for you, then you have already done a lot of work. You can create a website using Wix Editor Free of cost, but for extended features on your website, you have to opt for a paid plan.

There are eight pricing plans that are offered by Wix. As the pricing plan moves upward, there is the availability of more features. You can also go for a free plan, but in that plan, you can’t connect your personalized domain name and deal with on-site ads, which does not give your websites a professional look.

So, I recommend the Paid plans – these are affordable and increase business opportunities.

Pricing Plans of Wix are as follows:

  • Combo plan: $18 per month ($13 per month paid yearly)
  • Unlimited plan: $23 per month ($17 per month paid yearly)
  • Pro plan: $28 per month ($22 per month paid yearly)
  • Business Basic plan: $28 per month ($23 per month paid yearly)
  • Business Unlimited plan: $33 per month ($27 per month paid yearly)
  • VIP plan: $47 per month ($39 per month paid yearly)
  • Business VIP plan: $56 per month ($49 per month paid yearly)
  • Enterprise plan: It offers custom pricing for large businesses.

For small businesses, I recommend the combo plan. It is free from ads, comes with a personalized domain name for a year, and provides enough storage for most of the needs of the website. And, its pricing is also very reasonable.

If you are going to start an online store, the Business Unlimited plan is best suitable for you as it allows for –unlimited products. And for larger online stores, the VIP plan is best because it comes with priority customer support.


Step 2: Template Selection

To create a website, you have to select ‘Create a New Site’ from the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

When you click it, Wix will ask what type of website you want. There are many options, from online stores to personal portfolios.

Then, you will be directed to a page of relevant templates to select from. This is based on the selection of the type of website you choose. There are more than 500 templates in total, so if you don’t find the template you wanted, in your selected category, you can use the search option to find more templates.

You should be cautious while choosing your template because you cannot change it later on. So, make sure that you are happy with the template you choose. But you don’t have to worry as the flexible editing features of Wix make it very easy to spice up whatever design you do choose at any time.


Step 3: Updating Text and Images

Now, you can see a preview page of your selected template. Here, you can do the best use of simple but brilliant editing features, like the drag-and-drop design and text boxes.

First of all, you want to update your profile, blog details, or portfolio. For this, simply click on the text you want to change, and rewrite. That’s it. You can also change the font size, type, and color. It is very easy to edit text on Wix.

You can also change the image of the template. It makes Wix the best website builder because you are creating your website yourself by clicking one at a time. If you don’t like an image, click on it and switch it out for something you like. You can add a saved photo from your business, or one of Wix’s free images. You can explore many design possibilities here.


Step 4: Background Personalization

Using Wix editor, you can change the template background of the website you are creating. The left-hand sidebar has a ‘Background’ button. You can click on this button and change the background of your site with ease.

You can also add a video to your background and I recommend it. It will drive more traffic as videos generate more. It is expected that online videos make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2023.


Step 5: Pages Addition

Now you have created a stunning homepage for your website. You need to add some other pages to ensure that your website has everything visitors are looking for.  For example, you need to add an “About” page and a “Contact Us” page.

To add a page to your website with Wix Editor, you need to click on the “Add Page” button. You can manage the added  by clicking on “Manage Pages.”

In this way, you can add pages and customize them to serve your different purposes.


Step 6: Apps Addition

Up to this point, you have a customized template for your website and also added some images and pages to your website. But, if your website still feels a little plain, you can add some excitement to your website.

To boost your website, Wix App Market offers more than 250 amazing apps, and they cover everything from booking tickets, and restaurant orders to interactive quizzes. The apps not only look great but also provide your website with the modern interface that is necessary to stay competitive.

You need not have to bother about the pricing of these Apps as they are reasonably priced.


Step 7: Setting up a Blog

You can keep your audience in the loop with a blog page that is fully integrated with your site. Click on the ‘Start Blogging’ button that is present at the bottom of the menu.

You also get a choice of blogging apps. For this, you have to search the ‘Add Apps’ button on the same menu. You get a choice of blogging apps, but I recommend Wix Blog because of its sleek appearance and ease of use.


Step 8: Social Media Sharing

You can add the social media sharing app to your site and you can manage it easily.

Click on the ‘Add Media Button’.  You can share your images and video on your Facebook page, Instagram feed, etc, and share content online.


Step 9: Online Store Addition

If you are starting an online store and want your site to function as an online store, then creating a website using Wix is a good choice you have done. In fact, Wix is rated as the best website builder for small businesses and online stores.

Click on the “+” icon in the left-hand menu and you will get a list of add-ons for your site. From this list, click “Store,” and the store is added to your site. Then you should add elements like product galleries and shopping carts.

Thereafter, Wix Editor will automatically set up e-commerce functions on your website including product galleries, inventory management, and multiple payment methods. Thus, it allows you to sit back and start selling online in no time.

Thus, you can start selling products online with ease.


Step 10: Optimization for Search Engines

Wix Editor makes it very easy to work with your website’s Search Engine Optimization. On the left side of the site editor, click on “Menus and Pages”. Then, click on the ellipses button and it will present this list of the following options:

Here, you can control all of your website’s basic SEO functions. You can set keywords that you tag your page with to the site description that will show up on the Search Engine Results Pages. You can edit all these functions with ease.


Step 11: Mobile Optimization

These days, 40% of people search only on a Smartphone. So, you should make sure that the mobile version of your website looks good as it is essential for the success of any website. So, mobile optimization is a necessity of time.

Thanks to the Wix Editor, this makes mobile optimization very easy.

To start, mobile optimization using this editor, you need to hover your mouse over the desktop screen at the top of the editor. You will get the option to switch your page view to mobile. Now, click on the mobile icon and see how your site will look when viewed from a mobile phone.

Wix Editor has taken care of the mobile view of your website. It looks awesome in this format but you have the option to make changes as you want. And the changes you do in mobile view will not affect the desktop version of your site.


Step 12: Choosing a Domain Name

You have to set your domain name before it gets published. When you click on “Publish”, you’ll get the option to set your domain name.

You cannot add a regular domain name like “” if you are using Wix free plan. You can add personalized domain names if you are using the paid plan of Wix.

In the free plan, your site will be in the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite. This is enough to run your site. But if you want a professional look, then I recommend opting for a paid plan to secure a personalized domain name.


Step 13: Publishing of Website

At this stage, your site created using Wix Editor will be all set to go live. You can preview your site throughout the editing process by clicking on the button in the top right corner.

When you get satisfied, click on the ‘Publish’ button, and your website will be live.

If you want to edit your website, Wix Editor gives you the option to do that. You can make any changes you want to do to your website.

For this, you just need to click on “Manage Site,” then “Edit Site,” and do the desired changes. After making the changes, you need to re-publish. Just click on the ‘Publish’ button at the top right corner of the Editor.


Wix Editor Summary

Are you ready to create your website using Wix Editor?


Let’s recap the steps:

  • Select a Plan that according to your need
  • Decide the kind of website you need
  • Select the desired template
  • Edit text, images, and navigation menus
  • Customize your website’s background
  • Drag and drop different elements
  • Add apps to your website according to your need
  • Do mobile optimization as well as Search Engine Optimization
  • Preview your site
  • Publish your site


I recommend Wix as it is easy to use and allows you to take control of your website editing process. Follow the above steps, and you will be ready with your own Wix website.


Know the Wix Dashboard

You will use the Wix dashboard as soon as you start to create a website. You can get the Wix dashboard whether you are building your site built with Wix Editor or Wix ADI. Once your website is live, the Wix dashboard will be the place where you can make any updates to your account. So, you should be comfortable with this page as soon as you can.

Here, I have labeled the Wix dashboard as 1, 2, and 3 according to the relevance of these sections.

Section 1 of the Wix dashboard is the analytical hub, where you can control potential site functions. In this section, you will get and control customer management tools, analytical and marketing tools, and financial tools.

In Section 2, you get the option of ‘Edit Site’ and ‘Site Actions’.  Firstly, you can make more creative changes using the site editor.  Secondly, by clicking on “Site Actions”, you will get various options to make changes to your website. Lastly, you can also edit your domain name and upgrade your Wix plan in this section.

 Also,, to get your website online use section 3 of the dashboard. You have to go to this section to connect your domain name and publish your website and get discoverable on Google.

Wix has many features for everyone, so need to choose the options that you’d like to implement in your website.


How to Use Wix: FAQ

1. What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder. It uses a drag-and-drop editor so that you can edit your website page easily. You can create your own website even if you don’t have any technical experience.


2. How many Wix websites can I set up?

You can create an unlimited number of websites under one account. You just need to sign up once.

But, for each Paid Plan, you can create only one site.


3. How much Wix Costs?

You can opt for a Wix-free plan but it has some restrictions.  Moreover, you cannot use your own personalized domain name or accept payments through your site in the free plan.  For these features, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Paid Plan of Wix ranges from $14 per month to $49 per month. The Wix Combo plan is the cheapest plan that starts from $14 per month. You can enjoy more features in the higher plans.


4. Does Wix offer Hosting?

Wix offers hosting for your website. So you do not have to pay extra for hosting services. In fact, Wix manages all the updates and technical issues of hosting, so that you can relax.


5. Can we install a plugin or app on a FREE Wix website?

You can install plugins and apps on a free Wix website. Wix provides more than 250 apps that you can add to your site. You can add contact forms, comments, galleries, social media buttons, email marketing, and many more features using these apps.


6. Is the Wix website safe?

The Wix website is safe to use. Wix operates worldwide with well-established legal and privacy policies and product and payment standards. There are many amateur-run website builders, but Wix does not fall into this category. It is completely safe and maintains high standards.


7. Is the Wix website FREE?

Wix offers free as well as paid plans. But if you are using its free plan, you have to use use a Wix subdomain, such as, Wix free plan comes with limited functionality, and ads are shown on the website.

But for full functionality and using a custom domain, you have to opt for a paid plan.


8. Is the Wix website BAD?

Wix’s website is not very good in terms of SEO. But, it does not mean that Wix is a bad website. Despite the issue, it has some benefits.

You get fundamental site optimization tools, like blogs, title tags, Meta descriptions, H1, and H2.

You can customize your website’s design with Wix templates. In its paid plan, it also supports e-commerce. So, you can sell online on the Wix website.

Wix paid plans are reasonably affordable.

So, Wix is a good option for beginners.


9. How does Wix website work?

Wix provides you drag-and-drop website builder to make your websites. It offers more than 300 free as well as paid templates. Wix comes with its own web hosting as well as domain names. You can add extra functionality such as photo galleries or e-commerce using Wix apps.


10. What are the advantages of Wix?

The advantages of Wix are as follows:

  1. It offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop features and upgraded design templates.
  2.  Wix is affordable and you are not bound to any long-term plan.
  3. It takes care of the security of your website without compromising on speed.
  4. Its user-friendly nature and excellent support service.


11. Does Wix own my domain name?

No, Wix does not own your domain name. You can buy your own domain name either from Wix or from any other domain host. If you buy your domain from Wix, it gets automatically connected to the Wix server. And, if you buy a domain from another domain host, you need to connect it to your Wix site.


12. Is Wix bad for SEO?

Wix offers the basic SEO options that are needed for regular websites. Additionally, Wix wouldn’t be good if you are planning to intensively blog and wants SEO-advanced features.

Moreover, Wix isn’t bad for SEO, but it is not the best alternative either. WordPress would be the better option, although it is more complicated.


13. Do web designers use Wix?

Since Wix is very easy to use, clients love Wix’s website and web designers love designing on it. They teach their clients how to update websites, add blog posts, add photos, and new pages easily without making a call to designers even for small changes.



In our opinion, Wix ADI is going to change the world of websites. It is the first AI-based tool that is created to design a website for you. And, it has made the creation of a website a very easy task. You can create a website by just answering a few questions, picking your favorite colors, and doing some additional simple steps.

However, it is lacking in creative control which may be frustrating. Wix ADI is not as flexible as Wix Editor. Wix editor offers smooth drag-and-drop design templates and easily editable text boxes. While both Wix tools are simple and easy to use, the Wix Editor offers more choices. You can also build more personalized sites using its premium plan and a wide choice of apps.

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