Best Website Builders Reviews For Small Business

by Shahil Shah

You are probably a beginner wanting to create your own website or someone that wants to increase their presence online within a specified budget. And you don’t know where to start or what website builder would be the best fit for you.

You probably don’t even have much knowledge of what a website builder is and can do. Well, you’re in luck!

Because in this article, we delve into the nitty-gritty of website building. We would explore the best website builders, their features, what website builder would be the best fit for you, and so much more.

Website builders are online tools that could aid you in building your own website without any hassles. Other than the fact that using a website builder is fast and easy (I mean it bypasses all those programming languages and somewhat confusing coding symbols), it is also budget-friendly.

I have had my own share of seeking the best and most suitable website builder for me, and I understand that it can be difficult and sometimes, maybe confusing to choose one that expresses who you are, what you do, and the story you are trying to tell. Or maybe, you’re the entrepreneur trying to create an online shop or boost your online presence.

There is a pool of more than 70 different builders with different features to choose from, and we have reviewed and revealed the 20 best website builders. We would make your decision-making process faster as we are giving you information on the design features, prices and hosting services, technical support, search engine optimization, speed, and much more.

A website builder gives you a whole lot of functions in just one place, from buying your domain to hosting and designing. Using a website builder makes it easier to access all these functions for managing your site.

Choosing your website would be based on what features you want. Someone that wants to blog about their particular topic – let’s say fashion, might just require a four to five-page website. This could be different for someone that wants to create an e-commerce site and convert leads.

Furthermore, someone with little or no knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript may just go with the simple drag-drop tool compared to someone with experience with the listed programming languages who may use a sophisticated content management system (CMS) to create the look and feel they want.  In essence, only you know what you are looking for, and this article would guide you in making this decision.

Table of Contents


Here is our list of the 20 best website builders you should consider using;

*Includes details on their best feature and plans

  Suitability Free Freemium (Free trial) Paid (Price Range monthly)
Wix   Best design overall           – $14-$39
Weebly Great fit for personal portfolios and small businesses           – $6-$25
Squarespace For personal brand and creative       –   $12 – $40
Zyro Modern and professional design     $1.99 – $13.99
Site123   Best for people who need a site in no time + Strong customer support         – $10.80
Duda Best for customizing + Multilingual feature       –   $14 – $33
Shopify Best for an eCommerce site       –   $29 – $299
GoDaddy Best for speed and quick creation of websites     $10 – $25 Best for Bloggers          – $4 – $45
Jimdo Affordable ad-free and fast website powered by AI          – $9 – $39
Strikingly High value for money          – $8 – $49
DesignModo Best for startups industries        –   $29 – $349
Ucraft Highly functional website + inbuilt tools     $10 – $69
BigCommerce Best for online large stores       –   $29 – $299
Webflow For professional designers         – $12 – $36
Hibu For small business owners       –       – Custom pricing
Hubspot content management system   Top website tool with Integrated CRM tools     Up to $350
Pixpa   Best for creatives and designers      –   $7 – $16
Webnode   Best for multilingual websites          – $3.95 – $19.95
Webstarts   Great for free website     $7.16 – $19.99

We delve further into these website builders and explore their design and how functional they are. We have selected the ones that offer search engine optimization (SEO) tools and customization options.  

1.   WIX

Ease of Use

Wix is the most populous and largest website builder there is. With more than 100 million users across the world, Wix is simple to use and very affordable. It ranks as the best website builder overall because of its high-quality features, technical support, flexibility of design, ease of use, and value for money.  

Wix has provided a platform for anyone and every one of different skill levels to create their own website without needing any coding language. With your own creativity and within your control, you can use Wix’s simple drag-and-drop tool and its other features to create something really appealing and professional.

With Wix, you can create the website of your dreams, literally!


Wix has over 500 website templates that you can choose from, depending on the niche. Their ready-to-use templates cover a wide range of industries, from templates for small businesses, and tourism, to themes for musicians, and so on. It may seem overwhelming because of the number of features, but you can easily filter your search based on your needs to hasten the search process for your desired templates. In deciding, take as much time as you need because you would be unable to change your templates once your site is live. 

Wix’s templates are responsive and mobile-friendly. There are more than 100 fonts you can choose from with different color schemes to try out. Their designs are striking with advanced features, video and animation options, and scroll effects. 

Features and Tools

With Wix, your creativity can flow to whatever extent. It gives you total freedom and control to create whatever you want and however, you want it. You can add pages, delete what you don’t want, drag-and-drop images, text, and so on. These options are available using WixEditor. On the other hand, is another choice tool – Wix ADI. Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence doesn’t give you total control to create your website but a questionnaire where you can fill out your needs and requirements, and then they create a website for you. 

WixADI creates a website for you based on your needs and preferences.

Wix also has an option for those with prior knowledge and experience with coding. Their code editor allows you to increase your website functionality and gives you even more control over your site outlook.

Wix has a variety of templates that you can select from.

Wix has a free plan that you can try out for a start and use for as long as you want, although there is a limit to the features you can access. It may not give your website that professional look you desire, but it still has some features such as search engine optimization (SEO) tools that help Google find you, a mobile editor to optimize your sites for use on mobile devices, social sharing to boost your site’s presence, and its app store to get more features for your site.

Pricing and Plans

To get the best experience of Wix, there are a total of eight premium plans starting from $14/month available. This gives you more access to templates, your own domain name, and ad-free Wix, and much more storage. 

If you want a shop online, Wix also got you covered. They have a WixEcommerce option that would help you create a simple-to-use and stunning online store that lets you sell as many products as you want.

Wix is best suited for anything and everything for a personal brand, portfolios for creatives, and small businesses.



  • Simplistic interface with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor
  • Autosaves progress and changes made
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Strong customer and technical support


  • Can’t change templates once the website is live
  • An overwhelming number of features
  • Depends on apps for scalability


Weebly is a great fit for small businesses and portfolios. It is simple to use with sophisticated features. It is especially suited for bloggers and small businesses looking to start an eCommerce store. Although it is one of the best in terms of ease of use and affordability, it has limitations with designs and freedom of customizing. With over 50 million users, Weebly is a top-rated website builder because of its variety of in-built tools and app stores.


Weebly has a strong eCommerce feature, and that’s what makes it exceptional for small businesses. It is easy-to-use and hassle-free, plus it allows you to customize your site as quickly as possible. With their stylish and appealing themes, you can create a striking personal portfolio website that suits you. Their themes are mobile-friendly, very responsive, and optimized for mobile devices.

You can easily create a website using Weebly’s easy-to-use editor.

Features and Tools

In terms of in-built features, Weebly has more advantages over Wix. Weebly gives bloggers the ability to use their drag-and-drop tool to add images, text, and content. With an impressive app store, blogging tools, and SEO tools to optimize your site for Google, which helps your site rank higher. They also provide a mobile application that can help you to monitor your website’s performance and access email marketing tools. Weebly also provides an analytics tool to provide insights on engagements and traffic on your website.

Weebly templates and designs aren’t as top-notch and vast as Wix but are stylish with more than 50 templates to select from. Unlike Wix, Weebly allows you to change your template even after your site is live. Creating a personal portfolio or blog is made easy by Weebly. It provides an inbuilt image editor, social media marketing tools, social sharing features, animation effects, and a lot of fonts.

Pricing and Plans

Weebly gives access to a free plan where you can build your website and integrate a free SSL certificate to secure your site. This free plan is one of the best website builders you can get from among the varieties of website builders available. There are also three affordable premium plans starting from $6/monthly (billed annually) that could give you the best experience of Weebly.

All paid plans allow the integration of an eCommerce store, making it very affordable for small businesses. The eCommerce features include payment platforms, coupon codes, product options, inventory systems, and shipping labels. Based on the premium plans you choose, you can also get an ad-free site and more store tools. 

Although Weebly has scalable tools, SEO guides, and designs that make it well suited for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It can also be used by artists and bloggers. It isn’t as overwhelming as Wix because of the easy navigation it provides. Weebly also provides a platform for those with experience in coding. They can customize their site as much as possible.

Weebly is a great option if you want to create a website in a short time and integrate their eCommerce option. Although there is not so much freedom with customization because of their structured templates, the pros greatly outweigh the cons because of its simplistic design, inbuilt features, and high value for money.



  • Built-in app store
  • SEO tools and guides available
  • Responsive templates
  • Scalable


  • Limited control and customization
  • Lack of personal restore feature


If you love stunning designs like me, then Squarespace is for you. Squarespace is top-notch in terms of flexible and sleek designs, and this makes it most suitable for creatives. Their features are not-so-easy to use, but with time and patience, you get an awesome experience.

Features and Tools

It is a sophisticated website builder that would serve those in the creative industry and small businesses. With a variety of stunning designs, Squarespace combines high functionality, quality, and security to access everything you need. Squarespace gives access to social sharing features, music upload and sharing features, and video backgrounds. Their designs are detailed with the freedom to combine different color schemes, fonts, and graphics for your website.

Pricing and Plans

Although Squarespace is one of those “freemium” website builders, this means that it isn’t free, but it gives an option for a free trial for 14 days to try it out before deciding whether to upgrade. There are four premium plans you can select from, and each of them provides a variety of features that can be unlocked as you upgrade your plan. 

These plans range from $12 to $40 per month (billed annually). Unlike Weebly, only the highest two premium plans can grant you access to an eCommerce feature.


Squarespace’s designs are top-notch, modern, and professional. With over 60 templates, Squarespace offers strong customer support. Their templates are optimized for all devices. Their templates give the freedom of customization and flow of creativity to create that ideal website you want. They also allow you to work on multiple templates at once. Squarespace allows you to change your site’s template even after it is published.

Squarespace also offers inbuilt tools, such as eCommerce functions, SEO tools, and much more. Squarespace also provides a platform for PayPal and G-Suite integration. It allows you to edit from your phone and publish blogs, especially those with lots of high-quality images.

Squarespace does not require any prior knowledge or experience with coding but requires patience and some technical skills to better maximize its use. Its interface is easy to relate with, and its drag-and-drop editor does not work like Wix or what you would expect but uses sections to build.

Squarespace uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor, which means that what you see on the screen is exactly what you would see when it is published. Unlike WordPress, which requires you to preview your site to know what it looks like once it is published. One of its downsides is that it requires that you save your progress immediately after every change made because it doesn’t autosave.  But, it can restore posts and pages that have been deleted for up to thirty days.

Although Squarespace allows professionals with- and without- any knowledge of coding to create a professional website, it is not beginner-friendly, unlike Wix and Weebly. It requires time, patience, and a little level of technical expertise to experience it very well.

So who is Squarespace best suited for? Squarespace is best for creative – photographers, graphic designers, artists, and other designers that want to showcase their content (quality images and portfolios) online.



  • Allows flexibility of design
  • Sophisticated and sleek templates that are mobile and desktop-friendly
  • Best features available
  • Strong customer support


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Requires time and patience for the best experience
  • Does not autosave
  • Low speed

4.   ZYRO

Zyro is populous for its simplistic and fast interface. It has high functionality with unique and stunning designs to customize. Zyro would give you a lot of control to create and diversify as much as possible. This website builder is easy-to-use without any required knowledge of any coding language. You can create your website in a matter of minutes with Zyro’s powerful tools. 


Zyro features more than 55 striking templates and a variety of stock images to choose from. They have templates for different industries, from hotels and hospitality and bakeries, to creative industries, startup agencies, and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t have as much customization and blogging features as you may desire, it is can still exude a professional and beautiful look for an affordable price.

Their templates are mobile-friendly and optimized for all devices. Like Wix, Zyro doesn’t allow you to switch templates once live. But it stands out because it includes a tool for logo creation and a copy generator.

Zyro is a modern website builder and best suited for small business owners seeking to increase their presence online. There is a pool of business templates that you can select from and tools such as the drag-and-drop option and AI-content generator that you can use.

Features and Tools

Using Zyro is hassle-free, and it allows you to create appealing pages and integrates an eCommerce store to showcase your products.

Zyro integrates an AI-content generator that suggests SEO friendly content based on your type of business or industry. This tool would help you create content that is optimized for SEO, rank your site higher on Google, and possibly boost lead conversions.

Zyro’s AI Content Generator creates content optimized for SEO for you.

Pricing and Plans

Zyro has both free and paid plans. Although, the free plan is a great place to start as it offers a 500MB storage space, free SSL certificate, and data transfer option monthly, it is packed with ads and has a lot of limitations. It doesn’t offer a customized domain URL.

Zyro has affordable premium plans that are budget-friendly and with advanced features. Their premium plans start from as low as $1.99 to $13.99 per month (billed yearly).

Zyro’s premium plans start from $1.99 to $13.99 per month, billed annually.

Zyro also has eCommerce packages in their top two premium plans that offer multiple eCommerce functions, discounts and coupons, inventory management, order management, and multiple payment platforms. It also offers multilingual options and social sharing features. 

Zyro offers a high value for money and high functionality to create and boost website engagement quickly and without hassles. You can create optimized websites for Google and increase traffic, use analytics, showcase your products, and convert leads all in one place.



  • Integrates AI tools
  • Simplistic drag-and-drop tool
  • Exceptional website uptime
  • Includes logo creator tool


  • No add-ons on free account
  • Can’t change templates once live
  • Few customization options

5.   SITE123

Site123 is the easiest website builder yet. It comes easy as 1-2-3 (no pun intended) with strong customer support but lacks advanced features. If you don’t have much time on your side, and you really want something simple. This is the website builder to use.


Site123 has stunning templates that are mobile-friendly and responsive. They create a template for you based on your needs and requirements. They ask you about the type of website you want and gives you a tailored site with all the right features. Take the time you need to choose your templates because just like Wix, you can’t change your templates once it’s published. What Site123 lacks in features, it makes up for in speed and productivity. 

Features and Tools

This website builder is for anyone and everyone, from bloggers, freelancers, personal brands to entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Although site123 may not show up as best for blogging, it features great blogging tools such as Google Analytics, RSS feed, social sharing, and a search option. If you are looking for something much better, then you should try WordPress or Weebly.

This website builder site also features apps that can easily be integrated and an eCommerce store to sell your products, but this is only available for premium subscribers. One of the downsides of using site123 for eCommerce is the lack of any substantial financial tool – it lacks an invoicing tool and payment tracker. If you’re looking for much more in eCommerce, then you should try Shopify or BigCommerce

Site123 is unarguably the best when it comes to customer support and help features. They literally lead you by the hands when creating your website. Although site123 allows for social media integration, it doesn’t embed live feeds from your social media accounts. 

In terms of search engine optimization tools and higher Google ranking, Site123 comes through. It supports Meta description editing and custom URLs but lacks a keyword suggestion option and SEO apps. This requires that you have prior knowledge of search engine optimization. 

Pricing and Plan

With over 130 domain extensions to select from, Site123 gives you access to a domain for free in the first year, after which it is billed $13 afterward. The domain extensions can be tailored towards your type of industry. Note that this domain can only work with a paid plan. If you already have a domain, you can easily connect it to the website.

Site123 also gives a free SSL certificate to secure your website 24/7 and protect your data. In terms of pricing, site123 is very generous. Although the free plan is limited and has ads, you can get access to 500MB storage, 1 GB bandwidth, and a subdomain. To use a domain, you need to upgrade to the premium package which is $10.80 per month (billed annually). This plan includes the eCommerce feature, 10 GB storage, and 5 GB bandwidth.

Site123 is simplistic and hassle-free to use. If you are looking for control and freedom to customize, you may not get it because everything is pretty much done for you. If you create a personal or small business site, and you don’t have much time and patience, then you should try Site123. You can always start with the free plan to experience it before upgrading to a premium plan.


  • Strong customer support and help features
  • Easiest website builder yet
  • Simplistic interface
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Can’t change templates when it has been published
  • Limited customization

6.   DUDA

If you are looking for a sophisticated design, then Duda is the option to choose from. It has a simplistic interface that is easy to use. Duda features a drag-and-drop option that allows you to add images, text, animations, and other features easily. There is absolutely no coding skill required. 


Duda features over 90 sophisticated templates that cover a variety of industries from health and wellness, design, to businesses. Duda gives you control of customization but within the limits of a provided template. Their designs exude professionalism and are mobile responsive in design. Duda allows you to preview your site before it goes live. Their designs are device-optimized. They have more than 100 fonts available and different color schemes to combine.

Duda’s original intent was to provide a platform for website designers and design agencies to create multiple websites. It integrates a widget builder that you can be used to customize the features on your site.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing plans are expensive, but it is one of those with freemium plans – they allow a free trial of 14 days for you to see if it’s a good fit for you. Their cheapest plan, which starts at $14 per month (billed annually), includes an eCommerce option for you to start selling your products from the first day.

The eCommerce tools include payment platforms like Paypal, coupon codes, shipping tools, tax calculators, product categories, and so on. Although Duda offers an A-okay eCommerce feature, to get the best out of an eCommerce, you can try out Shopify or BigCommerce.

Duda’s premium plans range from $14 to $33 per month when billed annually.

Features and Tools

Some of Duda’s features include search engine optimization tools such as Meta title and description, custom titles, and URLs. In terms of SEO, Duda is pretty basic. But if SEO is a huge priority for you, you should consider using Wix or Weebly.

Duda also features site hosting on Amazon Web Services and up to 50 websites based on your plan. You can have access to as many websites as you need. For agencies, they feature priority support via phone, email, and chat. They also integrate a client management feature and pages connected to the customer’s data.

Duda allows for multilingual capabilities. You can create websites in different languages and can improve SEO with language-based URLs. Other than these, Duda allows you to customize your content to your visitors. They can personalize your visitor’s time zone, browsing history, and location. They also trigger ads, promotional messages, and videos based on these factors, thus boosting engagement.

Other than website designers and lifestyle bloggers, Duda is also suited for businesses that want to expand their presence online beyond the borders of their countries into international shores.



  • Simplistic interface, and easy-to-use
  • Sleek and stunning designs
  • Variety of apps and widgets available in-house


  • Design customization within the limits of the template
  • Pricing plans are costly
  • Basic website features e.g. SEO tools


Shopify is the best website builder for an eCommerce site. With over a million business sites created, Shopify serves many industries from interior design and salons to photography and fashion designing. Shopify is best suited for anyone who has something to sell, whether you are just starting out or you have made more than a million dollars from your business.

Even if you don’t have products to sell, Shopify can still serve you. For example, if you provide services based on a request or an appointment. And you don’t have to worry about knowing a single word of code. Shopify uses sophisticated eCommerce tools with a simple editor that helps you create your site easily.


Shopify is beginner-friendly. Its interface is pretty easy to understand and work with.. There are just ten templates available for free. To access more themes, you have to buy them for as high as $180 each. The minimum price is $140. Each template is scalable, professional, and feature-rich. The templates are optimized for all devices.

Shopify’s templates are mobile-friendly with content that can be customized. There are a wide range of font style to choose from and color schemes to combine. The template is search engine optimized with an added navigation support. Another added feature is the availability of a multilingual option for some themes.

Shopify has a variety of templates to select from based on your industry.

Shopify is a top-notch website builder with hundreds of apps and advanced features inbuilt. They provide multiple market platforms and integrate social media sharing.

Pricing and Plans

Shopify’s plans are a little bit pricy, but you can select your desired plan based on your needs and budget. The plans start from $29 per month (billed annually) for the basic Shopify to as high as $299 per month for advanced Shopify and $79 per month for Shopify somewhere in between.

Shopify offers a free 14-day trial so that you can try out the website builder and see if it suits your needs and preferences. All plans feature a sales channel with an authentic checkout, unlimited products category, coupons and discounts, 24/7 support, more than 4,100 built-in apps, multiple payment platforms, shipping tools, POS, and much more.

One of the downsides of using Shopify is the charges placed on the transactions made. This can only be avoided by using Shopify’s in-house payment platform. Shopify payments bypass third-party payment providers like Paypal to process your store payments.

Features and Tools

Shopify has good search engine optimization and marketing tools that can help your website rank higher on Google page, this is important for you to boost traffic and possibly convert sales leads. It comes with its own analytical tool that gives you an overview of your performance. You can also use Google analytics for more information. Shopify lacks a blog-centered analytics tool, so it may not be favorable if your site is primarily about blogging.

Shopify includes a free SSL certificate to secure your website against cyber threats and reassure your customers that their sensitive information like payment details is secured.

Although it has its drawbacks, Shopify is still the best eCommerce platform yet. You can build your online store without any technical expertise required and start to showcase your products on multiple marketplaces.



  • Feature-rich
  • Multiple Marketplaces including Amazon, eBay


  • Charges a fee for third-party transactions
  • Limited themes available to select from


You probably thought that GoDaddy was just a domain registrar, get ready to be surprised. GoDaddy is not only just the world’s biggest domain registrar. It is one of the fastest website builders yet. The website builder uses AI to create an effortless website based on the information you provide.

They recently combined website building with marketing tools, to improve businesses’ online presence. Their marketing and insight tool will guide you in using data to achieve your goals.


If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, then GoDaddy is for you. It is the perfect solution for a fast and hassle-free website building process. But if you are looking for creative control, you might have to try another website builder because GoDaddy is limited in customization as the builder does all the work.

GoDaddy can be used by anyone from a variety of industries for blogging, business, eCommerce, or even a personal site. GoDaddy’s editor allows you to add images, audio, or video along with your blog posts. It also features an RSS feed and Google analytics tool. There are also hundreds of stock photos available with an embed function for your feeds from Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. 


The over 100 templates available on GoDaddy are fair and can be customizable for your content. The templates are responsive in design and optimized for all devices.

Interestingly, GoDaddy also has an eCommerce option to showcase over 1500 products on multiple marketplaces and get additional features for $25 per month. These additional features include a search engine optimization tool that helps you rank higher on Google, a social media sharing option, and a cart recovery function.

With GoDaddy eCommerce, you can sell your products on Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. You also have access to multiple payment platforms like PayPal. It is not the best in terms of eCommerce, but it is still ideal for small business owners. But if you’re planning to expand your store, we recommend Shopify.

Pricing and Plans

The price of their domains starts at $9.99 annually, but you can save more when you pay for two years. You get the domain for $0.01 for the first year. They are pretty cheap with their premium plans. They start from as low as $10 per month (billed annually). With each upgrade, you gain access to search engine optimization tools, appointment scheduler, and sales features for the eCommerce plan. But they offer a 30-day risk-free trial that lets you check if GoDaddy is a good fit for you.

GoDaddy has a great uptime of 99.9%. This means that your website will be up and running 99.9% of the time. They automatically auto backup your site if your site gets hacked or crashes so that you do not lose any data. 

If you want to create a website in minutes with a budget-friendly plan, and marketing features, GoDaddy is the perfect option for you. It may not be for you if the design is a top priority for you.



  • User-friendly
  • Fastest website builder yet
  • Change templates at any time


  • Plain designs
  • Lack of creative control
  • Basic features
  • No SEO tools available in the $10 plan


You are probably very familiar with this name. It is one of the populous website builders in the world. It powers more than 30% of the internet. If you are passionate about blogging and content writing, then this builder is for you. is more of a platform with add-ons for website building. It differs in a lot of ways from its brother –, and we would be showing you the differences between them and helping you decide which of them you would prefer to use. was created first and is founded on a Content Management System (CMS), and is used to create and manage websites. was launched later on and took some of the features of Although has some pretty impressive features, it requires some knowledge of coding to build your website.

Features and Tools has a more simplistic interface than It uses a drag and drop feature almost like many other website builders to easily create a website. Editing content and design are done separately. This might seem a little overwhelming at first, but WordPress provides a guide to help you set up your site without any hassles. is packed with amazing features that support blogging, such as display categories, analytics, social media sharing, RSS feed, comment section, and so much more. It also has more than 340 templates to select from for a wide range of industries. It doesn’t give much freedom of control and customization but eventually gives you a good-looking site. has more than 340 templates you can choose from for your industry. also has strong support and help features to guide you in building your website. They are also pretty strong on the whole Search Engine Optimization thingy. They take care of almost all the SEO nits and grits, helping you to rank higher on search engines and gain more visitors. also does well on security. Their sites are encrypted with a free installed SSL certificate. They monitor suspicious activity and run firewalls and security testing. They also have a strong restore and backup option that enables you to easily restore any deleted or lost file.

Pricing and Plans is one of those website builders with amazing features at a low cost. It has three paid plans starting from as low as $4 to $25 per month (billed annually). These plans give you an ad-free site with email and live chat support, customized URL, extra storage space, more themes and freedom of customization, the ability to earn from your site, and payment platforms, depending on the plans you choose to subscribe to.

They have a free plan that you can try out for a start. It features a 3GB storage space, stunning templates, and community support. can also be used by small business owners but for nothing really advanced. It has business-themed templates, includes Google analytics tools, and unlimited storage. It also includes plugins and eCommerce features. All these packages are included in their business plan, which costs $300 (billed annually). If you are looking to get more out of a business site, you may not find it with but with Shopify or BigCommerce.



  • Best for bloggers
  • Value for money
  • Feature-rich


  • Requires a little knowledge of code
  • Limited templates available
  • Not so easy to use at first

10.  JIMDO

Jimdo combines affordability with simplicity. It has two editors that can be used for creating a simple website without having to know how to code. These editors are Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin, both of which are unique in their own way. Jimdo Dolphin uses an artificial design intelligence interface that allows Jimdo to create a website for you based on some questions on your needs or preferences. On the other hand, Jimdo Creator gives you control in adding your content, dragging, and dropping elements.

Ease of Use

Jimdo has a simplistic interface that is easy to use and navigate. It has over 100 templates with a variety of industries to select from and customize, but you may be limited in control. The drag-and-drop functionality is beginner-friendly. You can add text, images, and other elements with just a few clicks. 

If you are looking to build your personal site or something for your small business. Then Jimdo is for you. It is mobile friendly and has a responsive template that you can customize your content easily. It doesn’t allow much freedom of control because of its restrictive templates. It includes business and eCommerce features that help you sell your products better and convert leads.

Jimdo can also do wonders for you if you’re looking for a blogging site. It includes great blogging features like analytics, category, RSS feed, comments section, social bookmarking. It also includes tools that would help your website rank higher. It includes SEO tools and Meta description tools.

Pricing and Plans

Jimdo Dolphin prices are pretty fair. The premium plans start from $9 to as high as $39 per month (billed annually). With the $9 START plan, you get a free domain and an ad-free site. This makes it one of the best website builder with an affordable ad-free site. With advances in each premium plan, you gain features like advanced SEO, unlimited storage space, analytics, and stock images. They also don’t do too badly with their free plan. Jimdo features help features and support via social media and email.

For Jimdo Creator, the plans start from $10 to $40 per month (billed annually). You get a little bit more creative control. They also have a plan for you if you’re looking to start an online shop that starts from $15 to $39. This gives you access to a range of features, including the basic shop features, product listing and layouts, and so much more.

Their free plan comes with a 2GB bandwidth storage and 500MB storage space that comes with a free subdomain – though you would be stuck with using Although using the premium plan promises a great experience, you can try out Jimdo’s free plan to see if it’s a good fit for you.



  • Affordable ad-free website
  • Simplistic interface and drag-and-drop functionality
  • The free plan comes with a selling option


  • Restrictive template designs
  • Limited freedom of customization


Strikingly is a sleek and easy-to-use website builder. It is beginner-friendly and has some amazing features that could meet your needs. It is affordable and has striking templates. Creating a website with Strikingly is fast, simple, and hassle-free.

Strikingly has enough templates with varying designs that are sleek, stunning, and mobile responsive. They are very easy to edit, but they don’t guarantee you much creative freedom like Wix or Weebly.

If you’re a blogger, small business owner, or freelancer, then Strikingkly is for you. Strikingly has amazing blogging features like social bookmarking, RSS feed, analytics, categories, and so on to help you set up a simple and functional blog.

Strikingly for eCommerce

Strikingly has an eCommerce feature that allows you to sell 300 products on the Pro plan and 500 products on the VIP plan, which is pretty cheap compared to most website builders. The free plan allows you to sell one product with unlimited stock. Pretty neat, right? If you want to expand your business and you’re looking for a wider range of eCommerce features, you should consider using BigCommerce or Shopify.

Strikingly is also great for a personal portfolio site. You get stylish templates and media sections add-ons. Strikingly wouldn’t give you so much creative freedom, but it would give you a high value for money and help you grow your presence online.

Features and Tools

Strikingly has strong support and help feature that would guide you in your website building process. They also allow you to integrate your social media feeds easily, but this feature comes with a paid plan. Their other features include analytics, SEO, and marketing tools for gaining traffic, tracking visitors, and converting leads.

Strikingly secures your website with an SSL certificate and even autosaves your progress and changes.

Pricing and Plan

Strikingly has a free plan and three paid plans that you can select from. The free plan has many great features that give you a good handle on what strikingly is all about. It comes with a 5GB monthly bandwidth, social media integration, a store where you can sell one product, 24/7 support, and much more.

Their paid plans range from $8 to $49 per month (billed annually), where you get more amazing features like 5 to 500 products in the store, free domains, 1 to 10GB storage space, all depending on the plan you choose.

Strikingly offers a free plan and three paid plans that start from $8 to $49 per month, when billed annually.

All of their plans come with a risk-free 14 days trial. They also allow you to save more by offering plans that can be billed monthly, every two years, three years, and five years. 



  • Beginner-friendly
  • High value for money
  • Strong customer support and help features
  • Creating a website is fast and hassle-free


  • Limited template design customization
  • Can only create one-page sites
  • Limited eCommerce tools and feature


If you’re a startup industry looking for a website that combines professionalism and sleekness, then Designmodo got you covered. This website builder aids you in designing an excellent and static website and emails. Designmodo is used by big companies like Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Adobe, Yahoo, and many more.

Designmodo features three sub-products that include Designmodo Startups and Slides, which help you build your websites, and Designmodo Postcards, which help you create email newsletters.

Create a stunning website or email using Designmodo Startups, Slides, or Postcards.

Ease of Use and Templates

With over 100 templates and 200 slides to choose from, you can select based on your preference and easily customize them to your taste. They also integrate Google fonts, where you can access unlimited styles for your website. You can drag and drop elements such as contact form, popups, and so on. Their websites are optimized for all devices.

You can easily design your website without any previous knowledge or experience with code. If you have prior knowledge of code, you can change the code without much hassles and without affecting the functioning of your website.

Designmodo Slides allows you to capture and deliver your idea using beautiful layouts and a stunning presentation. You can view up to 118 examples and access 30 panels to aid you in your design process. 

Capture ideas and deliver top-notch presentations using Designmodo Slides.

Designmodo Postcards, used by over 10,000 companies, is a responsive email builder used to boost creative email marketing. Using their drag and drop template builder, you can create a structure for your email, add content, and export to HubSpot or Mailchimp.

Create intuitive emails and boost your email marketing campaigns using Designmodo Postcards.

With Designmodo Startups, you can create and design a bootstrap website. Bootstrap is a popular CSS, JavaScript, and HTML framework that you can use to create a mobile-responsive site. It has a drop-and-drag functionality that allows you to design your website using over 300 pre-designed blocks.

Create a bootstrap website easily and without hassles using Designmodo Startups.

Designmodo also allows you to create and design emails. This makes it easier for your website to integrate your email marketing campaigns. There are over 100 pre-designed email templates that you can easily customize using drag-and-drop functionality.

Pricing and Plans

Designmodo also features a project management software tool, strong customer support, integrated third-party tools like MailChimp, Slack, and so on.

Designmodo comes with different plans for their products. For Designmodo slides, there is a demo plan, business plan, and agency plan starting from $0 to $29 monthly. With the paid plans, you can get access to over 200 slides and templates, support and help features, unlimited project and pages, and project management.

The Designmodo Startups comes with three plans: a free starter plan and two paid plans billed at $21 per month for the businesses and $29 per month for agencies. The features include free Figma sources, support, exports, and so much. With Designmodo’s free plan, you can gain access to all the features, demo components, free Figma sources, and support. 



  • Best for startups
  • Uses a WYSIWYG Editor
  • Strong support and help features
  • Freedom of creativity and customization


  • Can only create one-page websites at a time
  • Limited bandwidth storage
  • Requires knowledge of code to integrate MailChimp

13.   UCRAFT

Ucraft is a sophisticated website builder with multiple functions. What started as a landing page builder has now become one of the top multi-functional website builders.

With over 80 pre-designed templates, Ucraft allows you to select based on your industry or niche. If you are a fashion designer, small business owner, photographer, or you are in the hotels and hospitality niche, Ucraft has something to over. Their templates are stunning and mobile-responsive, they are optimized for all devices.

With Ucraft, you can access a variety of mobile-responsive templates.

Features and Tools

They feature blogging tools, logo maker, landing page creator, SEO, and eCommerce tools. There are also more than 100 pre-designed blocks to add pages, customize the content, and add footers or call-to-action buttons, and so on. Their editor is not as simple as a most beginner-friendly website, but with patience and their helps guide, you would be able to create a pretty neat site.

With their logo creator, you can use custom icons, text, and shapes to create your logo. This is a great tool for small business owners who want to launch their new website and expand their presence online while selling their products.

Ucraft is one of those few website builders that lets you connect a domain for a free plan. Their free plan is still awesome if you just want to try out the website builder. You can access a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, add 15 pages, use Google analytics, and access 24/7 support.

Pricing and Plans

If you want something more professional and access to more features, there have three premium plans starting from as low as $10 per month (billed annually) to $69 per month (billed annually). They also have something in between, a Pro Shop plan, which costs $21 per month, billed annually. With their Pro Shop plan, you get access to all of the free plan features and more. You can try out all their premium plans for a risk-free 14 days period.

Ucraft’s has amazing eCommerce tools to help you sell your products online. You can up to 1000 products or more with advances in the membership plans and use over 50 payment methods without any transaction fee charges.


  • Best for multi-functional sites
  • Allows you to connect a domain for free
  • Feature-rich


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Slow and complicated editor

14.  BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform best for large online stores. It is sophisticated with advanced features such as SEO tools, more than 600 product options, and mobile-responsive templates.

Start selling online with BigCommerce

Ease of Use

BigCommerce is best for you if you’re a business owner looking to sell your products online and even expand rapidly. It would give you high value for money. It is extremely scalable with built-in eCommerce tools that would help boost your business. You may not finish setting up shop in minutes, but with a little patience and some technical knowledge, you can create an exceptional website. They recently added a merchandising tool – Store Design that helps you easily make edits visually and customize to your taste.

With the Store Design tool, you have freedom of control. You can change colors and move logo positions.

BigCommerce is big on features – it is the most feature-rich website builder yet.  If you are a beginner and you are unfamiliar with technical jargon, then BigCommerce may not be a great experience at first unless you familiarize yourself with some technical terms.

With BigCommerce, you can select from over 100 themes based on your industry. They are pretty limited on their free themes. Their paid themes are quite pricy starting from $145 to $235. A huge plus is that BigCommerce allows you to change your templates at any time.

Features and Tools

They have top-quality built-in tools and apps for everything you might need. BigCommerce promises a hassle-free experience when selling physical products, digital goods, or services.

Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees on payments. With over 60 payment methods to select from and set up with one click, integrate multiple currencies, and receive fast payments. Some of the payment methods include PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, and so on. Although these payment methods may charge their own transaction fees, BigCommerce helps you reduce these charges as you advance in its price plans.

BigCommerce gives you access to a variety of shipping features. Such as free shipping options, shipping labels, and quotes. BigCommerce automates all your shipping operations and manages all your shipping on one platform.

BigCommerce also does well on security. They have an SSL certificate that secures your websites and encrypts your data and ensures safe payments online.

They also feature an abandoned cart recovery option where you can send automated emails to customers who shop for products and abandon them in the cart at checkout.

With BigCommerce, you can boost your email marketing campaign to improve your email performance by installing a free MailChimp app. You can personalize emails, send notification emails, recommend products, and add discount coupons. You can also access metrics to monitor your performance and improve on them.

BigCommerce has over 600 apps to select from, even with their amazing built-in features. They have strong support and help features available based on your plan. You can access 24/7 chat, email, and live chat support.

Pricing and Plans

BigCommerce has four paid plans, with which advancing in each plan would give you access to more features. You can also access these plans for a risk-free 15 days period or request a demo to see how they work.



  • Richest in built-in features compared to its competitors
  • Highly scalable
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • You can sell on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Not so easy to use because of its advanced terminology and features

15.      Webflow

If you are looking for a website that would give you freedom of customization, then Webflow is for you. It is well suited for professional web designers looking to create a website without any prior knowledge of code. It is very responsive and easy to use once you get the hang of it. They have strong help features that would guide you in your website building process.

Ease of Use and Templates

Webflow’s editor may not be as straightforward or easy, to begin with, but you can familiarize yourself with how it works. Surprisingly, it looks a lot like Photoshop, there are a variety of designs that you can choose from and customize.

Webflow has over 60 paid stunning templates design and 40 free templates that you can select from, and they cover a variety of industries or for eCommerce purposes. The paid templates range from $19 to $149. These templates are sleek and mobile responsive, they can be optimized for all your devices. You can preview the templates to see if it’s what you really want. They also have template descriptions that would tell you what type of industry its best suited for.

WebFlow provides a variety of templates that are optimized for devices

Features and Tools

When it comes to features, they are not the best on the block. They don’t have so many features, and that accessing it may be tough, and they mostly integrate third-party apps. But what else does Webflow offer? They secure your site with a free SSL certificate, and access to 100 pages, feature backup and restore options, advanced SEO tools, and integrate parallax scrolling, and animations.

Webflow also features eCommerce tools that help you sell your products online. You can sell your products on Facebook and Instagram and boost your marketing campaign. They integrate payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay, where you can easily receive payments. You also get access to automatic tax calculations.

Webflow is pretty expensive with its price plan. They have a free plan and three premium plans for the website, starting from $12 to $36 per month when paid annually. They also have three premium plans if you want to set up an online shop starting from $29 to $212 per month, billed annually.



  • Allows freedom of control and customization
  • Sleek and stunning varieties of templates available


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • In terms of pricing, it is quite expensive
  • No strong support available

16.  HIBU

Hibu is not your usual DIY website builder, you tell them what you want, and they deliver based on those needs. They are popular as a digital marketing agency that helps with SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

If you are a small business owner looking to expand your presence online, or you just want to create a website without the hassles of creating one, then Hibu is for you. Although they don’t specialize in building eCommerce sites, you can get a professional website at an affordable cost.

Creating a website with Hibu is easy and hassle-free. Firstly, you discuss your site’s purpose, required features, and the type of website you want with the sales team. Then you would be given two quotes containing the full upfront cost and then another monthly fee for hosting, maintenance, and security.

The upfront payment range from $99 to $499 depending on the number of pages you want, features needed, and so on. You also get access to some features such as social media marketing, display ads, and so on. For the monthly fee, the prices range from $99 per month to $159 per month. This covers security, hosting, maintenance, and so on.

Once the bills are cleared, you would be directed to converse with the consultants want to know your design preferences, content type, and so on. Then, they build your website within 7 to 10 days. After that is a 7-day review period where you can make changes, amendments, and suggestions to Hibu. After this review period, the Hibu would be automatically made live if you don’t contact Hibu. You don’t have to be worried about poor customer service, their customer service is exceptional.

After all, the changes have been made and the details finalized, Hibu pretty much introduces you to your site’s dashboard so that you can manage your website.

Based on your plan choice, they can make changes on your behalf as much as possible monthly. Their website editor is also very simple and easy to use and manage. As Hibu delivers your created site, you can review for changes and sign it off, after then you are left with the task of managing it.



  • Effortless creation of sites
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Uses modern features


  • Expensive up-front payment
  • No freedom of control and customization
  • Unsuitable for online shop


HubSpot Content Management System is a top-notch website builder that is well suited for marketers and sales consultants. HubSpot is famous for its depths in content marketing and all forms of sales. HubSpot CMS is pretty easy to use. It uses a simplistic interface and a strong help feature that guides you in your website building process.

Ease of Use

If you are a small business owner, content creators, marketer, or a large enterprise, looking to expand your presence online or scale your business, then HubSpot CMS is for you.  HubSpot CMS allows you to add pages, create blog posts, and landing pages using pre-designed templates. You can easily use a drag-and-drop editor to create pages and designs that are mobile responsive. This means that your site is optimized for all devices.

HubSpot does not use the conventional templates, but its own language is called HubL, which is pretty easy to learn. So if you are looking to build your website in a matter of minutes, HubSpot may not be your best fit.

Features and Tools

HubSpot CMS gives you access to a variety of features such as email marketing tools, analytics, and leads engagement.

HubSpot CMS is the platform where all your content and marketing tools are all in one place. You can optimize and track your content’s performance easily to drive results. You can use the call-to-action button and forms to convert leads.

Another amazing feature of HubSpot CMS is the ability to personalize content for visitors. You can personalize your content based on their location, language, or device. This would boost user experience and enhance your website’s performance.

Pricing and Plans

HubSpot has two premium plans to help you build a powerful website with amazing features that would help you scale your business quickly. The Professional plan costs $270 per month, billed annually. You get access to multi-language content creation and testing, local website development, SEO recommendations, landing pages, A/B testing, conversational bots, 24/7 security, up to 30 currencies, SSL certificate, and 99.99% uptime, and much more.

With their Enterprise Plan, you get access to all the features of the Professional plan and more, all for $900 per month, when paid annually. You can access serverless functions, reverse proxy support, single sign-on, up to 200 currencies, additional brand domain, and so much more.

HubSpot CMS lets you access these paid plans for a risk-free 14-day period. You can also request a demo to know if this website builder is well suited to your needs.

HubSpot Content Management System is a top-grade website builder that integrates customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing tools.



  • Easy to use
  • Has advanced marketing and analytics tools to expand your online presence
  • Very fast in loading
  • Responsive templates
  • Strong security


  • Does not support eCommerce
  • Requires you to learn HubL
  • Not-so-strong support features

18.        PIXPA

If you are a photographer, designer, or creator, then Pixpa is a great option for you. Pixpa is tailored towards those who want to showcase their work and expand their presence online. They are primarily tailored towards photographers and graphics designers who want to build their portfolio online, gain customers, and convert leads.

With Pixpa, the possibilities are endless. You get to create a stunning portfolio website, create blogs, and sell online, all in one place. They have a 15 days risk-free trial, where you can see if Pixpa suits your needs or not. If you are a small business owner or you work in other industries excluding the creative industries, Pixpa may not really suit your needs. I recommend you try other websites in this review.

With Pixpa, you can access a variety of stunning templates

Ease of Use and Templates

They have a simplistic interface with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder to create a stunning portfolio website.

With over 35 sleek and aesthetically impressive mobile-responsive themes to select from, Pixpa gives you the freedom of customization to your taste. Pixpa allows you to switch templates at any time. The websites are optimized for all devices. They also feature a gallery section where you can share your work with clients and sell them as prints or digital downloads.

Pixpa also integrates an eCommerce option for you to set up shop online to sell physical products, digital goods, and service-based goods online.

Pricing and Plans

Pixpa has budget-friendly plans that start from as low as $7 per month, billed annually to $16 per month, billed annually. Here’s a breakdown of Pixpa’s premium plans and features;

  • Personal ($7 per month, billed annually): 15 pages/galleries, 200 images, connect your domain, free domain for a year, unlimited blog posts, add an online shop, sell 5 products, 1GB storage, and much more.
  • Expert ($10 per month, billed annually): Most of the personal plan features, + unlimited pages/galleries, unlimited images, sell 25 products, 10GB storage, and much more.
  • Business ($16 per month, billed annually): Most of the features of the Expert plan, 1000 products, 50GB storage, and much more.



  • Freedom of customization
  • Simplistic interface with an easy-to-use editor
  • Value for money
  • Strong support and helps features


  • You can’t publish your site live during the trial period
  • You won’t be able to use the same photos in different galleries unless you reload

19.    Webnode

Webnode is great in building multilingual websites because they support more than 20 languages. Webnode has a simplistic interface with an easy-to-use editor to add text, images, and other content.

Ease of Use

They also have a simple drag-and-drop function to move images and content based on your preferences. With Webnode, you can create and update your website anywhere and everywhere, using your mobile or desktop.

Webnode uses a grid system, making it easy for you to align your texts and images. They also feature pre-designed blocks and sections for adding layouts and elements like texts, embedded videos, forms, price lists, testimonials, and so on. With Webnode, you can create slideshows. They don’t feature a built-in store like Wix or Weebly.


With more than 100 templates to choose from, Webnode is prepared to make your site stand out with its stunning themes that are optimized for all devices.

Webnode also includes basic blogging tools to publish news and stories online. They have modern, and mobile-responsive templates that you can select from. The downside of this website builder is the inability to change templates once you have selected one. To change the templates, you would have to start from scratch. But their more than 40 million users don’t seem to mind.

Features and Tools

Even if it’s an online shop you want to create, Webnode features tools and options to help you sell your products online, and give your customers a great shopping experience. With Webnode eCommerce’s features, you can access Google Analytics, Google AdSense, store analytics, product variants, discounts, and much more. Their eCommerce premium plan starts from $12.90 to $22.90 per month.

Pricing and plans for Webnode’s online shop

One of Webnode’s strengths is its multilingual capabilities, which is rare for most website builders. You can easily add languages with their simplistic site. With Webnode’s strong support and helps features, you can never be in the wrong.

 Webnode has a free plan that you can try out for as long as you want. You get access to reliable hosting, unlimited pages, and strong customer service. Webnode’s pricing plan is budget-friendly, you can get access to many features from $3.90 to $22.90 per month.

Pricing and Plans for Webnode’s website builder



  • Best for multilingual websites
  • Mobile-responsive templates


  • Limited Features
  • Can’t switch templates once published

20.  WebStarts

WebStarts is best suited for beginners and small business owners looking to build a really simple website and expand online. WebStarts has a simplistic interface with an intuitive editor that uses drag-and-drop functionality. They also have strong support and helps guide that would help you in building your website without hassles. They recently added a live chat support feature.

WebStarts is actually very customizable, but it costs more and lacks third-part apps compared to other website builders like Wix and Squarespace. But with WebStarts, you get access to unlimited slideshows and galleries features. You can also add images, texts, buttons, music, and videos, and so on.


WebStarts has more than 100 modern and stunning templates to select from and customize to your taste, covering a variety of industries from animals, weddings, travel to business, and so on. These templates are mobile responsive and easy to customize using their WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get editor). You can change fonts, styles, and color schemes.

Features and Tools

With WebStarts you can create a simple blog using basic blogging tools. It may not be so easy to add images and videos. They also feature an eCommerce option to set your shop online and sell your physical and digital goods. They use a third party checkout to process the payment on platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and so on.

WebStarts gives you access to a free plan where you lets yourself try out building your website builder to see if it’s a good fit for you. Although this plan do not feature a custom domain name, free advertising, SEO tools, and some other premium features, It features 1GB cloud storage, 1GB per month bandwidth, notification center,  and live chat.

WebStarts pricing starts from as low as $7.16 per month to $19.99 per month for both the Pro Plus Plan and Business Plan respectively.



  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature
  • Freedom of customization
  • Mobile-responsive templates


  • You only get a mobile-optimized site when you upgrade to a premium plan.
  • No advanced blogging tools

You have probably read this long list wondering how to make the right decision for the website builder that suits you. You’re the only one who knows what you want, your needs, and the purpose it is tailored towards.

We have created three tips to keep in handy to make your decision-making process faster and simpler.

  • Purpose: Why are you creating a site? Think about what the purpose of the site is, and strike out the website builder on the list that does not fit that purpose. For example, if you are creating a blog site, your best bet is WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly. Rather than using Shopify or Pixpa.
  • Budget: Think about how much you are willing to spend. Compare pricing plans and the features accessible with each plan to determine what would suit you more.
  • Try using free plans and a free trial to get a feel of how the remaining website builders on the list work. Check if it is easy to use, fast, and works well.

Every website builder is unique in its own way and has its own strengths. No matter what the purpose of the website is, there is a website builder for you.

So how did we arrive at this data?

We conducted in-depth research to select the top 20 website builders that you can select from based on your needs and preferences. We got a feel of what these websites had to offer and accessed website builders based on their pricing, features, ease of use, templates, and support. We also checked verified online user reviews and tested the website builder where possible.

Our criteria for picking the 20 best website builder was based on essential questions people ask when searching for the website builder that suits them.

  1. Ease of use

The website builders should not require any need for code or other technical skills. How easy is the interface and tools to use? Some website builders use an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and editor.  How long would it take to get a website up and running? Many users want the fastest and easiest way to build a website.

  • Pricing

We reviewed the pricing plans and the features that follow to find your best choice. We know that you are looking for something within your budget and yet rich in features. You might not always get the best at a low price. You can also use a free trial where applicable to get a feel of the website builder you eventually select. We classified each website and ticked whether they have a free plan or not, and even stated the price plan and features that come with them.

  • Templates

Many users want a website that is modern, stunning and gives them some freedom of control. You want to be able to create a website that is not only pleasing to the eye but the appropriate one for your industry. How easy are these templates to customize? Are they user-friendly and mobile responsive? We answered these questions in this review article.

  • Features

We accessed the features of each website builder to see what they can and cannot do. We looked into their reliability and tools available based on your industry or needs, for example, blogging, SEO, and eCommerce.

  • Support

We also wanted to check how readily available and accessible you can get help when you are stuck. We don’t expect you to know everything and go through it alone. We considered how strong the builder’s support is, their help guides, whether you get 24/7 support, email support, or live support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a website builder?

If you have no knowledge of code, and you are looking for an easy way to get yourself a website, then a website builder is your best bet. It is a simple, hassle-free, and budget-friendly way to get a website. You get to bypass paying a web designer so much for a website that is costly and undesirable. You get the freedom to customize your website to your taste.

  • What is the overall cost of building a website?

Depending on the website builder you choose, you can build a website from as low as $4 to $40 per month. Most website builders come with either a free plan that you can use to create a website and publish online.

  • What is the best website builder to use as a beginner?

The best website builder to use as a beginner is relative. Wix, Weebly, and Site123 are pretty easy to use. You can go through our review of these websites to see if they suit you or try their free plan to get a feel of these websites.

  • Do I need to use any code to build my website?

Website builders are online tools that help you in building your website without any knowledge of code. You don’t need to know a single word of code to create a stunning website and publish it online.

  • What is the best website builder for an eCommerce site or online store?

An eCommerce site would help you create a brand for yourself beyond social media and help you sell your products on multiple market places. If you are just starting out and you want to create a small store, then you can use WixEcommerce builder to create a simple, yet modern online store using an intuitive drag-and-drop tool. If you want to create a large store, then use Shopify or BigCommerce. They are the top eCommerce builders because of their versatility and out-of-the-box functions and tools that can help you monitor and grow your business.

  • What is the best website builder for SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essential to your website’s success and ranking. Every website builder offers different SEO tools. Selecting a website builder for SEO boils down to your interest and preferences. WordPress is our top choice. It is an SEO-friendly website builder used by millions of people. It allows you to use SEO plugins – Yoast and All in One SEO Pack to help you optimize your website. Wix and Weebly are also a great option for starters. They offer useful SEO tools that can help you optimize your content and boost your rankings. Although, Weebly offers little freedom of customization, unlike Wix.

  • What is the best website builder for photography sites?

Choosing the best website builder for your photography portfolios depends on your needs – online store features, products, storage space, budget, and so on. Our top choice is Pixpa. Pixpa is specifically tailored for photographers and other creatives. Their aesthetically pleasing templates are designed in such a way as to showcase your content and customize as much as you want. You can sell physical or digital products, grow your brand, and help you convert leads.

Alternatively, you can try out Squarespace. It is not so cheap, but it can give you a high value. They have high-quality and sleek templates that exude professionalism and are mobile-responsive.

  • What is the best website builder for dentists?

You can try out Wix to create a dentist website. It is easy to use and customize and provides templates that suit a variety of industries, including the healthcare industry. Jimdo is also a great option. It is very affordable and easy to use. It is not as customizable as other website builders, but you can create a free online store to sell your medical products and services.

  • What is the best website builder for food blogging?

The top-rated and popular website builder used for food blogging is Squarespace. It has amazing food blog templates that are aesthetically pleasing and responsive. Squarespace may not be the cheapest website builder on the block, but it gives exceptional value. Looking for a more affordable option? Then you can try Wix or Site123. They are easy to use and they offer features that would help boost engagements and traffic on your site. There are several blog templates you can customize freely to your taste.

  • What is the best website builder for membership sites?

When we talk about simplicity, Weebly is a great option. It is easy to use and can be used for a variety of sites, even membership sites. You can use their tools and features, including log-in forms, customizable invitation emails, and so on. Webstarts is also an affordable and multipurpose website builder that can help you create a membership site. For something more advanced, HubSpot CMS is also great for creating all types of membership sites. It is integrated with marketing, sales, and service tools you can leverage on.

  • What is the best website builder for real estate?

Our top website builder for real estate blog is Squarespace and Duda. Squarespace contains stunning designs that exude professionalism and has great features. They can also guide you on integrating 1DX with your website. Unlike Squarespace, Duda already has integrated IDX with its higher-tier plan. It also has really good designs with real-estate-specific templates to use. If you’re looking for something simpler, Wix is a good option. It has 16 real estate templates you can readily customize.

  • What is the best website builder for small businesses?

Wix is a great option for small businesses. It is simple and requires no knowledge of code. You can customize as you want and even access SEO tools that can help you optimize your content. There are various affordable price plans that you can select from based on your budget or the features you are looking for. Squarespace and GoDaddy are also very good choices. You can create a sophisticated website for your business with Squarespace’s $18/month business plan. With GoDaddy, you can get your business online quickly with their ADI feature.

  • What are the best free website builders that I select from?

Here is a list of our top free website builder that you can choose from and additional details on the features available.

  Storage Space SSL certificate Ads Other Features
Wix 500MB     SEO Tools
Weebly 500MB     SEO Tools
Site123 500MB     Subdomain
Zyro 500MB     Monthly data transfer 3GB     Community support
Jimdo 500MB   Footer disclaimer Social media linking, contact forms, and google map
Strikingly 500MB     5GB monthly bandwidth, 1 product, and 24/7 support
Ucraft Unlimited   Ucraft watermark 15 pages, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 support
Webnode 100MB   Bottom banner 1GB bandwidth, connect your domain, unlimited pages, and customer service. 
Webstarts 1GB     Unlimited number of pages and live chat support

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