How To Start A NFT Blog

by bloggingdev

Are you somebody who wants to educate people on NFTs or help them buy the right collectibles? Are you passionate about Metaverse? If yes, then you can definitely consider starting a Blog about it.

 In fact, In comparison to Q2 of the same year, NFT trading volume increased by more than 700% in the third quarter of 2021. Across various markets, thousands of NFTs are traded every day, with weekly trades averaging between 15,000 and 50,000.

 Since 2017, this number has dramatically increased, when the weekly amount of NFT trading was capped at less than 100 NFTs.

If you are an investor or a financial advisor starting a blog about NFTs is an excellent way to promote yourself and earn money at the same time.

 In this blog, we will talk about various topics such as:


  • What is NFT?
  • What is an NFT Blog?
  • Top 5 Popular NFT Blogs.
  • Steps to starting your NFT blog.
  • How to monetize your NFT blogs.


Are you ready? Let’s get you going now!



NFTs are digital assets that are preserved and validated as having a unique identity on a blockchain (a digital ledger). Each NFT is non-fungible, which means that it cannot be easily converted into another asset with a comparable value. Images, videos, music, GIFs, and collectibles are typical NFT assets. 

NFTs are valuable since there has only ever been one production run of the asset. In other words, no one can mint the same NFT on the blockchain or change its ownership; an NFT can only have one owner at a time. NFT developers and owners have the authority to decide the prices at which their assets are valued because of their rarity. 

An NFT blog is a platform that talks about anything and everything related to digital art (NFTs) like buying or selling NFTs, trading, collectibles, guides, NFT artists, and many more.

These blogs aim to educate and help people buy the correct NFTs for themselves.

 We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 NFT blogs to give you an idea about the blogs that exist on the web.




1. AirNFTs

    how to start nft blogAirNFTs is a well-known platform where you may purchase and sell non-fungible tokens. The website features a fantastic blog area that discusses a variety of hot subjects related to the sector. From Best NFTs to follow to the latest NFT trends, the blog talks about it all! All the blogs are really informative, however, we especially love the blog about The Investment Traits You Should Know About.


2. Non Fungible

how to make money from nft blogNon Fungible is the most trustable NFT data resource. Various interesting topics including important details on NFT trades, sales, market analysis, beginner’s investment guide, latest news, and others are available.

This website features a blog part that addresses a variety of NFT-related subjects like games, utility, How To Guides, etc.

You must check their post about What is the crypto-art movement? to know about various interesting facts.


3. NFT Plazas

what is NFTAs it covers a wide range of related issues, NFT Plazas is the go-to website for everyone who wants to learn about the sector. In the end, it’s a news website with a tonne of helpful and educational stuff if you’re interested in learning more about NFTs.

The blog has a dedicated section of “NFT Guides” that talks about all the basic to advance level topics.


4. NFTically

top 5 nft blogAnother simple-to-use NFT marketplace where you may trade and develop NFTs is NFTically. Numerous artists, gamers, influencers, and even entire communities may be found on the platform. The NFT blog features a variety of educational blog pieces for both beginning and seasoned NFT traders/creators.

If you are a beginner we would suggest you go through the blog “What is NFT and how does it work?”


5. NFT Culture

The extensive web platform NFT Culture is devoted to NFTs. You may discover a tonne of helpful information and the newest NFT artists, top marketplaces, extensive guides, events, and much more. The website also features a store selling items under the name Crypto Art Hype. The blog will also have an NFT podcast soon to talk about the New digital mediums around NFT Art.


Now, that you have an idea about various NFT blogs available on the web, we will help you create your own.





Choosing a blog theme or genre along with the target audience is the first step in creating your NFT blog. Would you like to start a blog about the latest NFT trends or news? Do you want to educate first-time NFT investors? Do you want to talk about buying or selling NFTs? Or is it something else?

Select the market domain in which you want to become an expert and work towards it. 

Always choose a narrow focus to start with since it will be simpler for you to monetize your blog site and draw in the right audience.

To help you with this,  here are some tips for you:

  1. It’s crucial that you choose a blog topic that interests you both academically and personally.
  2. Ensure that the market for your topic is both profitable and sizable.

  3. Narrow down your area of expertise and make it specific.

  4. Make sure your niche is lucrative enough to monetize your blog and contribute to your ability to generate a good income if you intend to make money from it.

  5. Think about the area of NFT you have the maximum experience

  6. Decide your long-term goals with your niche site.

  7. Check if there are enough topics to talk about.


You may have discovered your niche through these tips. Otherwise, don’t worry! To help you get started, check out our list of NFT niches.


  • Buying an NFT
  • Selling an NFT
  • NFT Sports
  • NFT Trading Cards
  • Latest NFT News
  • Latest NFT Trends
  • NFT Photography
  • NFT Gaming
  • Buying Guides For First Time NFT Investors
  • Metaverse
  • NFT Art
  • NFT Music
  • Influencer NFT Marketing
  • NFT Collectibles
  • NFT videos and many more

The absence of many competencies in this market area today is fantastic. So you definitely have a good chance of succeeding if you locate your niche and come up with something original.

 Did you finalize a blog niche? Before freezing your choice, make sure to cross off everything on the list below.



  • Be aware of the Niche saturation level. In general, the markets with the largest advertising expenses will also have the highest levels of competition. While carving out a niche in these markets is undoubtedly doable, it will require more work and probably take a lot longer to get traction.


  • Passion is a second essential! This implies that if you want to succeed, you must be driven about the niche you choose. 
  • We recommend you choose a niche that you can present in a unique way to your audience.


  • The easiest strategy to foresee the advantages of your blog in the future is to get some ideas from your rivals. Examine the tactics they employ, their blog entries, their income potential, and several other crucial elements.


Are you all set with your NFT Blog Niche? Great! You have successfully initiated your blogging journey.



After you have chosen a blog niche, it is time to kick-start the technical setup.

The next step is to make the blog accessible across the world. You must now without a doubt increase the number of readers to your blog and build relationships with people around the world.

 This is where selecting a blogging platform comes into play. A blogging platform is a Content Management System or a Platform for managing and creating content for your blog.

 A variety of platforms are available online, some of which are cost-free while others are paid. The free blogging platforms include Wix, Squarespace, and On the other hand, there are many self-hosted, paid blogging platforms like, Joomla, and many more.

Different blogging platforms are designed for different blogging capacities. A novice blogger, for instance, might require a different platform than a geeked-out coding expert who demands customization and total control over their blog’s format and appearance.



  1. Text Editor
  2. SEO Features and Tools
  3. Domain Names
  4. Available Extensions and Integrations
  5. Customer Support
  6. Monetization Opportunities


If the blogging platform ticks off all your requirements, go ahead to the next step. If not, check the blogging platform comparisons to make this easier for you. 



The next essential step is to pick a hosting provider if you haven’t already!

There won’t be a connection if there is no hosting service or hosting provider because a hosting service is generally in charge of connecting your website to the internet.

 To help you with this, consider the following factors:

  • Available Storage – In most cases, data storage of up to 5 MB is enough.
  • Data Security: To protect your data from any harmful attacks, the host must frequently do backups and information redundancy tests.
  • Reviews and Ratings: These can help you make an informed decision while buying.
  • Uptime: If your website takes too long to load, visitors won’t stay for very long. Therefore, pick a hosting company with quick loading times.
  • Consumer Support: For many consumers, customer service is a crucial component as the provider’s responsiveness can make a big difference between a crisis being resolved swiftly and a website going unavailable for several hours.
  • Discover New Benefits: Read up on everything you are entitled to under each plan and look for special advantages that can end up being the perfect fit for your requirements.

 You must have a thorough understanding of your demands in order to choose the website hosting provider that is most appropriate for you.

 The good news is that suppliers themselves are increasingly becoming more and more aware of this, and as a result, they now sell packages tailored to various market sectors.



After choosing a blogging platform and a hosting service for your blog site. The next step is to find a domain name that will drive traffic to your website.

Your domain name selection should accurately describe your NFT blogs. To make a mark, it must be distinct and have a sense of logic.

To help you choose the best name for your NFT blog, here are some qualities of a good domain name.


  • Memorable
  • Descriptive
  • Unique
  • Google Savvy
  • Short
  • Does not have numbers and symbols
  • Contains a common top-level domain like ”.com”
  • Relatable To The Target Audience
  • Easy To Spell
  • Easy To Speak


Pro Tip: Rather than wasting time looking for a domain name that meets your requirements, we suggest working with average domain names. Spend your time and energy on more lucrative endeavors, such as branding and marketing.



 Up until this stage, you’ve chosen a blogging platform and a hosting company. Designing your website is the next step.

 No matter how well you have written your blogs, nobody will even bother to read your postings if your website is unappealing.

A website that does not look attractive is the biggest put-off in today’s time.

This means it is obvious that you need to update your designs if you want to provide your users with an excellent user experience.

Nevertheless, it could be difficult to select a design theme from among the hundreds or even thousands of themes that are offered online to satisfy your creative needs.

We have therefore put together a list of recommendations to aid you in the process.




Running into lousy service is the worst, especially if you’re a new website owner. Therefore, make sure you get a quick response and have your issues rectified.



Find a theme that emphasizes utility and simplicity while presenting a clear layout. Although it should satisfy all of your business requirements, the layout shouldn’t be unduly intricate.



 Pick a color scheme that goes with your brand’s core principles and use it consistently throughout all branding materials.



You must take a theme’s responsiveness into account given the rise in mobile traffic.



Bulky themes will make your website load slower, which will harm the user experience.



There are countless free plugins available that let you accomplish practically anything. However, some of those plugins might conflict with certain elements of your theme or the other way around. Before putting your theme into use, make sure to test it with any tool you intend to use.

Go ahead and choose an NFT BlogTheme that ticks off all the parameters given above.



 Although branding has always been crucial to a company, it might now be more so than ever. Social media exposes consumers to new brands every day. While having many alternatives and being able to research them to pick the best one can be beneficial for consumers, it is challenging for businesses.

You don’t want to miss this because, with the appropriate branding, you have the chance to exert some control over how others view your company.

 Keep in mind various essential factors while branding your blog site.




Everything is summed up in one (or a few) words in your brand name. It conveys your brand’s identity to customers, and it’s probably their very first impression of your company.



The visual trademark that might be regarded as the second most crucial component is a logo. Given that people frequently remember images more easily than words, a logo should be equally (or even more) memorable than the brand name.



Finding your brand’s winning factors is important to establish yourself as a market leader in your niche.



Choosing the right color for your brand requires a deep grasp of the message it conveys and the target market you are trying to reach. Once you realize that, picking a color that goes with that profile ought to be simple.



It is crucial to pick a brand slogan when developing a brand that can be modified with your company’s evolving needs. Your brand’s essence and ideals are reflected in a strong brand slogan.



Make sure the font style complements the other design elements and accurately conveys the true essence of your website.


It’s critical to pick your branding elements wisely because doing so will help you stand out from the competition.



By this time, we’ll suppose that your blogging website is up and running and you’ve worked on the branding as well.

The next action you should take is to concentrate on the content of your blogs. Your blogging site’s content will be its key essence, therefore you need to be sure it is of the greatest level.

 We’ll provide you with some tips on how to properly prepare your posts to assist you in achieving this.




Workflows and processes are essential features of a content planner.

Work on a content planner to deliver unique content, have a structured approach, track your growth, and give more attention to each blog post.



You must use a variety of subheads, bold important points, include hyperlinks, and italicize the quotes used in your posts to divide your content into digestible, readable chunks.

This will also help Google better understand your material, which will raise its search engine rating.

You need to use a headline that is clear, attractive, preferably tells a story, and serves as a short summary of your posts.



Not everyone can keep their attention for long texts. In order to break up the monotony, add some eye-catching images, videos, podcasts, or various other interesting elements.

We understand that you are a writer and not a graphic designer. You can hire a professional to take up these issues if you feel this is not your cup of tea. 



The beginning paragraph or introduction has a great impact on the reader’s decision. Either he’ll finish reading the book, put it down, or switch to something else.

Do not misguide your readers in the introduction. Make it as engaging as possible by asking questions, telling a story, sharing an experience, or using attractive quotes.



To ensure that your readers are aware of the information you have provided, don’t forget to summarise your blogs at the end.

Some readers might opt to stop reading the site after reading the conclusion making it an essential aspect of the blog.

Try labeling it “Conclusion” rather than something fancy to make it apparent.



There is no point in writing world-class blogs if you do not promote them effectively.

To make people aware of the amazing work you have done, it is important that you promote it effectively.

As a result, we have a list of promotional strategies that you can choose from.


  • Social Media
  • Creating Lead Magnets like ” XYZ Common Mistakes While Trading NFT” “XYZ Things To Keep In Mind While Buying An NFT” or “XYZ Important Features of a Great NFT Art”
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO Practices
  • Hosting QnA Session To Know Your Audience Better
  • Adding Social Icons on Your Blogs
  • Running Ads On Your Website and Social Media Pages
  • Local Sponsorships
  • Building A Professional Google Profile
  • Partnering With Local Businesses Similar To Your Blogging Niche
  • Running Email Campaigns
  • Designing Attractive Business Cards
  • Creating Marketing Videos
  • Hosting A Webinar
  • Running Giveaways
  • Giving Out Online Courses About NFTs
  • Selling Physical Products With Your Logo
  • Pubic Events

Do not go overboard when promoting your blog site. Choose some of the above given best practices at a time and work consistently towards achieving your goals.



The ultimate goal of every blogger is to generate a sizable income from their blogging websites. The good news is that once you have launched your site, planned your content, branded it well, and promoted it, you can easily monetize it.

There are multiple ways you can achieve this, some of which are listed below to give you some inspiration.



  • Sponsored posts
  • Speaking at various colleges and pitching your brand
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Offline and online product offerings (T-shirts, mugs, ebooks, books, NFT-related courses, organizing NFT-based coachings, etc)
  • Workshops or webinars on NFT
  • Writing paid reviews for businesses that go along your niche
  • Launching subscriptions (monthly, quarterly, or even annually)
  • YouTube Channel
  • Paid Newsletters
  • Paid Collaborations
  • Guest Blogging

 Would you be interested in a different blog about how to make money from NFT blogging? If so, please let us know in the comment section. 



Q1: How much money do you need to start an NFT?

A1: The typical cost of creating NFT is between $0.05 and $150. NFT creation costs vary depending on a number of variables, including blockchain costs, gas fees, marketplace account fees, listing fees, etc. The most expensive and least expensive blockchains are Solana and Ethereum, respectively.


Q2:  How do I create content on NFT?

A2:  Writing NFT blogs is no Science! Just by following our easy step-by-step guide to starting your NFT blog, you can ace this. In this guide, we have explained everything from picking a blogging niche to earning money through your NFT blogs.


Q3:  How do I become an NFT writer or blogger?

A3:  In order to work as a freelance NFT writer you need to be familiar with the trading platforms for NFTs. The most well-known is: OpenSea – Users can purchase and sell NFTs on OpenSea (an online marketplace) with ease. Additionally, it offers details about token issuers’ websites and other resources


Q4:  Can I sell my blog as NFT?

A4: Do you know? In its most basic form, NFT technology can be used in a similar way to an ebook. that is, a writer can create an NFT of a book’s cover and sell it, while also providing the book’s text as a file that can be unlocked upon purchasing the NFT.



Starting an NFT Blog is a wonderful way to give your passion a meaningful turn  Whether it is sharing your experience with others, telling people about your learnings, expressing your passion for investing, or creating a platform to educate people, you can do it all in one.

However, starting an NFT blog is not an easy task, therefore we have created a detailed step-by-step guide for you to abide by.  To help you refresh your memory, here is a short summary of the same.



  1. Pick A NFT Blog Niche
  2. Choose A Blogging Platform
  3. Select A Hosting Solution
  4. Pick A Domain Name
  5. Choose And Install A Design Theme 
  6.  Powerful Branding
  7. Drafting Your Blog Content
  8. Promotion
  9. Monetize Your Blog Site


Did you like the blog? If yes then please share it among your contacts.  Also, let us know your feedback if any as this will help us serve you better. as we update our website with fresh content daily, do check it out frequently to stay updated. See you!

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