How To Create Expert Roundup Posts

by Shahil Shah

Are you a blogger and want to drive traffic to your blog posts? Or maybe boost your SEO rank?

Well, we got you covered! We have found a quick fix to assist you to accomplish your goals easily. Wondering, how? Through Expert Round-Up Posts. 

You just need to brainstorm on a part of the content and the remaining is done so by the acclaimed experts in your field. 

It sounds simple, right? 

As long as you follow the proper procedure, yes, it is! Fortunately, we have curated this easy yet effective blog post to give you an idea about this strategy and the best way to implement it effectively. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of how to increase traffic, shares, and engagement. 

Have I gotten your attention yet? Good. Let’s dive deep into the subject now.



An expert roundup is a compilation of statements made by experts or influential people in your industry. Everyone who participates should be an authority figure in your sector and have something to offer your audience. 

The questions in these postings are ones that the audience cares about and experts can respond to them in the best way possible. 

Few Examples

The post incorporates 3 Questions, 10 Expert Video Interviews, Analysis, and a Visual Diagram
The post incorporates the Original Article and many contributor Quotes
The post includes an Unexpected idea, Contributor quotes, and various contributor photos
There is a collection of Diagrams and an Email Subject Line
The post has questions, expert contributions, and a contrarian perspective.

As you can see, a roundup can be about any generic or specific topic. This is a great way to establish yourself or your business as an authority in your area within your chosen niche. 

What is also interesting is, as you collaborate with various experts, these people are always ready to help you throughout your journey.




These days, a lot of bloggers write expert roundup posts. Here are some reasons why you should as well:

Draw a Lot of Traffic

how to do expert round up post

The specialists that take part in your roundup can drive traffic to your blogs directly by sharing it with their (often sizable) social networks.

Additionally, roundups are the kind of information that people actively want to share since they are collections of shrewd insights from informed individuals.


Increase Your Credibility

You and your blog gain authority by affiliation with an authoritative roundup. As you collaborate with influential people, you get to learn new significant ideas and some of their influence naturally rubs off on you.


Assist in Establishing Connections with Influencers

 In addition to increasing traffic, an expert roundup is a terrific opportunity to network with other influencers. Keep in mind that collaboration not only helps your site but also promotes the experts and their blogs. Therefore, it is a win-win opportunity for both parties.

Additionally, it provides a chance for collaboration with others without monopolizing their time.


Enhances The SEO

 As creating expert round-up posts increases traffic and builds meaningful links, therefore, it is a great way to boost your SEO score.

To be precise because they serve as a “vote of confidence” from one website to another, backlinks are crucial to SEO. With expert roundup postings, you may obtain backlinks from the contributions and interviews made by experts on their About or Featured-in pages as well as from bloggers and journalists who use your post as a source for their articles. 

Your E-A-T (your website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) score, which Google uses to determine if you publish high-quality material that visitors will find helpful, will also increase if you add additional expert insights to your piece.






Choose queries that your intended audience is looking for actively. And remember, the bigger the problem, the greater the potential interest. Good questions will frequently relate to a problem they are grappling with. 

Your target audience will be less likely to share a question that doesn’t interest them, which will result in lower traffic. 

On the other hand, you have to choose a query that experts will be eager to respond to as well. Therefore, it should also be simple to respond. A busy expert will be less likely to respond if it takes them longer than a few minutes to complete the project.



The majority of the content in an expert roundup piece is created by other individuals. This implies that they have a lot of control over the final post’s quality. 

So it’s important to choose the appropriate experts, right? those who have a track record of producing and disseminating excellent material. 

Additionally, you’ll need to include some instantly identifiable people on your expert panel if you want to gain the authority boost you’re looking for.


3. A Great Promotion Strategy

Although professionals will frequently help in spreading the word about your post, this shouldn’t be your only technique for promotion. 

Self-promotion also shows your commitment to the post’s success, which should make your influencers happy too.


4. Be Original

Be unique and take the time to produce something distinctive if you want your expert roundup to go viral.

Many readers are sick and tired of seeing roundup posts because the vast majority of them are really low-quality.

Your roundup must stand out from the competition if you want it to “go viral.” Create a fresh perspective. Deliver the contributions in a novel manner, or present them in a special format.

Your audience will be pleased once you’ve produced something unique, and your outreach efforts will be substantially more successful as a result. Therefore, look for your winning qualities.




1. Find The Right Topic

Choosing the appropriate subject or issue to concentrate on for your roundup post is the first (and most crucial) step. 

Knowing your audience well is imperative! Consider your readers’ problems and their needs.

Your query ought to center on an answer to a particular issue. Whatever the subject is,

make it as simple as you can for your specialists to respond. And to make it simple for them to respond, ask questions that are co-related with each other. Do not go all over the place!

These suggestions will help you choose the best subject or issue:


    • A nice place to start is online forums like Reddit or Quora. Just visit these sites and do a topic search, then click on the questions.
    • The “Related Search” function of Google. See what comes up if you do a search for “fashion tips.” You may come up with a query like, “What is your best piece of advice for fashion bloggers?”
    • The Q&A section of Google. It’s a terrific location to find out what questions actual people have. When I do a keyword search for “fashion tips,” the following questions appear:
  • What are the rules of fashion?
  • How can I improve my style?
  • Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are also great places to find trending subjects.


2. Find Your Experts

As we mentioned before, the majority of the content in a roundup post comes from experts. This is why choosing the appropriate expertise is so vital. 

Your roundup is more likely to be successful if you can draw in prominent influencers. 

But, how do you do this? 

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. 

Here are a few ways to find the right experts:


1. Use Google

Google has answers for us all, isn’t it? The best place to hunt for experts is Google search.

Just type experts in {Niche name} and you can have a list of leads easily.

To get a better notion of who you should approach, look for bloggers who have been writing about your topic or ones that are related.

Here’s a snippet of SEO roundup posts experts for you:


2. Organize A List Of Experts

Now put the contact details of your experts into a spreadsheet. Name, email, Twitter or LinkedIn, website or blog URL, whether they’re participating, and the status of their submission are the fields you should include in the spreadsheet.

The planning process will go more swiftly if your contact information is structured, and it will also help you avoid awkward circumstances like sending an invitation twice or failing to follow up with someone. 

Although some of the professionals you’re attempting to contact might not have readily accessible email addresses, you can still find them using tools like by simply inputting their first name, last name, and website name. 

Below is a helpful format to store your data effectively:

3. Social Media

With millions of people active on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more, social media is a lucrative platform to hunt for the experts you want. 

Out of all the available channels, you may locate specialists in your business on Twitter and Facebook, which are both excellent social media sites. 

As per different flavors of different social media platforms, draft a post inquiring about the blog roundup experts and you will get a lot of significant leads from this.

For Example, you may use LinkedIn to draft a professional post looking for an expert, while on Facebook, your tone might get a little informal yet effective. 

Joining and participating in experts’ live broadcasts is also an excellent additional method of getting in touch with the experts.


4. Check The Existing Posts 

Examining existing roundup posts in your niche is a useful and quick technique to find potential candidates for your roundup post.

Selecting your responses from previous roundup articles is totally acceptable as long as you can get them to contribute something unique.


5. Use Your Contacts

As you are a blogger, it is possible you have a list of unexplored worthy contacts that you can connect with. Sit down, make a list of all the people you might see potential in, and tap all of them. You might even ask your co-bloggers for some referrals.

Sometimes we have all the answers with us, but still, we look for them outside, isn’t it?


Use these tips and tricks and find your best fit! 


3. Approach Experts The Correct Way

We strongly advise contacting specialists at least twice. One will be the pitch and the other the follow-up. 

You should follow up after a week or two to make sure you don’t lose out on relevant prospects. 

Here are some guidelines to draft a pitch:


  • Keep it short yet relevant
  • Make your message specific. Mentioning the names of the experts may be a nice idea
  • Do not beat around the bush, stick to the point
  • Be specific about your goals, it always has a greater impact on the reader
  • Do not just talk about your benefits, give them some incentives too! Make them feel it’s about them, more than about you
  • As experts receive hundreds of emails each day, think why should they respond to yours? Make them feel as if it’s more about them than about you. That is, make it unique and memorable
  • Personalize your emails. Although it will take some time, your conversion rate will be higher than if you were to send everyone the identical bulk email.
  • Check your tone. We strongly advise being sincere, kind, and friendly when communicating with your experts.

Here’s a template for you to use:

template for blogger outreach 

Notice how personalized, clear, short, and crisp the pitch is. Take inspiration from this to draft something worthy.


4. Join The Strings

You now possess a set of incredible responses, so, it’s time to organize your post.

Here are the features of a solid roundup post : 


Create a compelling headline

You must come up with a compelling headline. To demonstrate to your readers how wonderful your piece is, try using the words “experts,” “pros,” or “influencers” to attract more views. 


Hook Your Visitors In The Introduction

You should describe the issue, its significance of it, and how you resolved it by speaking with subject-matter experts in your niche. 

It’s crucial to highlight how many professionals took part and how incredible their answers are. Keep in mind that you wish to present the specialists favorably because it will aid in the next steps. 

To make it more relevant you may list the top 5 questions or a short summary of the entire post for your visitors to convenience. 


Easy To Scan

After the introduction, you should include navigation that enables quick access to professional responses. If at all possible, use the expert’s photo from Twitter or LinkedIn to put a face to the name. Giving a human face to each and every response will make it more relatable. 

You can request a headshot, but make sure you don’t bother the experts much. Always work to make the expert’s job easier in order to boost participation. 



As you are a content writer and a strategist, this might be the simplest step for you.

You just need to worry about 20% of the content, the professional responses will make up the rest 80% of it.

Include the expert’s picture, social media handle, blog or company link, and a share button for every section. 


End It Well

Go short and keep it simple. Emphasize the important points and invite readers to share them or leave a comment with their own response to the query you presented.


Use these strategies to draft amazing content and we are sure you will be happy!


5. Promotion Is A Must

Don’t just recline. It’s time to advertise your content now. Here are a few ideas for you to consider: 

  • Send the article to your subscribers.
  • Include an easy sharing facility like share buttons with every answer
  • Post the article to your social media pages and profiles.
  • Reuse the material. Create an infographic or Slideshare presentation from your roundup post.
  • Share the article on online forums like Quora or Reddit
  • Share the posts with your contacts

Promotion is the key! Make sure you do not skip this step.



creating expert roundup posts can be a powerful strategy to boost your blog’s traffic, build your authority in your niche, and provide valuable insights to your readers. By following the steps outlined in this post, including identifying the right experts, crafting compelling questions, and promoting your post effectively, you can create an expert roundup post that will engage your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Remember, the key to success is to focus on providing value to your readers, and to collaborate with experts who can help you achieve your goals. By leveraging the expertise of others and tapping into their networks, you can create a powerful piece of content that will attract new readers, build your credibility, and help you achieve your blogging objectives.

So don’t be afraid to get started and experiment with expert roundup posts. With the right approach and a commitment to quality, you can create content that will resonate with your audience and help you achieve your goals. Happy blogging!

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