How To Increase Comment On Your Blog Post

by Shahil Shah

Are you a blog owner and looking out for ways to attract more comments?

Or are you somebody who wants to know the importance of comments on your blogs?

Regardless of what category you belong to, this blog post is meant to guide you in every way possible.

In this blog,  we are going to run you through subjects like:

  • Why are comments important for blog posts?
  • How to attract more comments on your posts?

Are you excited? Let’s begin!


13 smart ways to increase comments on blog

Blogging and commenting are  ‘made for each other match’ as we all create blog content for external audiences to read and benefit from. Additionally, attracting good, positive comments is also a great way to build your reputation in the market along with your personal or business brand affinity in today’s competitive world.

Then there is a great possibility that with a growing number of positive comments, you may consistently boost your work’s brand advocacy and this will lead your blog followers and readers to virally share your blog’s web-link amongst their friends and co-workers. This will then surely help spread your fame far and wide and ultimately help increase your sales footprint as the digital world of viral sharing is truly boundary-less.

As earlier mentioned, relevant positive comments on your blogs are a great way to gauge audience interests, hence, these comments can serve as a great guide to further develop more useful content cues and even give rise to additional/supplementary blogs. After all for people looking to monetize their blogs, more comments indirectly lead to higher SEO rankings and these translate to superior payments from Google advertising (for those who register for its Adsense service).  

Comments are vital for your blog posts for many reasons, here are the top ones:



As the famous saying goes, “you are only as good as what the world thinks of you and not what you think of yourself”. Thus, blog commenting is a very good measure of knowing what is working and what is not working in building your online branding.

As blogging is one of the many options for building and scaling up business and professional online reputation management, blog comments need to be analyzed and leveraged by the comments and activities on your other social media assets viz. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

As we live and thrive in an interconnected multichannel marketing world, it is a smart tactic to leverage comments from all your different social media and digital marketing initiatives like emailers, eNewsletters, and ePR to continuously refine your online marketing and reputation management content. With multichannel branding and reputation management gaining significance in all spheres of business and professional networking and growth hacking, blog commenting in sync with social media listening is more important than ever.

Moreover, when you cross-link your blogs’ commenting folks with other social media assets you effectively enable web visitors to appreciate a broader aspect of your personal or business brand. This not only boosts your brand but also Google’s SEO score as Google regularly rewards relevant linkages. With the web universe expanding its boundaries continuously – globally, blog commenting and it’s effective leveraging could help you connect with unexpected blog admirers that could help you realize your business goals expeditiously and more profitably.

 Blog commenting and its management is thus an essential part of overall blog marketing and online reputation management. And when you link it with other forms of digital marketing viz SEM, SEO, SMO, emailers, ePR you begin to leverage the smart benefits of well-orchestrated multichannel marketing, branding, sales, and client engagement plan.


Commenting is an inescapable necessity in today’s digitally savvy world where people trust more what they read (and comment) than what they hear from ‘social noise”’! So go ahead and make the most of blogging and its beneficial commenting!


Comments connect the blog owners to their blog audience. It is through commenting that readers can connect with other readers and bloggers with other bloggers. If you comment on other posts it will eventually help you get noticed by the site’s administrator or your co-bloggers and help you build a meaningful relationship with them. To return this favor they might comment on your posts to increase your number of comments.



This is not enough commenting to help bloggers boost their SEO scores and take their blogs to the next level.

You can comment on other blogs as well. In fact, by giving quality comments to other blogs and leaving a link to your website, you can enhance your off-site SEO by increasing the number of backlinks.

Add comments with your important keywords and comment on blogs with do-follow comment policies to boost your website’s SEO and domain authority.

Additionally, when famous bloggers or people comment on your posts they attract heavy traffic with it bettering the chance of other people commenting.



Receiving comments on your blog is always an amazing experience. It shows that people have bothered to read your posts and appreciate them enough to have their say.

You need to encourage your readers to comment on every post. The feedback given by your readers not only reassures you that you’re writing what they want but also gives you ideas for what to write next. Ask your readers to comment about what they would want to read next and plan your content strategy accordingly. This would align your blogs well with your readers’ demands.

The benefits of commenting on blogs mean you are also able to give feedback to help other bloggers. They will certainly be thankful for any help you could give them, strengthening your relationship with them.



 A blog with a lot of comments gives an impact that it is a popular one. It is not only attractive to the blog audience but also to the search engines. Search engines look out for blogs that are popular as this suggests that the content is of great quality.



Since you now know the importance of comments on your blogs, the next question that might arise is -“How to get more people to comment on your blog posts?”

Let’s discuss 13 simple ways to increase comments on your blog post.

Should we begin? Let’s dig in!



what is blog commenting


 You need to comment on various other blogs that are related to your niche and interest. For Example, if you are a beauty blogger then find brands blogging about beauty and comment on their posts.

Since there can be so many comments on the blogs, try to make a comment that sets you apart from the rest. Do not just say “I appreciate your post”, bring value to the other blog. This way, the reader might get intrigued and visit your site to return the favor increasing your blog traffic and possibly the number of inbound links too.



 For people to comment on your blogs you need to ask questions. It just takes 2-5 seconds to formulate a question.

Some examples include:

  •  Do you like the blog?
  • What do you think about XYZ?
  • Share your thoughts with us?
  • What are your views on XYZ?
  • Do you agree?
  • What are your goals?

 Asking questions from your readers is a great way to make them feel valued. Moreover, asking your readers for their opinions or suggestions helps bloggers know their audience better and improve their craft.



 You can write blogs on controversial topics to trigger the emotions of your audience to get more comments. For Example, writing an article on “Dark secrets of Bollywood”, and “Why the new iPhone feature is stupid?” can spur a lot of emotions. Either people will agree with the article and appreciate you or will disagree. What’s interesting is either way you are winning! Since these controversial topics have more chance of getting viral on social media you get to attract more views on them too. While this method is rewarding, you just need to be careful with your brand image, do not go overboard with it.



If you already have some comments on your blogs then we recommend you reply to ALL of them to keep the conversation going. When the audience sees that their comments are read and responded then they get encouraged to comment more. Appreciate people commenting on your blogs and answer to all of their queries. This makes them feel more valued as well. Do not be selfish and link out to other websites in your comment to help your readers. This way, people will feel you are genuinely there to resolve their queries and hence will be impressed! Ultimately, your goal is to make your audience happy, isn’t it?



Some people put their comment boxes below their comments making it hard for their readers to comment. People have to scroll for a really long to find the comment box ( at the end). Do not do this! You should always keep your comment box right after your article ends so that commenting becomes easy for your readers. Sometimes it is better to follow standard design aesthetics than to be unique. Additionally, do not ask your readers to log in before commenting, nobody has time these days! You need to make commenting as easy as you can.



Trending topics are the topics that users are actively searching on the web. These gain a lot of user attention and are likely to have more user engagement as well. This means you have more possibilities of people commenting on your blogs and admiring them.

PRO TIP: Try to be in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself if you would leave a comment. If not then see what can you change.

If you write a post that adds value to your readers, it is bound to have comments. Therefore, you need to focus on the quality of your posts as well.



Do you know? According to reports, The average email open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33%.

In fact, your email subscribers are most likely to share your blogs and comment on them.

 Try ending your emails with an open-ended question or simply asking your readers to comment on them.

Do not give all the information in your posts, leave room for some discussion. Most bloggers are carried away by the very thought of writing and end up writing extensive articles that leave no room for discussions. However, some people say writing elaborate posts is more helpful for them than short posts. we would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section.


 While bloggers write blogs that compel people to comment on their posts. It is also advisable to add videos to your blogs. It just opens up more ways of fetching comments from people. Most people love watching videos. In fact, as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. Therefore, bloggers are adding more videos to their blog posts these days. 

Try to add relevant videos to your blog post to bring in more comments. Lastly, adding videos to your blog posts increase the chances of appearing in search results which means more visitors and more chances of getting comments.



Another way of attracting comments to your blogs is by holding giveaways or contests on your website. One example is asking your blog audience to comment on your post and selecting a few amongst them to offer a prize. Holding a viral giveaway helps you increase your brand awareness, increase your email list, your followers, and many more. Various platforms help you create awesome giveaways without needing a developer, you can choose one that fits your needs. If you are on, check out this video for some help.




 Another simple way to get more comments on blogs is by writing a post based on the comments you get. For Example, see the posts of Ask My Manager

The author posts readers’ comments on his blogs first and then begins to reply to them. You can do this in your posts as well, post screenshots of your reader’s comment and then pen down your thoughts about it. Post this you can share your posts with the commentator and ask them for feedback. This will not only increase comments per post but also make the commentator feel cared for. This will also excite your audience to post more comments which means ultimately more traffic as well.



Social media is a community of millions of people from different backgrounds making it a powerful tool to drive traffic to your post. However, many people do not know how to use it for their benefit to increase comments on their posts.

Share your blogs on various social media channels and ask people to like, share, and comment on your posts. Your loyal readers will be happy to comment on your blog posts. Since the number of people on social media platforms is huge, it increases your chances of attracting comments even more.



 If you did not get a substantial amount of comments on your old posts, do not worry! Simply share your old posts again with readers. With new people discovering your blog site, there are chances they have missed your old postings. Share your old posts with your readers, one way of doing this can be by linking them to your new posts. You can even share your old posts on social media to get more engagement or even include links to your old posts in your emailers.

We also recommend you not turn off the comments on your old posts since this will restrict new people from commenting on your posts. You can reduce spam by turning off the comments but this also takes away some genuine comments from you! Be careful while doing so.



The next tip to attract more comments is by showing recent comments first to your blog audience. WordPress gives you the functionality to show recent comments on your blogs.  To enable this you need to go to your WordPress dashboard, click on “Appearance”, then choose “Widgets”, and finally drag “Recent Comments Widget” to your sidebar area.

Allowing recent comments to appear first makes it easy for your audience to see what’s happening and engage more. For instance, there might be a debate happening in your comments section that new visitors might want to join in with.


Commenting is an essential process for increasing your brand popularity, strengthening the relationship between you and your readers along with your co-bloggers, booting SEO, increasing brand popularity, and knowing your audience better.

In this blog post, we have discussed 13 easy ways to increase comments on your blog.  Follow these and take your blog to the next level!

We hope this article helps you. Share with us your favorite tip discussed above and let us know what will you like to read next and we will be happy to serve you. Stay tuned for some exciting content. See you.

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