How To Increase Blog Engagement (TOP 29 TIPS)

by Shahil Shah

Blog engagement explained (and its has many wow benefits)

Blog engagement implies attracting people from around the world. Or people interested in your genre of work. These people engage with your blogs or family of blogs to read and assimilate the latest industry insights that you may have posted.

A blog engagement thus largely depends on the freshness of the content and its relevance to its select set of readers. As a blog is a like human entity and just like us, humans, it thrives on people interaction. Again, just like people, its interaction depends on almost all those aspects that we humans crave.

We, humans, crave quality aspects that improve almost every part of our lives and professions on a regular basis.

Thus to sustain a higher level of people engagement by boosting its attraction (or people – attention), you need to continuously scale up the quality of your blog content. This will keep the readers craving for more (great quality ) content.  This is the key to sustaining a higher level of engagement and making it go viral. That is, by making delighted readers share your blog content on their social media and blogs.

By leveraging the impact of the viral shares, you make your blog’s popularity go far and wide. This way you also enlist many more fans along with learning from their qualified comments. Hence a great blog engagement works in multiple ways to favor you, some of which are mentioned below:


 Blog Engagement Strategies 

  1. Boosting your reputation as a thought leader in your domain of expertise.
  2. Gaining increasingly better amounts of monies from Google ad-sense once you enlist in their blog monetizing program.
  3. Learning from blog visitors’ comments will validate your content efficacy and help you firm up your editorial calendar.
  4. Recruit people in your work team from amongst the folks who like and comment on your blogs regularly.
  5. Get hired by businesses around the world to blog for their business. This is because blogging today is an important form of digital promotion.
  6. Boost the SEO ranking of your website by intelligently making your blog visitors visit a sales page or a transactions webpage ported onto your website.  

While the list of great bloggers’ engagement strategies is endless, we are going to discuss the top 29 tips to get you started. Before we jump on to those let us first understand some key points on blog engagement-read on! 


Key Notes On Blog Engagement

Blog engagement is multichannel, multi-dimensional, and multifaceted.  Blog engagement is never uni-directional, just like most of our living – working engagements and interactions. Hence a blog’s engagement primarily depends upon its contents’ importance to readers.

This is also based on how you splash or promote its content and the relevance of its content. You can do this to your target audiences on your social media, email, ePR, and other digital assets.

As explained earlier you can transform your blog into an earning member that generates revenues and boost reputation 24X7 all year around.

It’s high time that we all give blogging the due respect it deserves. A blog can grow in importance and impact with good and consistent content nurturing and persuasive engagements.

An expertly curated – created and nurtured blog can grow in importance immensely. It can consistently boost your earnings, online reputation, and even the expertise that you gather by blogging, researching, writing, and replying to comments (engagements).

Additionally, as you consistently strive to make a real and positive impact on your visitors daily, you grow in self-esteem and confidence too. No wonder successful, hard-working, and creative bloggers have a definite wow swagger in their lives, and their web – aura always boosts their brand charisma!


Top 29 Tips And Tactics For Blogs’ Engagement Enhancement 

The web–web world we all live in is a very dynamic place and is constantly evolving, expanding, and growing. Thus it’s important to note that anything that we post on blogs will be compared with the world’s best. 

This is why our blog content and our replies to the comments posted on our blogs and even their linked connections on our social media all need to be top-class.  Top-class in terms of messaging strategy/tactics, and content quality (cop + images /video links).

Here are some top-rated tactics to continually enhance the engagement outcomes on your blogs:

1. Well researched good quality content

You can not just write anything and everything. The content needs to be well-thought. Content that makes a real and tangible impact on readers’ lives, professions, relationships, aspirations, pain points, professions, and reputations.

2. Consistency Is A Must

If you want readers to interact with your site, you should blog frequently. Inform folks about what to anticipate. To generate engagement, you don’t have to blog every day. However, you should make sure the gaps between posts are known.

If people are aware that you always post on Thursdays, they may decide to visit your website on certain Thursdays on their own. Not posting on a particular day will break their habit. Consider creating a content planner to make this process simpler for you or your team.


3. Attractive Language 

Always use strong, hugely appealing blog headlines that will attract Google crawlers (for boosting blog SEO scores). Moreover, compel web visitors to keep coming and devouring your blog’s content that touches people’s hearts. That is, you must use emotional triggers in your blog wherever needed. Use a language that is easy and can target a wider range of audiences. 


4. Stay Relevant

Regularly update the content on your blog. This is required to keep your content fresh and readers attracted as we live in a world of speedy changes that are unstoppable.


5. Use Keywords

You must use SEO-savvy keywords to ensure greater relevance of your content. As the top trending keywords presented by Google represent the top needs of your target audiences.


6. Visual- treat 

Enmesh your copy with good-quality images to boost its visual appeal. This will also break the monotony of wordy – content. You need to understand that nobody like to read long-form content, it’s just boring! 


7. Incorporate Statistics

Fresh content enhanced with the latest statistics culled from reliable research sources (online or offline) always does well.  This boosts the overall content credibility and life–utility of your content for readers.


8. Promotion Is Imperative

If you do not promote your blogs, nobody is going to know about them. Multichannel promotion of your blog content and its key highlights on all your online and mobile communications is a must. You may mention the blog URL in your email sign-off, and splash its key highlights along with its URL on your social media, ePR posts, and newsletter.

9. Linking Content

Cross–link your blog with that of other blogs and websites of prominent thought leaders and influencers in your domain of interest. These backlinks and web – linkage will greatly enhance your blog’s SEO scores bedside allowing you to attach the influencers/thought leaders’ brand aura to shine on your blog too! (Double-win)

10. Think Out of The Box

You must engage continually in higher-impact social innovation projects that make a real difference in the corporate bottom line and in the lives of challenged people. One example is, getting disabled people hired in different corporates. 

Find ways to include these activities in your web – profile or even in blogs. This will boost your do-gooder (admired professional) image. As well as, enhance your emotional bonding with your blog visitors (people like to know and bond with good humans that do good for humanity).

11. Stay Updated

Track evolving trends in your domain of blogging and be proactively trendy in your content themes and actual content posts (copy + visuals).

12. Be relatable 

Always be as relatable as possible to everyone amongst your target audiences of blog visitors and especially the industry evangelists ( and even web publications’ journalists).

For this, you need to stay connected with evolving information needs. See what your target audiences looking for and how can you present it in a relatable way. This is important as fake or irrelevant blog content is not only banned / severely penalized by Google’s SEO crawlers

13. Be Original 

Forever be scrupulous – diligently – proactively original in both your messaging roadmap, content innovation tactics, actual blog content (copy and images), and even your replies to comments posted.

This critical as copied content is penalized by Google rather expeditiously. Even your blog visitors will eventually find out whether you are a creative/original content creator – leader or simply a copycat.


14. Engage With Your Readers

Promptly reply to all comments and warmly appreciate these without any prejudice whatsoever as the web is a great equalizer.  Wondering, why? This is because it gives the transparent ability to every person in the world to access your blog and engage with it.


15. Post With An Intention

What you give to the world comes back to you with interest! So, never forget to take the effort of posting valuable, well-researched comments on blogs and social media posts of netizens who are part of your emailing lists, or social media.


16. Understand Your Reputation Is At Stake

As your blog’s reputation is conjoined with your own personal branding, you need to boost your industry thought-leader reputation. This can be done by engaging in social media and PR posts that also mention your blog and its content mission – vision.

17. Value Your Visitors

Nurture your blog visitors and people who post messages/critiques. This is important as your blog’s community foster greater bonding and blog loyalty amongst the public. This community nurturing could be both online or offline (real-life meetups with your blog visitors/fans).


18. Be (a little) controversial

When they disagree with something, people frequently react. Therefore, don’t be scared to be controversial. If you want to get others to express their opinions on a subject or if you want to start an engaging conversation, lessen the intricacy in your words and make them a little bit stronger. But be careful not to overdo it or you’ll face a barrage of criticism.


19. Do Not Be Shy To Ask Your Visitors For Engagement

Ask people to comment on your post if you want them to! The likelihood of visitors choosing to leave a comment is much higher if they are genuinely invited to do so.

At the end of a blog post, invite readers to comment with their opinions, or invite them to like or share your post on social media. You can even ask them for a few suggestions or future read topics too.


20. Discussion On Other Blogs

Be sure to appear on other blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise. Posts with similar topics to your own posts should be commented on. People will be interested in reading what you’ve written about the subject if they see you commenting on other blogs.

A word of caution: refrain from using these remarks as a simple means of advertising your goods or services, as this may annoy more people than drive them to your website. So be careful while commenting on other sites.


21. Include Your Winning Qualities

Consider that you wish to write on a subject that has been covered extensively before, such as setting up a blog. Look at the most popular articles on starting a blog before you start writing to identify any gaps. You must possess knowledge in this subject that others do not currently possess.

When you’ve discovered some interesting facts, add them to your post. This strategy will guarantee you comments on your blog post, social shares, and links.


22. Offer Free Resources

An excellent approach to expressing opinions on subjects you’re passionate about is through blogs. Offering free white papers and useful tools can increase interaction. Value addition, not selling, is the key. Think about how can you add value to your reader’s life. Is it through a free e-book, podcast series, exclusive videos, or something else?

23. Keep It Short

It is really important to keep your content short and crisp. Go straight to the point without overemphasizing. You can do this by employing the appropriate sentences and keywords. Then, to keep the reader interested, put everything together with attractive images and/or GIFs. Not that we do it, but the majority of people do evaluate a book by its cover!

24. Effective UX and Design

Combine your blogs with strong design and a good user experience (UX). No matter how wonderful your blogs are written, without a decent UX and design, a blog’s potency is weakened. The UX and design will add life to them, give users and customers a reason to return, and let them consume at their own pace.

25. Experiment With Different Writing Styles

Add variety to your writing. Sure, it’s fantastic to discuss the features and advantages of your product, but the majority of website visitors will skip over those posts. Try to entice them with news from the sector and essays that cover a variety of topics. Higher organic traffic from this kind of material can also enhance the chance of new prospects finding your website.

26. Utilize Hooks Apart From Your Products

A blog should have hooks unrelated to the goods or services that a company provides. Include historical tales and instances, make an analogy from a well-known TV program, incorporate social media trends into the blog, and so on. Blogs with engaging material will definitely see an increase in visitors.

27. A Thoughtful Distribution Strategy

The construction of blogs is only one aspect of the puzzle. The other is a considerate distribution plan. Make sure you have a strategy in place for informing prospective readers that this content is available.

Any variety of strategies, including social media posts, sponsored advertisements, staff advocacy, customer emails, sales outreach, etc., could be included in this approach.

28. Optimize Your Blog Site

Your attempts to engage your audience may suffer if your website loads slowly. Imagine coming to a page that loads incredibly slowly. It is annoying to wait and wait, so you probably won’t stay. The same is true for your viewers; if it takes a long time for your blog to load, they won’t visit again.

According to numerous studies, a 1 second delay in page load time can result in a 7% loss in conversions, an 11% decrease in page views, and a 16% drop in customer satisfaction.

As you can see, if you want your visitors to stay and engage with your blog, a quick-loading website is essential.


29. Make Your Website Responsive

The total number of individuals who own a smart or feature phone is 7.26 billion, accounting for 91.00% of the world’s population.

This demands that bloggers create websites that are user-friendly for both desktop and mobile readers.

If you don’t, a major chunk of your potential readers and interaction will be lost, which is something you wouldn’t want as a blogger if you want to succeed.

Make sure that using a mobile device to navigate your blog is equally as easy as using a computer. WordPress theme will make it simple for you to make your WordPress blog mobile-friendly.


To et people interact with your blog, you must follow a clear strategy and track down the results. As there are hundreds of blog engagement tips available online, it can definitely become overwhelming. Therefore, to help you with this, we have given the top 29 blog engagement tips for you to follow.

Did this post help you? Let us know some topics you would like to read next and we will be happy to serve you! Till then, as we post regularly, stay tuned for some exciting content.

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