How To Start A Facebook Blog

by Shahil Shah

 Do you want to start blog on facebook and that too for free?

Are you someone who enjoys telling a story through videos and pictures mixed with content?

If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘striking yes’ then Facebook Blogging is the best match for you.

 Gone are the days when people use Facebook only for personal use. Now, Facebook is used for many lucrative purposes like blogging, business awareness, lead generation, earning money, and advertising.

In this blog post we are going to learn about:

  • What is Facebook Blogging?
  • Why is Facebook Blogging used?
  • How to start a Facebook Blog?
  • How to earn money through Blogging on Facebook?

 Let’s get started!



Facebook Blogging is micro-blogging just like other channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social media sites.

 The unique feature of Facebook is that it gives a character limit of 63,206 which gives bloggers the flexibility to create short or lengthy content.

Big companies to budding startups use Facebook blogs to market their products, develop customer relationships, increase user engagement, boost traffic and do other marketing purposes.

 Moreover, bloggers link their blogs on Facebook which on clicking redirects users to their blogging Platform. Hence Facebook is also used as a medium of promotion by many Bloggers.

Here is a list of successful Facebook Blogs for you to have a look at:

 You must be wondering- Why Facebook?

 Don’t worry. We got some satisfying answers to this.



Let us understand this by looking at some statistics:

  • Facebook had 2.934 billion monthly active users in July 2022,(a) placing it 1st in our ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms.
  • According to recent statistics, approximately 36.8% of the global population presently utilizes Facebook.
  •  Facebook’s annual revenue increased by 2,203% over 10 years.
  •  79% of monthly users are active daily.
  •  Facebook is the favorite social platform of the 35-44 demographic.
  •  Users spend an average of 19.6 hours a month on Facebook.

  Aren’t these some mid-blogging statistics?

 What’s more interesting is Facebook delivers AI-powered ads that help brands discover creators. It is also Moreover Facebook owners are working on creating ‘talking images’ to help visually impaired people have a better experience of the platform.

 This is not enough So many AI-enabling features are in the queue that will make the platform seamlessly futuristic.


TAKEAWAY: Facebook is the largest active social media platform and if you are not making use of it then you are missing out on something BIG.



Now that you have understood the scope of Facebook, you are ready to start your blog.

 Here is a comprehensive guide to creating a Facebook Blog:



If you want to start your blog on Facebook, you would need a Facebook account. If you don’t have one then create one ASAP.

 After you have your Facebook account, you need to create a ‘Page’ on Facebook. Pages are used by bloggers, business owners, artists, brands, and NGOs to connect with their fans or consumers.

 A Facebook page can be created in a few simple steps as given below:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Click on the menu icon which is the 9 dots on the top right corner and select ‘Page’ from the drop-down that appears in the image below: how-to-start-a-Facebook-blog
  • Enter the name of your Page and then type ‘Blog’ in the field category.
  • Next, choose the best category that fits your blog type. Example: ‘Fashion Blog’.
  • Now, type a suitable bio, i.e description of your blog page into the field ‘description’ and click on create page button.  how you can money on facebook blog
  •  Congratulations, you created your page on Facebook.


 After you have created your page it is time to make it look more visually appealing. Customization to your page is also helpful in boosting your brand presence.

 If you already have a logo then put the logo as your profile picture to increase your brand awareness.

While choosing your cover picture of dimensions 820 X 312 pixels consider these design and marketing strategies to make it worthwhile:

  • Keep your target audience in mind.
  • Make it look aesthetically pleasing. You can do this by maintaining symmetry, following color strategies , and using a high-quality image (jpg standard).
  • Since you may want to change the cover photo weekly, we recommend you create a brand kit that includes cover images.
  • If you want to create something new then you can add a cover slideshow instead of a regular image. Click to know how.

 Adding images to your profile is an essential step to gaining user attention. Make sure you do not miss it!



Choosing an appropriate niche for your Facebook page is imperative because this will decide the essence of your brand.

 You need to be very sedulous while choosing a niche for your Blogging Business Though you can change your niche at your convenience but it’ll only cause confusion to your audience and damage the brand image.

 Moreover, you will have to revamp your entire content and marketing strategy, so be careful!

Here is a list of niches you can choose from:

 Be creative, and combine more than one category to form a niche that you are driven about. However, do not pick various diverse categories to avoid confusion and focus on the ones which are interrelated with each other example entertainment and dance can be one good category.

 You need to write content LONG-TERM so make sure you pick a niche that has a good scope of creating content without you getting bored.

Lastly, keep your target audience in mind while picking a niche. Research about what all topics they are looking for and if the available content is gaining enough engagement online.

A simple and effective way of doing this is by conducting market research on various platforms like Quora, Facebook, Google Auto-suggest, and many more social media platforms. You can also use Keyword tools like Semrush to carry out this research.



 The Facebook post is an ideal platform to share short blogs or micro-blogs, short videos, and pictures. 

The maximum post character limit as discussed above is 63,206. However, studies show that posts with 80 characters or less receive 66 percent higher engagement.

Nevertheless, there is no strict rule that longer blog posts ‘fail engagement’ on Facebook. Many bloggers get great likes, shares, and comments on posts exceeding 1000 words. One example is Jeff Foster.

 So we recommend you experiment with different post lengths and see what works best for you. Then, do more of what your visitors like!

 Here are a few tips for you to create an attractive blog post:


Use Facebook filters and various editing software like Photoshop to enhance your picture quality. Similarly, edit your videos as well!



Some examples include asking your readers to subscribe, share, like, comment, or even tag their friends)



 Track down your Facebook audience insights to know about your target audience and then strategize your content accordingly.



Use intriguing post titles which work as clickbait. Some examples are-

  • “Unlimited coffee for free”
  • “How to bath the right way”
  • “How to completely change your thinking”
  • “Reset your Mind”


Here are a few popular Facebook blog profiles that you might want to visit. Click to see.



Hashtags are a group of words prefaced by ‘#’ used to categorize content and make it more popular.

Adding hashtags to increase your reach is the easiest way. And what is more interesting is, it is absolutely free!

 You can also increase your Brand Awareness by creating your business hashtags and encouraging people to follow them or use them in their posts or stories. These can be as simple as #businessname.

 There are mainly 3 types of hashtags:


These are brand-centric hashtags. You can create your slogan line and convert it into a hashtag. But remember to keep it short and sweet. Additionally, if you are launching a campaign to market your blogs you can create a hashtag for them too.



As the name suggests these are related to the content that you post. For example, if your blog is about fashion this can be #trendyoutfits



These include the hashtags that are popular on Facebook. You can find them on Google, however, be very careful while picking them. If Facebook catches you using irrelevant hashtags it removes your content.

Here is a list of trending hashtags. Click to know more.


To build trust and value your relationship with your audience it is essential to connect with them.

 But, HOW?

 The best way to do it is by engaging them in your comment section. Reply to every comment that you get, thank them for reading your posts, and appreciate their presence. If your readers are asking you queries make sure you give them a well-researched solution, do not take it lightly!

 Also, you can repost the posts tagging your account and also share their stories mentioning you. This way people will feel valued as they are!

People also resonate more with a person rather than a block of text, so adding videos with ‘YOU’ in them is a great way of relationship building.

 Additionally, you can add quizzes to your Facebook Page to know your audience better. The better you know your audience, the better you can connect with them.

REMEMBER: Never miss a chance to make your customers feel loved.



There is no dying importance of consistency on Facebook. There should be consistency in what you post when you post, and how you post to attract traffic.



  • You need consistent branding on all the platforms you are on. For example, see McDonald’s, it is what it is, on all the platforms be it an app, website, Facebook, or any other online platform.
  • Stick with the text color, formatting, and style in every blog post to develop a seamless user experience.
  • If you post consistently then you will start gaining engagement and appearing on Facebook and Google searches. People will engage more with your post. Hence you will be seen as the social media leader and Facebook will reward you.
  • The more engagement you will receive in your post, the more Facebook will promote it.
  • Do not spam people by posting regularly, make sure you post quality content even if you post twice weekly NEVER compromise on the quality of posts.
  •  Make a Facebook post scheduler and stick to it. If you, for example, decide to post every Thursday and Friday then you are indirectly telling your audience when to expect a post from you.  Not posting on a particular day will disrupt their experience and you don’t want to do that, right? Click to know how to schedule your post.  Lastly, regular postings will make you an expert in your domain.



Getting visitors to your blogs is one of the toughest tasks for a newbie blogger. However, by following the right methods you can build a loyal following from scratch.


Here are 5 tips to promote your content on Facebook:



For your audience to notice you, it is important to make regular posts. We would recommend you share at least 1 post regularly. Sharing too less might get you unnoticed by your followers. The idea here is to be ‘present’ on this platform.

However, do not post too much (3 posts daily), it might trigger Facebook’s anti-spam algorithm and it might penalize you.

REMEMBER: If you do not have fresh content daily. Do not panic! Recycle your old posts.



Facebook groups are where people of similar choice share reasonable content. Join a group matching your niche and send you blog posts in it. This will increase your engagement. You never know people might share it in other groups too. We would also recommend you to share it with your friends and family groups, which can in turn share it forward to increase your engagement



To force people to click on your posts, turn them in a way that evokes an emotion in your readers. You are a writer, use your skills! make the title intriguing, present your content as an emotional story, or think of any other innovative means.

 Your main aim is to evoke emotions in your readers.                



This is the most obvious way of increasing engagement in your posts. Add shareable icons of different social media platforms to enable your readers to share them easily.

 Additionally, you can add links to your blogging website and other social media icons in your posts to enhance your brand awareness. Whoever wants to follow you elsewhere can easily do it with just a ‘click’! simple. 



You can put up various contests related to your niche to increase your engagement. For example, tell your audience to share your post with 5 of their friends and tag them in the comment section. Post which you will randomly select 5 winners and give them a prize.

This way your number of comments and shares will increase drastically. Because who doesn’t love prizes?



If you are taking up blogging as your major source of income then earning money through it is an essential step for you, isn’t it?

As per reports, the average monthly income on Facebook nears $3,000.

If they can, so can you! Let us see ‘how?’.

You can earn big bucks through blogging on Facebook by various methods like:



 You can include short videos or image Ads in your blog post videos. And when viewers watch the entire ad you tend to earn money. However, you need to qualify for some criteria to start earning cash in the bank one of which is having 10,000 Page followers. Click to know more.  



Incorporating a subscribe button in your posts can be an effective way to monetize your content for those who enjoy it. By offering exclusive content only to subscribers and charging a monthly fee, you can establish a reliable monthly income stream and establish stronger connections with your audience.

Nevertheless, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met in order to enable this option.

 Click to know 



When you give on your Facebook page you not only increase your relationship with your followers but also chances to make money. 

When people send you stars in your live, Facebook Meta pays you. Click to check the illegibility criteria for this feature. 



You can host different writing events or other events related to your niche and you get paid for every entry! simple. Click to check the eligibility criteria.



Collaborate with brands that are similar to your blogging niche and earn money by promoting their products. You can reach out to various brands via email or Facebook.

 Remember: Only collaborate with quality brands.



Facebook is powerful to to share blogs with your readers to attract traffic and earn good revenue.

If you want to become a Facebook Blogger and follow our step-by-step guide discussed in this article you will surely have a smooth journey to kick-starting your career.

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