How To Gain Subscribers On Youtube

by Shahil Shah

Boasting over 14 billion monthly visits, which surpasses Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Instagram, YouTube ranks as the world’s second-most frequented website.

 So, if you have opened a Youtube channel and not getting views, then surely there’s something you are not doing correctly.

You need to utilize as many promotional strategies as you can if you want to stand out on YouTube. Each of these strategies for advertising your YouTube channel and increasing views will be covered in more detail below.

Additionally, all the suggestions are easy and free to implement. So, if you are looking out for the perfect guide for you- read on!




1. Create Succinct And Informative Video Titles

The first thing that visitors notice is the title of your video, do you agree? Therefore, this should be well thought out.

To give some additional information, here are some fundamental guidelines for crafting catchy YouTube titles: 

1. When Required, Use Numbers

An antiquated marketing rule that is nevertheless effective today is to include numbers in headlines. An eye-tracking study from 2007 found that people pay close attention to numbers.  

Individuals enjoy numbers since they are linked to actual facts. Therefore, don’t scrimp on the digits if you want people to click on your titles. 

Lastly, utilizing digits rather than letters to represent numbers improves usability for users who are searching for either a specific piece of information or the gist of a page.


2. Stick To The Character Limit

In order to ensure your YouTube videos are effective, it’s best to keep your titles concise and straight to the point. Typically, videos with the largest number of followers have shorter titles. To prevent your title from being cut off when displayed, it’s advisable to limit it to 60 characters or less.


3. Trigger User Emotions

Did you know that 90% of the time, consumers make decisions about their purchases subconsciously?

This is why you should investigate the (subconscious) emotions that YouTube users are experiencing while watching your video. 

Knowing this makes it simpler to create titles that are memorable. You can use words like “lucrative”, ” luxurious”, “helpful”, “easy”, and “best-selling’ to make your title more impactful.


4. Use Keywords

 Most internet readers just pay attention to the first few words of a phrase before moving on. Therefore, in order to prevent losing important information, place your keyword(s) in the first half of the title.


5. Put hashtags In The Title Of Your Youtube Video.

Because they enable viewers to identify information that is related to what they are watching, hashtags should be used in your titles.

For Example, if your title includes the hashtag #growyourchannel then your video might appear on the hashtag page for channel growth.

You just need to type the best terms for your topic after the # sign (in your title or description)and Youtube suggests some trending hashtags for you to pick from.


Use these tips to draft a title that is relatable, has strong keywords, and triggers user emotions to attract more visitors.


2. Choose The Right Thumbnail

A thumbnail’s primary objective is to generate the most clicks, obtain a larger audience, have them view our content, and then take them to your other videos. However, to make thumbnails work for you, you must follow certain strategies.

Here are some fundamental strategies for crafting the right thumbnail for your vlogs:

1. Use Text That Is Alluring or Descriptive

While a compelling thumbnail can be made without any text, most networks rely on text to entice viewers. This text should frequently stand out and be noticeable; it should either provide additional information about the video or pique the viewer’s interest.


2. Consistency Is a Must

The aesthetics of your thumbnails should not be unorganized and all over the place. You can test out new and distinctive thumbnails to see how they perform, however, over time you should stick to a consistent look and feel.

The idea is to make the audience recognize your videos just by seeing the thumbnails.


3. Establish Eye Contact With The Audience

A face must be visible in a thumbnail in order to establish a closer connection with the viewer. You can easily connect with your viewers if you use human images.

Consider an example to understand this better:

Don’t you just instantly want to click these? we bet you do!

4. Check Your Competition

You should constantly keep an eye on your competitors to not only keep a check on the market but also perform better than them. You can draw some inspiration from their designs, content, titles, and color scheme. However, do not copy them else you will be penalized by the YouTube algorithms.


5. Optimal the size

Before you jump onto other important factors, you must decide on the proper thumbnail size.

Google suggests that a compelling thumbnail has a minimum width of 640 pixels (1280-720 resolution) and a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Additionally, YouTube players and previews perform better with a 16.9 aspect ratio.

Pro Tip: Be aware that the size of the image you upload cannot exceed 2MB, and you use any of the following file types: JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG.

Follow these tips and let us know if we have missed any to help us grow with you!


3. Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Always create content that your audience is looking for. For this, you must research well about the content that your audience is looking for before you write your blog content.  You may also get an idea through your competitors for the same.  Additionally, look into your insights and your top-performing posts. This will help you gauge your audience better.


4. Engage With Your Viewers

It is very important to interact with your audience if you are looking out to build good relationships with them. A great way to do so is by interacting with your blog comments. Try to reply to all the comments (if possible) and pin the good ones.  


5. Offer Value To Your Viewers

Although it may seem obvious, it is nevertheless important to mention. 

The greatest method to keep viewers interested and to perform well in YouTube searches is with great content. That’s because YouTube prioritizes the user experience in its ranking system. 

Before publishing any videos, consider the following: 

  • What issue is this video meant to address?
  • Is it light and entertaining?
  • Will it in any way make viewers’ lives better? If yes, how?

 Consider these aforementioned ideas while creating your content strategy to gain the best results.


6. Cross-link Your YouTube Videos

To fully leverage your older content, consider cross-promoting your videos. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort compared to creating new content. One way to do this is by including links within the video description.


7. Do Not Compromise On The Video Quality

Posting low-quality videos can compromise even the most exceptional content. Thus, it’s vital to polish your content before publishing it. Ensure to use a HD camera, test the audio beforehand, and familiarize yourself with basic editing.

If recording a talking-head-style video, make sure that your face is visible and clear. Moreover, to prevent shaky footage, ensure that the camera is stable.

Besides, choosing the right background is crucial. Opt for light-colored, clean, and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds that are well-lit, as they typically perform better than cluttered and distracting ones.

Pro Tip: Do not overdo the effects, keep your editing simple yet attractive.


8. Try Doing A QnA Session

Read the blog comments, social media queries, or your personal messages to see your audience’s concerns. Then, convert these into a Q&A session. This will help you create content basis what your audience wants and give you a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs.


9. Post More Often!

A fantastic approach for you to compete with companies that only post occasionally, or even just occasionally each year, is to post videos regularly. 

Additionally, if you consistently publish new information, people will have the motivation to subscribe and promote it on social media. 

When you aren’t vlogging consistently, people are less inclined to subscribe. Why should they? 

Take a look at what your competitors are doing, then outdo them. For Example, aim for three times per week if they only publish twice per week. 

Consistency is crucial since it encourages repeat audiences from current subscribers. More YouTube views will follow from this, and engagement will also increase. 

We recommend you make a content scheduler and STICK TO IT! As when you start posting on specific days audiences start expecting from you and get disappointed when you don’t!


10. Create A Playlist

Consider creating playlists with a name that is both memorable and keyword-rich for optimal outcomes.

Since playlists are compilations of videos, they contain a plethora of keywords, resulting in a doubled chance of appearing frequently in search engine results. By grouping your videos under a single theme, you also inform the YouTube algorithm that they are related, potentially increasing the views of your videos by displaying them on the right sidebar under “related videos.”


11. Collaborate With Other Content Creators

Collaborations are a great way to boost your marketing efforts. 

Finding influencers or vloggers with a sizeable audience can benefit you in so many ways.

You can increase your views by a considerable amount. Consider it this way: You are presenting yourself to a new group of people. They’ll visit your channel to see what else you have planned and if they love your content, you get to add one more subscriber to your list. 

Additionally, the new demographic may have enormous untapped potential, which might be a big break for the channel. 

You can find collaborators through Google searches,, your videos, social media platforms, or even online platforms like youcollab or socialblade 


12. Go Live

One of the most widely used websites for live streaming is YouTube, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when on-site activities had to be postponed. Utilize this by creating content that genuinely engages viewers. 

Live events, Q&As, and webinars are all effective. Another fantastic approach to find inspiration is to browse YouTube Live. 

Youtube Live might draw in new people who may not have previously visited your channel. This is a fantastic approach to increase your channel’s popularity and viewership. 

Moreover, hosting a live stream is frequently simpler than making a new video and promoting it. So, leverage the power of Youtube Lives.


13. Create Evergreen Content

Upload a few classic videos that your viewers will watch repeatedly. How-to manuals, lists of tools and resources, stat collectors, tip roundups, and other types of content are all evergreen content that can never go out of fashion.

As these videos are high in demand, years of good rankings for this kind of evergreen content can increase visitors and improve SEO.


14. Promote Your Videos

There are various platforms to promote your videos, some of these include:

1. Social Media

Millions of people actively use social media nowadays, making these a lucrative source of promotion. Facebook and Instagram are especially two platforms that are widely used.


2. Online Forums

Join online forms and actively participate in discussions that match your niche. Do not forget to link your website at the end of your answer to increase your webtraffic.


3. Emails

With billions of active users on emails, a lot of individuals can be reached at once via email. Utilizing email marketing by including a link to your YouTube channel in your email signature is a great way to attract new prospects.


4. Create Backlinks

Consider asking renowned website owners if they’re open to providing you with a backlink. Remember, the higher the credibility of the website granting you a backlink, the more advantageous it can be for your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

15. YouTube Ads

You can increase free YouTube subscribers without running paid advertisements, and you can use the methods mentioned above for sure. However, once you’ve gained some experience, it can be worthwhile to spend money on YouTube ads. 

Target the keywords that your videos are based on to get the most out of your advertising. 

As a result, when users input that phrase, your videos will rise to the top of the search results. 


Increasing YouTube subscribers can be a challenging task, but it can become more manageable if you adopt the appropriate strategy. This is the reason we have created this guide, to help you in this regard.

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