How To Start Health & Wellness Blog

by Shahil Shah

Are you looking out to start a health and wellness blog? If, yes then this piece might be your best guide! This blog is the one-stop solution for all aspiring or professional health and wellness enthusiasts.

 Here in this post, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is a Health and Wellness Blog?
  • 7 Popular Health and Wellness Blog
  • Why Health and Wellness are worthwhile?
  • Starting Health and Wellness blog
  • How to make money through Health and Wellness blogging? 

Shall we begin? Let’s get you started!



A Health and Wellness blog is a collection of posts that are meant to educate people about a healthy lifestyle. It can be anything ranging from physical fitness to intellectual Wellness.

The main aim of the Health and Wellness blog is to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle amongst people.

Covid was a great example for all of us to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We need health and wellness blogs to spread health and wellness awareness amongst people to help them deal with physical, mental, occupational, and social stresses.

Here are a few examples of famous Health and Wellness blogs to educate you:




EXAMPLE 1: Delish knowledge


Delish Knowledge by Alex is a health and wellness blog that talks about healthy vegetarian recipes, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. It also has a unique section that has plant-based recipes that range in ingredients and twists.

EXAMPLE 2:The Real Food Dietitian


The Real Food Dietitian walks through healthy, fresh, and delicious recipes made with whole and minimally processed food. It also talks about customized meal plans for specific diets, gluten-free, and food allergies. Consecutively, the author also blogs about wellness to educate readers about intuitive eating, supplements for women, and various other topics.


EXAMPLE 3: Toby Amidor Nutrition


Toby Amidor Nutrition is a health and wellness blog started by a registered dietitian Toby who talks about the latest nutrition and food news. It not only walks you through amazing creative food recipes to up your cooking game but also blogs about serious issues like fighting depression.


EXAMPLE 4: Mommypotamus

how-to-start-a-health-and-wellness-and-make-money-through-itMommypotamus is curated for moms to help them take care of their families and themselves. This blog also talks about various topics for first-time moms and pregnant women. Additionally, you can also find wellness information regarding motherhood, clean beauty, and various other topics.  


EXAMPLE 5: Bites Of Wellness


Bites Of Wellness talks about healthy recipes From simply gluten-free recipes, 30 minutes quick recipes to quick and limited ingredient recipes this blog has it all. It also talks about cheat meals with a healthy twist for all the fitness enthusiasts over there. 


Now that you know some popular Health and Wellness Blogs present on the web, it is time you know why it is imperative to start one of your own. Let’s begin!


The Pandemic was a great lesson for all of us to take care of our health and wellness aspects more seriously. According to reports, The global corporate wellness market is estimated to reach $66 billion in 2022.

  • Approximately 75% of large employers and 33% of small companies run wellness programs.
  • The corporate wellness industry is being driven by increasing insurance costs related to growing obesity levels.
  • Medical costs for people classified as obese (over 40% of the US population) are $1,429 higher than those of normal healthy weight.
  • Well-designed wellness programs have a return on investment of 1.5-3 times the dollar amount spent over 2-9 years. 

There is so much scope in Health and Wellness Industry that is yet to be tapped. Bloggers can easily earn thousands of Dollars by talking about various health and wellness aspects since after the Pandemic now people are more interested in healthy living and Wellness.

Want to start your health and wellness blog right away? Wait no more!

Step-By-Step Guide T0 Start Health & Wellness Blogging

Here in this section, we are going to discuss a few easy steps to start your Health and wellness Blog:

Let’s dive in!



The first and foremost thing to starting your Health and wellness Blog is deciding your Blog niche and target audience.

It is always great to pick a specific elaborate niche than talking about various categories here and there. This not only brings you a filtered interested audience to your page but also projects you as an expert in your domain.

Once you have decided on your target audience you can pick a niche for yourself. To help you do this, we have a list of niches given below.

According to The National Wellness Institute, there are six main aspects of wellness that you can choose from:


Physical wellness talks about various activities required to maintain an optimum level of fitness in our bodies. There are different types of bodies and hence different kinds of nutrition and diet plans are required to sustain them. Physical Wellness talks about these aspects.

 There are various topics you can blog under this niche namely, the correct nutrition for one’s body, how to get rid of the addictive substance to clean your system, weight loss, healthy diet plans, and various other topics.

 The main aim of Physical Wellness is to keep your body healthy enough to meet the demands of changing lifestyle.



 Social Wellness talks about how you should interact with people and the environment around you.

 Since your health largely depends on the environment you thrive in, it is very important to take care. Additionally, as you become conscious you will realize that it is important to take care of others living with you.

 You can talk about various topics in this dimension like green lifestyle, saving soil, building harmony with society, social relationships, and many more.



 Occupational Wellness focuses on bringing satisfaction in one’s life through occupation or work life. Topics like the choice of profession, career ambitions, job satisfaction, dealing with professional stress, and personal performance are some popular subjects of this dimension.

 Occupational wellness contributes to your unique skills, and talents to work that is both personally meaningful and rewarding.



Intellectual Wellness focuses on enhancing one’s intellectual capabilities for a better rewarding life. It talks about stimulating your creative mind to suggest better ideas, problem-solving techniques, and exploring issues that one might face in day-to-day life.

 You can talk about various topics like managing your life, taking responsibility for your actions, wise decisions to make in your twenties, and many more to enhance your intellectual dimensions.



With increasing depression, anxiety, stress, and mental health issues it is important to take care of yourself internally. This comes not only by following a healthy diet and nutrition but also by following spiritual practices to balance your life. So many topics can be talked about under these dimensions namely meditative practices, yoga for internal health, mental stability, brain-rewiring through conscious processes, chanting, brain-mind-soul balance, and many more.



Emotional Wellness focuses on bringing positivity and emotional stability to one’s life. It also focuses on managing your feelings and behaviors to build healthy relationships with others. You can pick so many topics under this dimension namely dealing with stress, emotional stability, maintaining healthy relationships, how to not get affected by others, controlling your inner demons, and many more.

You can pick any one dimension from these listed above and choose the category you want to blog about.

while deciding your niche take care of these few things listed below:

  • Is this niche sustainable in the long run?
  • Are you passionate about it?
  • Does it have a scope?
  • Is it going to add value to others’ life?
  • Can you draft relevant content under a particular niche?
  • Is it a trending subject of matter?
  • How are your competitors doing?

 Since switching niches will mean a lot of confusion amongst your readers and harm your brand presence, you need to choose it carefully!



DEFINITION: A Blogging Platform is a Content Management System that lets you write, edit, alter, delete and launch your blogs.

A Few examples include:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Jekyll
  • HubSpot


Hosting is a process of taking up space on the internet and storing your website content to make it accessible to your clients.


 If you are not a techie, don’t worry. Let us explain this to you through a very simple example:


  • A blog is like your house (all your content and information)
  • Hosting is the land that your house is built on.


 You can go to any of the two websites mentioned below:



 A Self-hosted website requires you to first pick a blogging platform and then pay a hosting company to store all your data on a server. One example includes

 Self-hosting is just like buying your land hence you can do whatever you want to do. YES! However, you need to take care of any issues that come up.



 A hosted website requires you to choose a blogging platform that is all-in-one. You do not need to buy server space separately, the platform stores all your data on its server. Examples include Wix or

 Hosted Website is just like living on rent, where you have all the facilities and a lot of support. However, you need to follow some rules by the land owner.


While there are many options available online. A self-hosted website is preferable since it not only lets you control your website but is also easy to monetize.

We recommend you go with to start your blogging journey.



Now that you have picked hosting and a blogging platform for your blog it is time you choose a domain name for your website. A domain name represents the face of your brand and hence is an essential factor in contributing to the success of your blog. This is what your visitors will search in the browser’s search console to get to your website.

 A domain name is no less confusing than picking a name for your newborn hence making it easy for you! Here are some characteristics of a great domain name:

  • Available and not taken by any other business
  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Trendy
  • Relevant
  • Sweet and Short
  • Reflects your brand values
  • Easy to speak
  • Should be in line with your target audience
  • Has your name if you are popular
  • Not spammy like GoodHealthInADay

 Brainstorm a domain name that can represent all the blogs that you publish and is trendy at the same time.

Since domain names are sold out quickly you can check the availability of your domain name here. Fingers crossed it is available!


 After picking out the right domain for your site it is time to choose a theme to fit your business needs. A great theme means a great user experience hence it is imperative to choose a great theme for your website.

While it may seem easy to pick a theme for your site but there are a few things you need to keep in mind during this process. See the list below:

  • Customizations provided by the theme
  • Does the theme break on different devices or browsers? Or it is responsive.
  • Is it possible to monetize your blogs by choosing a particular theme?
  • Customer support to resolve issues
  • Is the theme SEO savvy?
  • Is it updated frequently for better performance?

For all those who do not mind spending on themes, we recommend you buy paid themes over free themes available online. Since paid themes look more professional are even better secured against malicious practices.



 After you have set up your blog you need to get your hands on something you are best at.

 Any guesses?

 Yes, you are right!


You need to plan your content to suit your target audience and attract visitors.

Here is a list of tips that might help you during this process:


To satisfy the needs of your audience you should ask them about what they want to read.

You can do this by asking your blog audience directly for some topic suggestions at the end of your blogs or by picking up trendy topics. Because trendy topics are what people are looking for, right?

 You can also analyze your data or blog insights to see what is working and what is not to prepare a content strategy.

 Pro tip: Keep your audience happy and they will never disappoint you.



 In every blog post try to solve real-life problems to build a relationship with your audience. You will become an expert in your readership and also attract more visitors at the same time.



 It is very important to strategize your content as per Google for a good rank. Make your content SEO-savvy by following SEO practices. Find trending keywords and make content on them. You can also analyze your competitors’ growth and keywords used to plan your content more strategically. Follow on-page and off-page SEO tactics to optimize your content.

While it is important to follow SEO) techniques but do not overdo the since this will make your content boring and hard to read.



 Make a content scheduler and plan it weekly/monthly as per your availability. Do not post it once and then launch another blog after a few months this will damage your SEO score and relationship with your readers. You need to be consistent to engage your audience.


REMEMBER: If you are not tired of posting, you are not posting enough!


After you have launched your blogs you need to promote them to boost their reachability.

Here are 4 ways to promote your Health and Wellness Blogs:



When visitors land on your page they should be able to know what is your specialty and how you can help them.

Introduce yourself, convey your strengths clearly, and market your USPs clearly to your audience.

Include client success stories to convince your readers why you are the best fit for them and make a clear About Us page for your site.



After you have written your blog, see what articles you can link it with. Once you have identified add links to these articles in the blog that you are writing and this will let your visitors stay on your website for longer.

Internal linking helps you structure your content, boosts SEO, promotes your content, and enhances readability.



Guest Posting refers to writing blogs for other websites without revealing your identity.

You can write guest posts for websites matching your niche and in return ask them to give a link to your website. This will increase the probability of diverting their audience to your site and hence increase traffic. Another advantage is that this will boost your SEO score and therefore rank your website higher.



Social Media is a powerful weapon used for promoting a brand with millions of audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Share your blogs on various social media channels like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Interest to attract visitors.

Since different channels have different types of audiences you need to tweak your posts accordingly and share them. For Example, sharing on Instagram will mean writing a short caption and putting high-quality visuals whereas on YouTube you would want to create a short video to promote your content. Tweak your previously shared posts and share them again since people are bound to skip your posts sometimes. This will increase your engagement.



The last step is to make money through your Health and Wellness Blogs. Follow these strategies to make money:


If you have a budget then launching your App can be a great idea to attract visitors and earn revenue.

According to reports, there are now over 318,000 health apps available in app stores worldwide. With over 200 health apps added each day, this is nearly double the number of apps available just two years ago.

You can earn money through vendors who can sell their products on your Apps, launching subscriptions, ads, and various other ways. Click to know Money-making Health and Wellness Apps.



Another way of earning money is by converting your blogs into ebooks/books and selling them on your website. You can also sell it on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

 You can even launch products like T-shirts with your branding, meditation guides, or other products related to your niche to earn revenue.



 You can free some space on your blogging website for advertisers to show their ads and earn money from them.

Google will reward you with either of the two ways :

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per view

Google AdSense is a great way of earning income. 



Another great way of earning money is through sponsored posts. This includes tapping brands that match your niche and promoting their products or services on your blogs or social media handles to earn money.

 However, you need to be careful with the brands you collaborate with since your reputation will depend on the products you promote.

 Also, it is very important to make your readers clear about your sponsored posts and distinguish them from the rest. You can do this by adding a ‘paid partnership’ label above your posts.

These were some ways of earning money through health blogging. Do you want to know more? Let us know in the comments.




With growing time Health and Wellness industry is expected to grow multiplex, and, so is Health and Wellness blogging.

If you are a health and wellness enthusiast, channel your passion into something rewarding and start blogging in a few easy steps:

1. Pick your target audience and choose a niche that you want to talk about.

2. Next step is to Pick a suitable blogging platform and hosting for your site. This will enable you to put your website on the web for your visitors to access and help you write, edit, and manage your blogs.

3. Now, you need to choose a domain name for your business. As they say ” first impression is the last impression” since the first thing user will notice is your domain name make sure you choose an impactful one.

4. At this stage you will be done with the major technical setup, next and the last will be choosing a theme for your website. A good theme will enable your users to have a great user experience and therefore increase their on-page time.

5. Great, your website setup is finished by this point! Now you need to start working on content for your blogs. Make your content reasonable, eye-catchy, and solution-oriented.

6. After you have launched your blogs, start promoting them so that people get to know about them. All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t promote your content.

 7. Blogging is incomplete until you earn money through it, isn’t it?

Follow this post to become a Health and Wellness Blogger and let us know about your journey. If you have any queries drop us in the comment section and we will be happy to resolve them for you. Also, tell topics you would Like to read and share this post if you find it helpful. Stay tuned for some more exciting content!

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